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Xu Jin teach you a few tricks to make maximum use of the resources of Shanghai Dragon

soft outside the chain effect is no doubt. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er soft wandering in the chain, the effect of large portal sites on product sales, brand promotion soft wen it is not only for the chain, many directly achieve marketing results. Of course, many owners of such soft, sometimes have to push their own website or forum novel, this effect is better to do the chain effect than simple. Taking into account the chain at the same time, good publicity forum, personal branding (personal name articles and etc.). So soft, indispensable in marketing and Shanghai Longfeng process, both to take into account, is king, oh.

often and some in Shanghai Longfeng friends, found a lot of friends may simply engaged in Shanghai Longfeng goals are blind, do everything seem to be in the Shanghai dragon service, rather than the Shanghai dragon to you. This sentence may be very awkward, in other words, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is ranking, did not bring more benefits in the Shanghai dragon.

in addition to Shanghai dragon Er exchange Links, communicate with each other, some will learn more about the procedure, Shanghai dragon aspect is weak, another just complementary. Link exchange is not simply a dead link, a love link is to maximize the performance of Shanghai Longfeng resources. But don’t expect to be paid, also called friendship. There are many methods to maximize the use of the Shanghai dragon waiting for you to.

again through the forum outside the chain. To improve the keywords ranking by auxiliary chain website, ultimately to achieve the purpose of marketing. The Shanghai dragon to achieve marketing, this result is actually through the forum to direct conversion. Taking into account the chain at the same time, the diversity of the signature is not boring, but the anchor text, anchor text diversity, can even form a playful statement, so as to maximize the use of. You can go to the forum to explore, A5, forum behind and so on the above ID to achieve sales by the host, domain sales and so on signature there? I have to buy this way.

may have some friends because of different direction would not agree with this sentence. But friends change thinking to look at this issue, you simply do Shanghai dragon to gain profit, you will never be maximized. You earn will never hire you who earn more. Why do Wangzhuan is to maximize the profits of products? Not the interests of the labor process? The same results are totally different.

will say that the network marketing is the need for the integration of resources, then the Shanghai dragon? Usually do Shanghai dragon by groupware blog, post, the soft to do outside the chain, improve the site weight, ranking will come up. But in the process, will do the marketing people use blog the chain at the same time, more is to use the blog as a marketing platform. Between the network marketing and the Shanghai dragon including and included the relationship is not so clear, more time is beneficial, as the biological relationship between parasites and hosts of collaborative progress.


Website snapshot update not frequently, sometimes is also a good thing

website snapshot update quickly is a matter of every webmaster friends willing to see. If a web site if updated every day, outside the station every day the chain, then you will make your website snapshot update very quickly; especially the high quality of every day release chain! When the site to achieve a certain weight, as long as the station every day to update a few articles, it will be updated every day snapshot of your site.

this site is one of their clients business station, is a film and television production site, site for everyone under it, for your reference, I do www.shshihao贵族宝贝.cn since this site keywords maintenance to the first page of the position, is to reduce it is now the chain update, snapshot the general is updated every half a month, as long as I have time to go to the station occasionally update articles, send the chain, even the station can not send their own customers, he will send, although those articles may be left hand right hand copy, paste, but better than nothing. It can sustain his ranking.


website snapshot is a barometer of a website. If the website snapshot update quickly, the website is very good; snapshot update slow, it shows some aspects of not enough! Yes, but in some cases, the website snapshot update often is a good thing, because the web site is a cycle, his ranking is very stable, so there is a snapshot a cycle, such as updates to you at once a week, half a month, it will facilitate their own, every day will not have a lot of time to deal with the site, for example, the station to update the original articles, send the chain, although very many friends said, every day only one or two original station. The chain do a dozen, but 24 hours a day, imperceptibly, wasted, especially for those customers of the enterprise website. If there is a stable period, you are very easy, we need only occasionally to update the next article, occasionally send the chain can maintain the keywords ranking! Here is a snapshot slow, and keywords ranking good site:

Some people say that


this is a blog, he has been concerned for a long time ago, Shanghai dragon why ranked first, this is now ranked second; Shanghai dragon why dropped to second page, this blog is still ranked the second position, although only a free blog, but after careful feeding blogger, has reached a certain weight, now he has been a long time not to update, snapshot or August 16, 2010, but the ranking is still very good.

believe that many novice friends like me, every day to the customer of small business station, looking for the chain resources, write every day a large number of original articles for his website, the chain of hair! But unremittingly! Although the keyword ranking is very good, but also feel tired.


Back about the chain source of instability in which

love ShanghaiAn controllable factors

love Shanghai to give the weights of the website directly affects the amount included in this website. The same is true for your release platform. If the platform weight your hair down, will cause the amount included decreased, which was deleted article may also be sent by your article, this will affect the chain you. So when publishing platform choice, try to choose the weight of high, stable platform, try to avoid the garbage station.

buy the chain is divided into two kinds, one is Links, one is on behalf of the chain. Now, on behalf of the chain, is to use software group, either with yourself or on behalf of the group, the success rate of the general resources are very low, often a large range of cleaning. And the purchase of the chain, due to not renew the same. So the chain fluctuation caused by this situation, is very common, it is recommended that you try to use less this way. Cheating in the way we are absolutely not advocate.

