n recent years the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng promotion evolution and future developmen

in the second half of 2010 a more significant changes is to promote many hospitals have another transformation heavy light, have increased the power to stand outside the classified information, know love Shanghai, blog site released to the station because it can word-of-mouth word in the fastest time won most of the website ranking, own hospital traffic has become less important, only need to keep a few key words Everything will be fine..


is the first before 2010 is the most early stage, when medical competition is so fierce as now (or is tragic); that time is Links for honest do stand, honest, when there are few specialized medical class links QQ group, we exchange links most exchange is looking for some sites in the platform above, then launch QQ to communicate with each other in exchange for temporary dialogue. In the second half of 2010 special medical Links exchange group growing up, we started more accustomed to publish their own links in the QQ group to exchange information (this also from the side of the increase of medical website), today, many popular links exchange platform has disappeared today, Links platform to publish their own web links are more ER Shanghai dragon is actually the meaning of the chain to a large number of. read more

The optimization suggestions for the website URL


website optimization, is ignored by many owners, but the site optimization is very important. The strong Yang Shanghai Longfeng will give you some suggestion about URL


The use of

1.URL, the shorter the better

3, robots.txt is case sensitive, a letter, a directory may lead to not be included.

6. all lowercase letters

directory hierarchy refers to the physical directory structure. Of course, is closely related to the physical directory hierarchy and site classification structure. Directory, the directory hierarchy is also increasing. In static URL, try to use less of the directory hierarchy, because love Shanghai more easily included fewer layers of the page directory. Of course, not all pages are placed in the root directory, then, will be the site directory is very messy, the search engine can’t find what page is what column, convenient management. read more

The website was black box has recovered from the entire station is K to

look at the whole site and start small series found no problems, until one day in the search keywords, suddenly came out of a new station, then get a look, hey, this is not our website reprint? Yes, the whole family was copied from the website template, another web site map. Our website in figure two, is not nearly as? Although very angry, but no way, the current leadership greatly decided that this is not possible, our website should be revision! Just do it, after the Dragon Boat Festival, we began to design a new website template, a week or so, the overall design initially completed, then is to adjust the content of the website and the details of the new template, figure three, can be said to be a big shake. Of course, the change is certainly effective, but a web site keywords graph ranking has dropped the missing. read more

Video chat class website alliance rampant not because of huge profits and loss of personalityAdsens

video chat, video chat, so many companies began to join the League to win over the use of the owners, owners began to rely on to get a huge income, many owners also have a good income, but the video chat company in order to ensure their profits, there will be a lot of practices, you know?

always do not want to say what, but this time to do their own industry is too long, so there are too many feelings, the operation of a domain name too overbearing domain name from the beginning to the end, was closed, start again, do the site rliao, has experienced many hardships, was also today I misunderstood, go through this station to talk about their own, some video chat website alliance view. read more

How to make your website ranking stable

1. key words: after determining the good word, you don’t change, otherwise the search engine will not be clear about what you want to express. Some take good keywords and think of other words more appropriate, this change is not only a tragedy.

2. Keywords: in fact, Shanghai dragon is playing word games, the ultimate goal is to make the spider to catch us, search crawl is a certain program, as long as the appropriate proportion of the distribution of keywords, will be crawling. Don’t stack, nor too little, you have a good scale. read more

s to adhere to the confusion of the Shanghai dragon er

is self-evident!

in fact, in my opinion, this is a new industry must face the problem, I do not know the original Taobao attached to the birth of e-commerce and logistics industry and logistics company is also facing the same problem! But I know now with the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics companies are very popular.

with the development of the search engine, the birth of a number of new technology, that is the search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon. People who work in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er read more

The key is how to catch the tail

let the time to witness the long tail word, time can not only witness the love, but also can witness the long term efficacy of period may be one year there may be two years, but if a large number of long tail word words, so a long time, the witness will bring you much traffic. In fact,? Do the long tail word is about a lot of time also need to continue.

