Xu Jin teach you a few tricks to make maximum use of the resources of Shanghai Dragon

soft outside the chain effect is no doubt. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er soft wandering in the chain, the effect of large portal sites on product sales, brand promotion soft wen it is not only for the chain, many directly achieve marketing results. Of course, many owners of such soft, sometimes have to push their own website or forum novel, this effect is better to do the chain effect than simple. Taking into account the chain at the same time, good publicity forum, personal branding (personal name articles and etc.). So soft, indispensable in marketing and Shanghai Longfeng process, both to take into account, is king, oh. read more

Website snapshot update not frequently sometimes is also a good thing

website snapshot update quickly is a matter of every webmaster friends willing to see. If a web site if updated every day, outside the station every day the chain, then you will make your website snapshot update very quickly; especially the high quality of every day release chain! When the site to achieve a certain weight, as long as the station every day to update a few articles, it will be updated every day snapshot of your site.

this site is one of their clients business station, is a film and television production site, site for everyone under it, for your reference, I do www.shshihao贵族宝贝.cn since this site keywords maintenance to the first page of the position, is to reduce it is now the chain update, snapshot the general is updated every half a month, as long as I have time to go to the station occasionally update articles, send the chain, even the station can not send their own customers, he will send, although those articles may be left hand right hand copy, paste, but better than nothing. It can sustain his ranking. read more

Back about the chain source of instability in which

love ShanghaiAn controllable factors

love Shanghai to give the weights of the website directly affects the amount included in this website. The same is true for your release platform. If the platform weight your hair down, will cause the amount included decreased, which was deleted article may also be sent by your article, this will affect the chain you. So when publishing platform choice, try to choose the weight of high, stable platform, try to avoid the garbage station.

buy the chain is divided into two kinds, one is Links, one is on behalf of the chain. Now, on behalf of the chain, is to use software group, either with yourself or on behalf of the group, the success rate of the general resources are very low, often a large range of cleaning. And the purchase of the chain, due to not renew the same. So the chain fluctuation caused by this situation, is very common, it is recommended that you try to use less this way. Cheating in the way we are absolutely not advocate. read more

Another idea in optimizing content included reducing the pros and cons of transformation



dead link is a by-product of long-term operation in the process of website optimization, for the majority of staff, by setting the 404 page is a good choice, of course, in addition to the need to invest some time to those dead link web content.

because the site in the process of operation, the collector is not the same as the title theme but the same page content is often collected, it is easy to have a website which has a large number of duplicate content, these content sometimes can also be repeated beenincluded love Shanghai, looks good on their web sites, but once in love the Shanghai algorithm is improved, so the website often is love Shanghai identified as spam sites, to quickly lower ranking, or even punished, in this sense, rather than self initiative will eliminate duplicate content, let yourself go, to get a higher weight. read more

How to make initial contact with the Shanghai dragon image optimization

content page is your website’s core place, if you can put the contents of the product page to do a website is very delicate, so the turnover rate will be greatly improved. Our case study of Taobao, if you go to the selection of goods, and browse several stores, but only one of the pictures that do very well, then you desire to buy 99% will stay in the store, why? Because of the good product image display, on the performance of product description more intuitive, compared to text description, and not feel dull as ditch water. This is a promotion of soft business products within the pages of picture display, to show him. read more

On site upgrade several small details process you must pay attention to the

for a web site, search engine hope is to be as stable as possible. When we upgrade the site, we may feel that only a small area of change, but in the search engine may seem huge changes. For example, breadcrumb navigation changes. Whether breadcrumb navigation plays an important influence in the search engine optimization and user friendly experience on. General breadcrumb navigation is mainly used in the visitor location. For example: Web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng > » read more

A height of the title of the party to do

WeChat: fxskynet

word too professional. As we all know the NBA in the U.S. National Basketball Association you tell others how to accept. So the word to go with the tide and the user will not derail.


if the user wants to search word is just in front of your title words, so this article you will be placed on the more. Like this of this article is that the most important is the Title Optimization, so I put it on the front.