1, low weight

publishing platform


released the chain of content quality is also affected to a certain extent included. Although the weight high website no matter what you send are easy to be included, but the weights for the general website, if you publish content online is highly repetitive content, may be included, but it is easy to be cleaned up love Shanghai. So, when the hair of the chain, also want to pay attention to edit text, re adjust the time to do the very content.

2, the chain was deleted

we do outside the chain, not only to the pursuit of quality and coverage of the chain, the chain’s stability is also the focus of the pursuit of the goal, of course, the quality of the chain and the chain stability itself is closely related. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) that, in general, the chain can be divided into controllable and uncontrollable reasons, controllable factors we refers to the chain of the weight of the quality of the content delivery platform, so they can go to the control, and uncontrollable factors is the search algorithm and rule engine, we all know that Baidu temper is more difficult to grasp, you know.



uncontrollable factors

love Shanghai phenomenon is common, usually the time is one or two days. Is not the main station.

forum is the webmaster released an important channel of the chain. No doubt more good forum, more strict management. Especially popular Post Bar, released a few seconds to delete. If you often are in hot Post Bar guerrilla warfare should be careful, sometimes you made a lot of, is found, the account was deleted, before the links are gone. Guerrilla warfare, suggestions for a period of time for account, avoid a shot.

Software Group

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

1, an


Another idea in optimizing content included reducing the pros and cons of transformation



dead link is a by-product of long-term operation in the process of website optimization, for the majority of staff, by setting the 404 page is a good choice, of course, in addition to the need to invest some time to those dead link web content.

because the site in the process of operation, the collector is not the same as the title theme but the same page content is often collected, it is easy to have a website which has a large number of duplicate content, these content sometimes can also be repeated beenincluded love Shanghai, looks good on their web sites, but once in love the Shanghai algorithm is improved, so the website often is love Shanghai identified as spam sites, to quickly lower ranking, or even punished, in this sense, rather than self initiative will eliminate duplicate content, let yourself go, to get a higher weight.

we do website optimization, basically are that your web site can be included more, so that we can have more opportunity to show on the Internet, so many Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers are active in the acquisition and reproduced more content, let the site looks very rich, true to life. In fact the webmaster do really very effective. Once the site is included, will find a lot of content to be included, but after a period of time you find a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, also collected reprint, also collected reprint, because your website ranking is always so down, but now in the original spark program, this website has become the object of love Shanghai crackdown therefore, the optimization of the site, is not able to change the idea of the

there are some websites especially when the garbage soft Wen, after love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm innovation, this garbage soft zone can no longer be the stately love Shanghai included, otherwise you will not love the Shanghai penalty to discuss, because the love of Shanghai green two generation algorithm has clear requirements, and now for the love of Shanghai news the source, also need to clean up the soft zone, so as to optimize the staff, as well as the content is closed, or using robot script protocol, no search engine spiders included, so it can guarantee that some want to achieve results in the soft zone, must pay attention to the quality of the soft, soft paper itself to attract traffic, rather than as a place to optimize the soft zone. Although the love of Shanghai is not included, but also can enhance the ability of interactive website.

three, shielding dead links and background center

, eliminating duplicate content

website content is not actually richness in numbers, in the new love Shanghai algorithm, the quality of the content is the key factor, which is the key to our website optimization idea of change. We can try to proceed from the refinement of website content, a self treatment, although the site included reducing, but the health of the website can increase rapidly. Specific can proceed from the following aspects.

shield spam


How to make initial contact with the Shanghai dragon image optimization

content page is your website’s core place, if you can put the contents of the product page to do a website is very delicate, so the turnover rate will be greatly improved. Our case study of Taobao, if you go to the selection of goods, and browse several stores, but only one of the pictures that do very well, then you desire to buy 99% will stay in the store, why? Because of the good product image display, on the performance of product description more intuitive, compared to text description, and not feel dull as ditch water. This is a promotion of soft business products within the pages of picture display, to show him.

content page image optimization


some personal Adsense website when, for not too concerned about the site of logo production and they will think a picture logo is simple, beautiful and not beautiful no matter, there is no representative of what the meaning does not matter, and can own website business links does not matter. But, on the contrary, the optimization for logo images, three soil teacher to tell you the following points: first, logo represents a certain meaning, can give visitors find everything fresh and new feeling. Two, logo picture to be beautiful, not simply to love Shanghai a picture, you do only one of the consequences will let others feel that you are a lazy person, so they will think your site is certainly not good to go. Three, let your logo do simple pictures.

is an excellent website to give visitors a good impression, not only reflected in the wording of the right words, more important is the need to high quality pictures in website optimization collocation! Therefore, we should not only learn to write the original article, but also in the optimization of the picture, but also need to invest enough energy to study. However, through my observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very good, the website wants to have a very good ranking, almost is very difficult. In this paper, I will be full to talk about how to get a picture of the optimization for your site

occupies a large part of a web page, so the key is our optimization. As the site of the banner or slide, together they play is on the site of the core products exhibition. But many do Shanghai dragon friends, whether novice or veteran, will mistakenly believe that banner or slide the role of no great importance. So I want to give you correct this wrong idea, since banner and the slide is appear on the home page, and is at the very top of the website, so it was suggested that we do Shanghai dragon friends, when selecting banner or slides, pictures must be unique, don’t let them occupy an important position, but can not reflect their true value.

optimization or slidesOptimization of the two


to add color! image optimization


On site upgrade several small details process you must pay attention to the

for a web site, search engine hope is to be as stable as possible. When we upgrade the site, we may feel that only a small area of change, but in the search engine may seem huge changes. For example, breadcrumb navigation changes. Whether breadcrumb navigation plays an important influence in the search engine optimization and user friendly experience on. General breadcrumb navigation is mainly used in the visitor location. For example: Web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng > »


reasonable during the upgrade you can backup a copy on file to the local, and then modify the end in the local, local test no problem in online server deployment.

details: three small details may lead to problems

cautious and prospective of the treatment site Methods: with

each site in order to improve the security and user friendly experience, will inevitably have to upgrade the site. And upgrade the impact site for the Shanghai dragon and the The imprint is engraved on my heart. If your website has a good ranking of search results. Upgrade to the site caused by the impact is inevitable. They all know that this effect will have a negative impact on the site’s ranking, the worst case is likely because treatment is not good by the search engines is not the necessary punishment. So how are we going to reduce the impact on the site during the upgrade? We need to pay attention to many problems, especially in some small details. Otherwise qianlizhidi will be destroyed nest.

for a site that the basic information of the most sensitive information is the site, Title, H1, H2, Description, and so on are marked on our days after the optimization of influence. When we were in the site upgrade, not on the site and the site of large-scale modification, these sensitive information changes too big or too frequent, it is easy to cause the search engine is not the necessary punishment.

, a site upgrade is not easy, during may have a lot of mistakes. So now that we cannot avoid mistakes, is unlikely to say you can upgrade a success, especially in some functional modules of the site with more. If you directly in your online file modification upgrade, the error caused by the impact will be very serious, not only the user can not access, user friendly experience will decline, but if the search engine at the stop of your site, have certain effect on the weight of your site will.

method is reasonable: for this type of sensitive information changes, we should try to avoid large changes, such as changes in full consideration, forward-looking changes.

details: two key information

details: avoid direct online modification of


A height of the title of the party to do

WeChat: fxskynet

word too professional. As we all know the NBA in the U.S. National Basketball Association you tell others how to accept. So the word to go with the tide and the user will not derail.


if the user wants to search word is just in front of your title words, so this article you will be placed on the more. Like this of this article is that the most important is the Title Optimization, so I put it on the front.

Don’t use

wrote the article was first set the title, you know. Can choose to view. We should take the user’s point of view to set. That is to say if the user wants to search this article he will enter what key in the search engine, in order to know the user’s search behavior, with the love of Shanghai index check does not write the title in your interview time. This will help you set the title.

top-heavy: one of the most important words in the title the front

encourages friendly black the title of the party, the title of the party don’t try it. So the title and title. To color as bait to lure the wolf. With not related words to deceive users. This is not right.

saw an article on the title of article in the website optimization, write well. So I am here with their own flavor to share under the title of the article is how to search quickly.

my realm: stand in someone else’s perspective.

source: Shanghai morning bird | dragon htt>

is more popular: it is said to have been popular with the title.

wants to be known, do not exposed point. Don’t think, is exposed to your site to share out. Let more people know. There are many methods, such as share to micro-blog, log, circle of friends, but also to the website to engage in investment. To share large social networking sites such as mop贵族宝贝, tianya. If you have enough resources, so in these social platforms photographed without me to give you a share. Then again, in these circles more friends also enemy but love Shanghai, brought about by the noble baby search engines such as "search fans" you say?! so I want to make their sites exposed so don’t make a visit to injured all over the body, the title of the party friendly. What is the title of the party friendly. In the case does not affect the user experience. Do Title Optimization! Now I will introduce some points under the title of the article

finally, much hair outside the chain, the chain is still useful, I have recently started in the hair, the effect is also very good. Good title is half of success, let us follow the title of the party go! Remember that go awry!

little gossip, went straight to the theme. The title of the article as the head, as can be imagined how important it is, so a good title, will let you from the unknown to the public to drink herbal tea is still fire".

work: the title is the essence of the article is.


Guess Shanghai public warning three love to unfair Shanghai Dragon

two, to get a good ranking optimization must be in accordance with the instructions of

for the love of Shanghai launched a warning, I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will pay special attention to, after all, this is likely to affect their jobs, of course, love Shanghai prompt >

I started from station 05 years, have also experienced the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon control and combat, one of the most famous Taobao API passenger stations blocked and blocked, and then to now is open to combat unfair Shanghai dragon, from these events, it is self-evident. A challenge the search engine’s bottom line is to be fully blocked. For example, the elder brother of crazy station group operation, the left right word by alkali stations completely occupied the first three pages, it is like as long as the user search the word base laevorotatory right whether you look at the first page, page second or third pages, are in my station. Of course, this incident because of a momentary burst of red is love Shanghai punishment, the elder brother of overnight station group comprehensive ban. Through this event, we can see that for the search engine, which plays a role is the boss, and the webmaster is the younger brother, younger brother to challenge the natural leader, will certainly be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Like a gangster in the younger brother to kill, which need to face the boss, after all, you want to rob other people’s position, do not cut you cut who, but between the search engine and the webmaster, webmaster want to challenge the position of the search engine that is not possible, because the search engine has an absolute right to speak, you again what challenges, once touched its bottom line, immediately blocked your site, leaving you with. So, in this event, love Shanghai clearly tell all Shanghai dragon ER do not challenge the bottom line of the search engine, otherwise the consequence is himself or stand site was fully blocked.