Don’t use

wrote the article was first set the title, you know. Can choose to view. We should take the user’s point of view to set. That is to say if the user wants to search this article he will enter what key in the search engine, in order to know the user’s search behavior, with the love of Shanghai index check does not write the title in your interview time. This will help you set the title. read more

Guess Shanghai public warning three love to unfair Shanghai Dragon

two, to get a good ranking optimization must be in accordance with the instructions of

for the love of Shanghai launched a warning, I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will pay special attention to, after all, this is likely to affect their jobs, of course, love Shanghai prompt >

I started from station 05 years, have also experienced the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon control and combat, one of the most famous Taobao API passenger stations blocked and blocked, and then to now is open to combat unfair Shanghai dragon, from these events, it is self-evident. A challenge the search engine’s bottom line is to be fully blocked. For example, the elder brother of crazy station group operation, the left right word by alkali stations completely occupied the first three pages, it is like as long as the user search the word base laevorotatory right whether you look at the first page, page second or third pages, are in my station. Of course, this incident because of a momentary burst of red is love Shanghai punishment, the elder brother of overnight station group comprehensive ban. Through this event, we can see that for the search engine, which plays a role is the boss, and the webmaster is the younger brother, younger brother to challenge the natural leader, will certainly be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Like a gangster in the younger brother to kill, which need to face the boss, after all, you want to rob other people’s position, do not cut you cut who, but between the search engine and the webmaster, webmaster want to challenge the position of the search engine that is not possible, because the search engine has an absolute right to speak, you again what challenges, once touched its bottom line, immediately blocked your site, leaving you with. So, in this event, love Shanghai clearly tell all Shanghai dragon ER do not challenge the bottom line of the search engine, otherwise the consequence is himself or stand site was fully blocked. read more

A summary of Shanghai Longfeng tips 14

website, 5

from the relevant industry site Links is absolutely the fastest way to enhance the site PR (especially PR and high quality links to related sites, and also you) to get some traffic from a chain. PR is a new web site was 0 PR6 station link, PR is likely to rise directly to 3-5. Although the PR value are less valued, but also one of the important factors in the evaluation of a website. However, if you have a lot of quality resources on hand, not all of a sudden in to the optimization of the site, if a station within a day by a lot of links, the search engine is likely to be convicted of cheating in the sandbox. read more

B2B platform to promote good flow chart to do likewise

is the most important pictures, because the picture most arrests eyeball, accounts for the largest area. This one has improved, flow can greatly enhance your. I often say a word, a company if there is no art is like a woman without cosmetics be cast into the shade. I often see some enterprise station tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, a waste product, a picture, a few simple words. The auction also saw a competitor, a keyword tens of dollars bid, landing pages, people can not bear to look into the garbage fearful mess. I often go to the Taobao Tmall to buy things, some tens of dollars a page why doing so well, do not even figure head to buy click go to see ah. read more

A new station on the line 5 minutes love Shanghai release snapshot detailed optimization steps


also returned to the site, ha ha, after saying everything can do well, everything is money, such as spiders coming, so I opened the A5 and the Chinaz forum, open the settings page, add new keywords anchor text to the forum signature, then each forum has released a post, (Note: not the Star Dance month keywords anchor text or URL into the post, because the forum there are provisions prohibited inside the post with the anchor text, we should obey the rules!) after sending a post after a minute, the star dance month query this post included, has been found to love Shanghai included, I was in love in Shanghai prompted by a sudden impulse, which directly search new web site, found that the site sits there, while the snapshot time and BBS posts, is two minutes!!! > read more

A site for three years to see love algorithm Shanghai killed not adjusted

original, rich content mainly includes the article does not contain statements, search engines have included certain pictures and examples, the content is approved by users click on the high rate can be called originality, rich content, and to establish originality, richness of the content is not easy, we must grasp the webmaster three elements. The first starting from the practice, many experienced the event and then combined with their own site theme to write original content. Second from the true picture of how to travel, as some have the value of the picture, and then the picture reasonable insert in the article, let the article have a certain value. From third to attract users to click on start, we will go out after the purpose is to attract users to click on the title of the article, so it must be attractive, attractive title to attract more. read more

Discussion on how to improve the site keywords ranking webmaster


website online, naturally think through the search engine to get traffic, but because it is a new station, start thinking about the flow of words is undoubtedly the daydream of things. So, the basic content of the site set up, the next is to optimize the site keywords, through continuous optimization and promotion, the website keywords ranking more forward, of course, this need is to adhere to the execution time and the accumulation of the webmaster. For enhancing the keyword method, today I share a few steps: read more