in February 15, 2012, the domestic search engine. – love Shanghai officially crackdown unfair Shanghai dragon optimization, this day is also a day to remember Shanghai dragon ER, was believed to have left the station crazy let love Shanghai feel threatened, or what may look to the elder brother K was actually finished? First, know the love of Shanghai for improper measures taken Shanghai dragon strike, holding the wrong K not miss determination. But still there are still many unreasonable use of Shanghai dragon to get good rankings site, but in the love of Shanghai is shown warning, how far can optimize this edge, it can also be long? This is a question with no answer. Watching TV all know, since ancient times there is justice where there are usually evil, so as to highlight what is what is evil, and in the website optimization, also has a white hat and black hat, as long as there is a white hat Shanghai dragon, then the black hat Shanghai dragon will also exist, unless one day no longer website Shanghai longfeng. Keywords Shanghai love this so crazy artificial intervention Shanghai dragon, it wants to tell us what

, a search engine can not challenge the bottom line is



A summary of Shanghai Longfeng tips 14

website, 5

from the relevant industry site Links is absolutely the fastest way to enhance the site PR (especially PR and high quality links to related sites, and also you) to get some traffic from a chain. PR is a new web site was 0 PR6 station link, PR is likely to rise directly to 3-5. Although the PR value are less valued, but also one of the important factors in the evaluation of a website. However, if you have a lot of quality resources on hand, not all of a sudden in to the optimization of the site, if a station within a day by a lot of links, the search engine is likely to be convicted of cheating in the sandbox.

3, Links

Basic knowledge of

in Shanghai dragon title writing is probably the most important. The search engine included in your website is mainly to determine the main content of the page from title, users to search the information he needs is through the title to choose whether or not to click into the page. Title at the time of writing the main do not stack keywords, not too long. General search engines can display title for 30 Chinese characters, title is the high cost of land, for the preparation of title should be brief, such as the optimization of multiple keywords, as far as possible can be simplified into two or three long tail word for the best.

each page can have anchor text link back to the home page, so that not only convenient spider crawling the entire station, can also lead to some of the weight of home page; keywords anchor text links to the home page of each page, especially small web site with the highest home page weight to do optimization is a wise choice; in addition to the content page, can refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia, ask the search structure, keyword links to related pages.

6, to sitemap, and in the home.

The internal structure of the

is almost the most valued all Shanghai dragon books, if you have the ability to do original content, then do the original, this is far better than you do outside the chain, every day to get things online modify do false original come much better.

apply to several different accounts in the mainstream blog site, a relatively strong correlation and links to articles, keywords to optimize the site, not only can increase the probability of spider crawling, can also bring considerable traffic to the site. When the chain sprocket, if combined with technology, as long as it is not done too much, often included effect is very good.

content is king

4, the chain

2, Title

Shanghai dragon is very simple, but the actual operation will encounter many difficulties. I was engaged in the Shanghai dragon for only a few months from now the rookie, I usually work to talk about my experience of Shanghai dragon.




B2B platform to promote good flow chart to do likewise

is the most important pictures, because the picture most arrests eyeball, accounts for the largest area. This one has improved, flow can greatly enhance your. I often say a word, a company if there is no art is like a woman without cosmetics be cast into the shade. I often see some enterprise station tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, a waste product, a picture, a few simple words. The auction also saw a competitor, a keyword tens of dollars bid, landing pages, people can not bear to look into the garbage fearful mess. I often go to the Taobao Tmall to buy things, some tens of dollars a page why doing so well, do not even figure head to buy click go to see ah.

I do Shanghai dragon origin, and done the bidding, so do B2B platform promotion or a piece of cake basically, many ranking factors to understand at a glance, the keyword research is erudite. In that business before or more popular search marketing flow is how the composition of the country, flat teacher used to give a formula that is very clear: * * = flow included click ranking. If you stand in the search on the B2B platform does not exist problems included, so this problem is included into another problem, that is the number of keywords. Of course, this is not to say the focus of today.

click on the issue today, the general factors affecting click B2B platform also so a few, preferred membership is higher than non members click, this is generally not nonsense, members are very difficult to row up. The second is the price, if you price higher than competitors too much, generally have the effect on click. For example, B2B Alibaba as the leader, perfect in this respect, such as online to be no bigger than online click rate. Of course, what field certification, the number of years, brand, and so on a series of Title click factors, but these are not the most important factor. I believe that everyone has depressed, is to show a large amount, but the flow is very small. Why? Because there is no click. Click upgrade is a 3 major means to enhance the flow of.

I often think of those said the boss, so junk page worthy of your products on the tall figure? Said back thing, we do B2>

marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises is nothing more than a search engine and B2B platform, not to talk about the mobile Internet and social media marketing piece, because this number itself is not suitable for the B2B type of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also very few people can do this. The search engine is relatively concentrated in the China is nothing more than to love Shanghai, search, Sogou new. The high content of search engine technology, whether it is Shanghai or dragon bidding or Wangmeng, these operations require or difficult than other promotion, is not an ordinary person can do the operation on the B2B platform is relatively simple, today we focus on B2B platform promotion process is an important discovery in my.

The key is to tell



A new station on the line 5 minutes love Shanghai release snapshot detailed optimization steps


also returned to the site, ha ha, after saying everything can do well, everything is money, such as spiders coming, so I opened the A5 and the Chinaz forum, open the settings page, add new keywords anchor text to the forum signature, then each forum has released a post, (Note: not the Star Dance month keywords anchor text or URL into the post, because the forum there are provisions prohibited inside the post with the anchor text, we should obey the rules!) after sending a post after a minute, the star dance month query this post included, has been found to love Shanghai included, I was in love in Shanghai prompted by a sudden impulse, which directly search new web site, found that the site sits there, while the snapshot time and BBS posts, is two minutes!!! >

A5, Chinaz webmaster webmaster forum forum, outdated forum is a very high weight forum, post basically is the second, and this is where we can make good use of

in addition to our search engine submission outside active site, we have no other way to let the search engine spiders can quickly come, the answer is yes, that is our site in the search engine spiders frequent intensive place. And this place for network optimization practitioners, is not strange, that is the webmaster nets, Adsense BBS

in the first binding domain two domain names to be removed, and then set up 301 jump in space, don’t take the WWW jump to WWW the domain name, so put in the domain optimization should do well in the optimization was collected before the maximum concentration the weight of a web page.

! When the

company is engaged in advertising gifts, custom, summer is coming, so the plan launched a new corporate website advertising fan, yesterday afternoon began to analyze keywords, upload setup directory settings. Because the new station is not good domain name, then the first with a two level domain name as the domain name of the website was set up, then the morning the template is modified and optimized, the afternoon to buy a domain name to Taobao, registered in GoDaddy, and then push to my account number, spend 22.5 Yuan saying, really a lot cheaper than domestic, just English interface looks a bit uncomfortable, fortunately there is a detailed tutorial, set up the analytical step by step.

two domain set have been concerned about the site included, fortunately, has been tied to the solution, also not included. After the new domain name, you want the site to be made as soon as possible, and that in addition to love Shanghai included, we can also submit url to the search engine, but according to the star dance on past experience, after the submission will not soon included, or let the home, let some people are very depressed the line on the website, even half month long to release home (Star Dance month is usually 1 to 5 days, hey, Touzhaoyue a).


A site for three years to see love algorithm Shanghai killed not adjusted

original, rich content mainly includes the article does not contain statements, search engines have included certain pictures and examples, the content is approved by users click on the high rate can be called originality, rich content, and to establish originality, richness of the content is not easy, we must grasp the webmaster three elements. The first starting from the practice, many experienced the event and then combined with their own site theme to write original content. Second from the true picture of how to travel, as some have the value of the picture, and then the picture reasonable insert in the article, let the article have a certain value. From third to attract users to click on start, we will go out after the purpose is to attract users to click on the title of the article, so it must be attractive, attractive title to attract more.

three years three years 09 years, March 25th is the beginning of my first website, March 25th is the 12 year I have 10 sites of the harvest festival, do stand so long, see the love of Shanghai is not stable, have seen a major adjustment of Google, has experienced 360 and QQ war. Do I stand so long a few sites are basically successful, the only experience is "web content without any adjustment and change algorithm".

09 years in March 25th on the site, because do not understand the business knowledge, experience the site, the site was K within a short period of 1 months, and then set up a website, the website that I put a lot of effort, from the website template to link fight has thought of everything, but the site is still being K, from the time when I realized the importance of website content. Third sites were set up, fourth sites were set up, set up to now, the tenth sites, built so many websites, I never went to work outside the chain, also do not have to spend money to engage in a chain, the website ranking has been occupied in Shanghai before the three search engines, because the site content.

love Shanghai search engine is updated every week, witnessed the stationmaster of a lot of friends of the site is down right and be K, it is because of their poor quality web content, while the external factors are not strong enough in the station, this site only to be eliminated, if your website has a rich original content, original the good, then I believe that your site is changed, whether revision keywords, change the title will be search engine drop right, because the search engine to your website, Shanghai love chain algorithm, chain algorithm, algorithm, algorithm code page has been adjusted, but its basic algorithm of web content no, the content of the website has been the site of the core, can be said that the content of a web site occupies the site of algorithm sixty percent, the past three years, now love Shanghai search engine The engine not only adjusted the content of algorithm is the algorithm, to strengthen the content of the original writing, rich content of writing has become the urgent task of stationmaster, many webmaster want to ask "what kind of content is original and rich content?" as you answer the following.