Google and love the sea’s owners decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai, pay attention to the quality of website content, as everyone knows, Google website focus on the high quality chain, is known to every family thing, although not the same as the direction of attention, but there is a goal, let users to search the contents of course need, optimization techniques can not say, but also more than not related, does not affect the to the respective ranking.

engine Although Google

love Shanghai, Google, the two are completely different search engines, and for the Google PR update, which led to the love of Shanghai included reducing, this makes people depressed, are rising because the Google PR think it is not love, whether Shanghai to occupy the market, and write penalty algorithm for Google PR upgrade this website to be confirmed. read more

Causes of eight factors analysis website search engine

5: safety and stability of the site space. This is all the more clear, this long story short. Regularly check the website internal procedures whether there is a black chain, Trojan etc.. Buy space as far as possible to choose the credibility of good DIC, which is also an important link to optimize the work and sense of the user experience.

4: website content means the website content. The content of the website on whether a user has the readability and practicability is directly related to the site’s ranking. The search engine is more focused on the user experience, so, website content is helpful to the user? Can meet or solve the user’s mind needs or questions, will be directly related to the trust of the search engine on the web, which is also called weight. Often reproduced or collect some large website information, the content repetition rate is too high, the readability and practicability of web content to users is not much, this is also one of the reasons leading to reduce the weight of the website. (in my side to find many websites due to low quality because the website search engine to lose confidence and be punished website) read more

An analysis of the enterprise site easy to step on the red line four over optimization

From the above data query

recently a friend let me help the diagnosis of his site, this is a business site, showed the problem is love Shanghai without any of the keywords ranking, but the site will still be included, the snapshot is very normal. This is a typical love Shanghai right down, then what is the cause of such a site is down right? First we analysis of the basic situation of the site.


shield contact us feedback is an important link. This is no problem, but I later found out that there are a lot of "a nofollow tag for an enterprise station site content is not in itself, has a large number of nofollow tags is not very natural. So, for enterprise site, the use of nofollow tags are easy. Otherwise easily lead to excessive optimization. read more

How to build the enterprise marketing website

: last station late in Shanghai Longfeng optimization planning. The construction site after the completion of the basic, it is necessary to consider the site optimization to Shanghai dragon implantation site title, description, keywords and website content in product implantation, meta label setting, website construction, website chain chain construction, these are after the marketing type website must be considered. Marketing type website compared with the ordinary site, the biggest difference is that the marketing type website need to join the Shanghai dragon optimization, the site is more common display products. The website construction should not only look good, but also with the Shanghai dragon website optimization, products need to be fully demonstrated, but can not use a lot of animation; the structure of the website to clear good, to consider the architecture of the div+css; " read more

Matters needing attention in making money onlineLinktech Dangdang data

League address: linktech.cn

on the blog program selection is very important, there are a lot of free international program, if computer programming knowledge, can enjoy free, the program will not Never mind, many communities have a support to the above post for support, recommend the use of blog program: WordPress, Z-blog, drupal etc.. If you have problems with making money on your personal blog, visit Wang Guangwei’s Chinese blog for answers, or send email wgwlaw@hotmail for free support. Welcome to email, read more

High quality website promotion chain planning approach

exchangeThe establishment of

two, buy the chain home page

communication chain

six, induced by anti

source address: Shanghai dragon > 贵族宝贝hnxmbt贵族宝贝/wzyh/wz

now frequent exchange of information, many webmasters may also not most private, will visit each other to communicate, and when visiting other web site, you can name their anchor text in these sites, so that not only can raise the effect of the value chain, and is free of charge, the number is also very impressive.

chain is very strong, the more high weight website chain value is high, so we want to enhance the value of the website chain may wish to expand their network, expand their own resources. read more

According to statistics Shanghai love long visit to upgrade

long visit I won’t explain it, even if that did not come into contact with the students look at the website also probably understand what the meaning of love, and Shanghai statistics this upgrade is aimed at long visit to optimize, according to Shanghai’s official statement is love — love Shanghai statistics through hard research, to achieve a breakthrough achievement to complete the recording, visitors from the first page to access all of the last page in length, and constantly adjust the calculation strategy of excellence, long visit, the visit of the special circumstances of web page length optimization, make more accord with the real situation of user access. read more