Discussion on how to improve the site keywords ranking webmaster


website online, naturally think through the search engine to get traffic, but because it is a new station, start thinking about the flow of words is undoubtedly the daydream of things. So, the basic content of the site set up, the next is to optimize the site keywords, through continuous optimization and promotion, the website keywords ranking more forward, of course, this need is to adhere to the execution time and the accumulation of the webmaster. For enhancing the keyword method, today I share a few steps:

is in the form of the chain of keywords. Within the chain many owners may think that in order to facilitate the spider crawling more content index page and let users more in-depth access to the page, in fact, in the role of the chain is very large, in addition to the above two, the correlation can also enhance the website keywords and content effectively, also can improve website ranking by within the chain in the anchor text keywords set. Because the site keywords appear in the chain, nature can tell the search engine of these articles are very consistent with the content of the website, especially strong correlation. The strong correlation between the content of the general search engine will give good face. So for whether there is a chain from the station optimization keywords, and in what form, has an indelible role to improve website ranking.

keyword. Every webmaster all know more keywords in front, is to let the search engine know this word is the most important site, in general, many owners are the most important keywords is the most concerned about in the webmaster keywords ahead of the title of the website, meaning that the search led Zhi told this keyword is the most important for the optimization object web site. The search engine through the website keywords layout position, natural will be assigned to each different keyword ranking. So, for the website keywords to improve the ranking, webmaster first to improve the ranking of keywords to the front, because only by the former, the search engine will think this keyword is more important, naturally treat other eye. So in order to improve the keywords ranking, then as far as possible to move it to the front.


is followed by the keyword density. Why there are still many webmaster want to improve website rankings by keyword stuffing? The reason is for the search engine keyword density also ranked in the range given the correlation factor. And approved by the head of the general keyword density is between 2%-8%, it is very easy to search engine that is more than the stack keywords, search engine to drill holes, the natural search engine does not give you the good face of the website. And through the reasonable keyword density increases have effect to improve website ranking is, little attention is not to deliberately increase the keyword density. After all, everything is natural is the best, I think that as long as the keyword density control in 3%-5% is very good, this is not so easy to be mistaken for stack keywords, also can give some help to improve the keywords ranking.

The last is The position of the first


Google and love the sea’s owners decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai, pay attention to the quality of website content, as everyone knows, Google website focus on the high quality chain, is known to every family thing, although not the same as the direction of attention, but there is a goal, let users to search the contents of course need, optimization techniques can not say, but also more than not related, does not affect the to the respective ranking.

engine Although Google

love Shanghai, Google, the two are completely different search engines, and for the Google PR update, which led to the love of Shanghai included reducing, this makes people depressed, are rising because the Google PR think it is not love, whether Shanghai to occupy the market, and write penalty algorithm for Google PR upgrade this website to be confirmed.


is jealous love Shanghai Google, the rise of PR, included with the decline in October 2010, Google employees that Google PR not update, for millions of Chinese webmaster will inevitably feel very lost, today Google PR rose, that the staff is not worth talking about, or is that Google abnormal

share in our Chinese is not very high, but there are still a lot of work, or some people will use Google, of course, most are Shanghai dragon will do Google ranking, who called it is the world’s largest search engine, of course, love Shanghai but we have China boss search engine. Today Google webmaster to a lot of surprises, let not the webmaster worry, because love Shanghai to a webmaster.

two, from the optimization point of view to analyze

three, from a business perspective to understand


Google update Shanghai care what, why love to embarrass Shanghai stationmaster? Of course love Shanghai ventilation is normal, who all know, but the love of Shanghai, really let these owners worry, look at Google PR rise, this is a can happy things, although now the value of Google PR is not so high, but the exchange Links or a good card, PR didn’t look down on others, now with PR, can be exchanged, get chain opportunities also increased, PR increased, but included dropped down from hundreds to tens now included, is what why

, from the point of view to consider the


China originally want to enter the market, want to carve up the market China, but eventually fail, of course, Google will not give up in the Chinese market, but only to exit China mainland market, transfer service to Hongkong, then we can see that Google did not give up China piece of fat, but only a small step to make concessions, and love Shanghai, first Chinese search engine first, occupy most of the market, although now the birth of China market continues its new search engine, but if you want to completely kill the love of Shanghai, the difficulty is relatively large, the love of Shanghai has been popular, become a part of China users, recent love Shanghai adjusted grey auction > a large number of


Causes of eight factors analysis website search engine.

5: safety and stability of the site space. This is all the more clear, this long story short. Regularly check the website internal procedures whether there is a black chain, Trojan etc.. Buy space as far as possible to choose the credibility of good DIC, which is also an important link to optimize the work and sense of the user experience.


4: website content means the website content. The content of the website on whether a user has the readability and practicability is directly related to the site’s ranking. The search engine is more focused on the user experience, so, website content is helpful to the user? Can meet or solve the user’s mind needs or questions, will be directly related to the trust of the search engine on the web, which is also called weight. Often reproduced or collect some large website information, the content repetition rate is too high, the readability and practicability of web content to users is not much, this is also one of the reasons leading to reduce the weight of the website. (in my side to find many websites due to low quality because the website search engine to lose confidence and be punished website)

in the world of the Internet every day, Shanghai dragon industry will have a website punished by search engines. Blow after the loss is more we need to find the reason, because the Shanghai dragon is the cruel competition. This website is on how to solve the love of Shanghai after punishment.

2: the chain is an important resource of the website ranking. Check the website Links, if it is found that the Links site has been search engine signs down right, such as snapshot, site is not in the home page, included suddenly much less, often leads to your site is down right. Once there are similar to those of the friends of the chain, be sure to promptly delete link. These are the key is to insist on a commonplace talk of an old scholar, regularly check the Links.

1: whether excessive optimization. Website optimization avoid: "More haste, less speed." as search engines do pay attention to the natural, so in the process of optimization work as much as possible to reflect the "natural law", optimization plan and operation is in their own way, as far as possible attention in the optimization process, which is often an important factor causing the site for.

3: the website is used Alt. Especially in the logo above using the keyword Alt tags, many websites are love keywords in logo, this is often a major reason causing the website search engine punishment, if used, it is recommended immediately removed.

6: the website is not easy long-term or frequent revision. Do >

website optimization process by search engines love Shanghai is can hardly be avoided. Every day, the research and practice in the search engine of the website ranking algorithm, the effort work site optimization, once the site for this also means to punish the fruits of their labours, bearing and hit the mood, believe that as a webmaster can understand understand.


An analysis of the enterprise site easy to step on the red line four over optimization

From the above data query

recently a friend let me help the diagnosis of his site, this is a business site, showed the problem is love Shanghai without any of the keywords ranking, but the site will still be included, the snapshot is very normal. This is a typical love Shanghai right down, then what is the cause of such a site is down right? First we analysis of the basic situation of the site.


shield contact us feedback is an important link. This is no problem, but I later found out that there are a lot of "a nofollow tag for an enterprise station site content is not in itself, has a large number of nofollow tags is not very natural. So, for enterprise site, the use of nofollow tags are easy. Otherwise easily lead to excessive optimization.

from the above we can see the navigation station at the bottom of the page to increase keyword density, in the red box, these words are the anchor text point to the home page. In the use of navigation, the author believes that this is not the most.

webmaster tools we can see the station is a new station, to get the search engine more reliable. There is no keywords ranking overnight. From Shanghai, the recent snapshot included love and the chain of love, Shanghai is very concerned about this spider a site. Then the preliminary judgment may be excessive optimization problems. Here we take a look at what aspects caused by the excessive optimization.

navigation using

1, page nofollow tags used over

solution: to remove unnecessary nofollow tags, then how to find unnecessary? We can view the background log file to see which some unnecessary links are the most frequent spider crawling, we can target these links for the nofollow treatment, some small amount of crawling links can be ignored, so you can let us page more natural.

search engine algorithm update every time can make no traffic plummeted overnight, ranking the site, we with search engine heartless, in fact many reasons also need to find their own, I found that many site is down right is often the main reason comes from stepped over optimized red line. Many of you are not the optimal way is wrong, but you more than that, especially love Shanghai to optimize domestic, can easily lead to excessive optimization site being punished, ranking disappear.

we all know that we usually want to stop some of the important link weights can be changed in the carve up page to add nofollow tags on the link. The author found that the station also uses the nofollow attribute masked some important pages. A few links as shown below.

We can see the



How to build the enterprise marketing website

: last station late in Shanghai Longfeng optimization planning. The construction site after the completion of the basic, it is necessary to consider the site optimization to Shanghai dragon implantation site title, description, keywords and website content in product implantation, meta label setting, website construction, website chain chain construction, these are after the marketing type website must be considered. Marketing type website compared with the ordinary site, the biggest difference is that the marketing type website need to join the Shanghai dragon optimization, the site is more common display products. The website construction should not only look good, but also with the Shanghai dragon website optimization, products need to be fully demonstrated, but can not use a lot of animation; the structure of the website to clear good, to consider the architecture of the div+css; "

: next station mid site architecture planning. After the preliminary planning and can be started, in the construction of website marketing oriented, more is to consider the user experience, website user needs to display products, but the product display do not use the flash form, method, use the picture at the same time, you need to add the alt attribute to the picture. The construction site should have a clear navigation, can use the bread crumbs way: Home – column page content page. For the marketing type website needs to classify the site clear, clear classification allows users to choose more products, but also allows users in a shorter period of time, you want to find the goods. Consider the construction site into a mesh structure to the construction site, let the spider more easily grasp, also let users know more of the page.

: first, at the beginning of the site planning and marketing website. The enterprise wants to choose network marketing, you need to make a overall positioning of the site, the specific planning process could be: positioning site -> target customers; to find the target customer -> website; analysis of its website will provide users with what users need what -> -> network station sales target, in accordance with this process to marketing website, in the station need to take these factors into the site, the key is to put "marketing". At the same time, the analysis of competitors website also require enterprises to the beginning of the site, analysis of the competitiveness of the industry, analysis of the web site of the advantages and disadvantages, thus more perfect to build their own marketing website, to achieve no danger of anything going wrong.

enterprise marketing type website, should have a certain understanding of network marketing, there is a big difference between marketing and corporate websites show website. The enterprise marketing website to do some preparation at the beginning of the construction, but now many enterprises of marketing type website can not understand, they do not know the marketing type website needs to have the construction factors like, enterprise website marketing is the final choice to convert flow, improve the final product sales, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, zhenduan/) for everyone to talk about how to build the enterprise marketing website here, need to prepare what factors.


Matters needing attention in making money onlineLinktech Dangdang data

League address:

on the blog program selection is very important, there are a lot of free international program, if computer programming knowledge, can enjoy free, the program will not Never mind, many communities have a support to the above post for support, recommend the use of blog program: WordPress, Z-blog, drupal etc.. If you have problems with making money on your personal blog, visit Wang Guangwei’s Chinese blog for answers, or send email wgwlaw@hotmail for free support. Welcome to email,

/ > linktech

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China has millions of jobs every year. Can’t it be solved by government or by others? These are obvious phenomena in the past when the network is underdeveloped. With the growing popularity of the network, China now has nearly 300 million Internet users, and mobile phone users reached 155 million, this is very great, a great relationship and China’s population is a population of more than 300 million countries in the world, and in China the number of Internet users has reached 300 million, which is unmatched by many countries and in such a case, through the network of employment is a good method, can not only enjoy the employment and entrepreneurship bitterness, enrich your life.


taobao nearly two years for the society to solve the hundreds of thousands of millions of unemployed people, can be said to the society contributed, there are a lot of people set up a personal blog, the two is the current mainstream ways of making money online. According to the personal blog network to make money, some advice: first, if the economic difficulties, no way, but also want to earn some money, can choose Sina, Sohu, Beauchamp, and these larger blog operators, also must pay attention to the support of HTML editing, because this is the code must put ads. Second, this is also the case of economic difficulties, buy a domain name of their own, and then do the domain name forwarding. Because it is good to remember, at the same time conducive to promotion. Third, a little better can buy virtual space, have their own domain name and exclusive space, is undoubtedly the complete control of the site, can be adjusted at any time, and there is a certain relationship between the quality of the website and domain name search engine only level domain name, the flow produced in this domain will be included in a domain name head the. Fourth, if the condition is good, can buy their own servers, because the virtual host traffic is limited, when you visit it, virtual space resource is not enough, there will be unable to access the website.



High quality website promotion chain planning approach

exchangeThe establishment of

two, buy the chain home page

communication chain

six, induced by anti

source address: Shanghai dragon > 贵族宝贝hnxmbt贵族宝贝/wzyh/wz

now frequent exchange of information, many webmasters may also not most private, will visit each other to communicate, and when visiting other web site, you can name their anchor text in these sites, so that not only can raise the effect of the value chain, and is free of charge, the number is also very impressive.

chain is very strong, the more high weight website chain value is high, so we want to enhance the value of the website chain may wish to expand their network, expand their own resources.

in addition to the exchange Links, we want to increase the value of the website chain can also buy some of the chain weight high, such links can also like Links as beneficial to the web site the chain value chain, but this is a capital investment.

there are some websites in order to push their own website weight master ranking, tend to build up many sub sites, such as the medical aspects of the site, which he raised stations usually have a large number of anti chain, anti chain driven website value.

When we analyze the

now many owners have their own blog for some Shanghai Longfeng construction site training, if you have the weight of the older and heavier blog home page anchor text on your site you can bring your blog page, it can also enhance the value chain website. But this way is very difficult now.

website link is very important, and friendship in these links is the priority among priorities, it is our website links to the high quality of the chain, the general exchange is their home, has a very high weight, so this type of links are to provide the website chain value, so we can try to increase the Links slow website in the website optimization.

test chainWe can

four and their dependents

Effect of

, a Links

in other website flow the download site to upload a good website template, the Department of their copyright at the end of the template, page anchor text and bring your own website. But this induction test is only applicable to the copyright of trans trans.

Station group


three, your blog resources

‘s website and the competitor in the gap with the webmaster tools often refer to the two sites is the chain number gap. Here said the chain refers to the webmaster tools shows the anchor text of the chain, and if the number of the chain less than competitors, we may optimize their site will be considered, and how to raise the number of anti chain website in website optimization? Here we provide six kinds of galloping horse can increase the number of chain site. Form.


According to statistics Shanghai love long visit to upgrade

long visit I won’t explain it, even if that did not come into contact with the students look at the website also probably understand what the meaning of love, and Shanghai statistics this upgrade is aimed at long visit to optimize, according to Shanghai’s official statement is love — love Shanghai statistics through hard research, to achieve a breakthrough achievement to complete the recording, visitors from the first page to access all of the last page in length, and constantly adjust the calculation strategy of excellence, long visit, the visit of the special circumstances of web page length optimization, make more accord with the real situation of user access.


limited to time, yet to obtain some statistical data and statistics in Shanghai love after the upgrade, so I can not talk to everyone to do detailed share, we can wait two or three days and then through the analysis of statistical data of Shanghai before and after the love statistics for the optimization and upgrading of the long visit to do a more in-depth analysis, here today.

With the launch of the

as everyone knows, access the data more accurate when longer could help us to judge the product promotion, website content, visitor experience, user viscosity. Take the video website for the love of Shanghai is for example, video sites, users watch video length data is very important, but the users to watch the video of the page, the last page is usually the visit and therefore, other tools can not statistics, statistics and statistics after the upgrade users love Shanghai that can be accurate to find the whole process by watching the video from the search time, the webmaster friends combined with flow analysis, which can know the users are interested in and from marketing channels.


outside the chain of tools love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics also follow the pace of last night about 7:30 was upgraded from the desktop button to love Shanghai last night love Shanghai statistics platform upgrade, the Baidu to our surprise, the K station is also constantly, as only the words from the teacher Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai statistics, new features emerge in an endless stream more and more close to the people. Today we’ll take a look at the new function of love Shanghai statistics. Last night, Shanghai love statistics after the upgrade, into the statistics, will see a clear hint: the system upgrade, to optimize the long algorithm user access, adjustment may bring fluctuations in the data but more users tend to visit the real.


by high temperature liquid 贵族宝贝gyswyj贵族宝贝/ promotion dream fish for the original, please respect others work achievement, please indicate the source.