just entered the Shanghai dragon this line of people are from the beginning of the chain, I also. The chain is very boring day, but to do this line of Shanghai dragon is one of the main chain, this I have the experience deeply. I was just in this line, is also a rookie for a dozen days, but my business better soon taught me to write soft, just face the soft, I am at a loss what to do search on the Internet, then the whole process, feel much better. Soft text is the most important core keywords, the core keyword is actually popular search words only, get to know the core keywords, my boss told us the long tail words, there are a lot of the long tail word I have introduced online, new points out to share with you. read more

Noble baby will change the intelligent mobile phone ranking search results

3, the most friendly and most optimization method based on intelligent mobile phone is not reflected in the error page.

In order to adapt to the intelligent mobile phone

1, in the mobile terminal, don’t try to do 301 redirection, 404 error page orientation to the PC side of the web page.

2, with video playback page, especially with flash player, it will not play in iPhone, or in Android 4.1 and later.

Lu Songsong is simple to understand, that noble baby mobile version of spider has a wide range of work, the other is flash player may disappear in intelligent mobile phone. read more

One hundred thousand of the value of the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng collection included rankings

The quality of the content

3. content is recognized by the

content is included. The factors which influence

content quality is based on the user, if this article for your users is of great help, so, even if is reproduced in the article, can fast included, but add [reproduced] two words, or search engine will think you are malicious acquisition, at the same time, the content of the collection should also take into account the timeliness and if it is winter, you update the article called summer what to wear? It will not by the user’s click, your search engine will not soon, why search engines will be included? Because the content has the reference value to the user, so it will be included, at the same time, the acquisition and pseudo original owners, if you can only copy and paste, then you are also not included, reproduced also need skills, here is not to give too much dry cargo, anyway, my article has been reproduced, No. It included two days. read more

Taobao’s chance of big adjustment for sh419 in JuneCreation partners capital Liang Yu investment cir

"this is a brand new start."." Liang Yu talked over and over again, though his mouth was still in an exaggerated curve, but he was very serious.

"this situation is first related to the macro environment of the country.". We are now more and more hope to build cultural self-confidence, with local culture to install the local story, to make the culture more vitality, really for me. We have to consider is: the spread of the theme is not really able to establish cultural self-confidence? On the communicator is not really able to generate revenue? And not just on the side of blame, blame is easy, but to build a culture of confidence is difficult; business is business, but not for commercial and business. read more

Shanghai Longfeng order and advanced keywords how to optimize the index above 1000

third levels: the column page and the content page optimization index above 1000 key words

1, including the distribution of keywords, keywords in each column of the distribution in the content on the page. Sometimes the word is used as column page or a content page to do, do, etc..

second levels: the column page and the content page optimization index below 1000

: the first level target keywords on the home page to optimize

Distribution of

to the level of difficulty is greater, if you do the site keywords involved with dozens or even hundreds of key index in more than 1000, you can’t use these keywords to optimize all the home page, home page can optimize the 3-5 keyword is good. It is impossible to optimize these keywords with all the Columns page, sometimes need to use the content page keywords to optimize the index above 1000. The keyword index > read more

7 use pop ups and do not hurt the search engine optimization techniques

classic interstitials and splash advertising, interrupting the user before the user between pages and / or before arriving at your home.


independence must be closed before the user access to your content.

of course, pop-up ads are still in operation. The average conversion rate of 9.28% of the performance of the pop-up window. Well, more than a year ago, I wrote an article on the pop-up ads and how to let more people you click on the contents of the article. Understandably, many companies do not want to lose such an important part in the channel. So, if you can’t completely lose pop ads, but do not want to fall into the breach of Google’s punishment, what should you do? read more

28 interview Xiao Han said the importance of user experience in the Shanghai Dragon

We will push

guest Xiaohan: and when there will be a moment of experience he opened the site, also is the visual impact, the website is not necessarily more.

guest – Xiaohan: user experience is simply browsing on the website when feeling, is a kind of sleep, and influence his emotions and feelings, including website appearance, character, function and other information, and the influences of some external factors.

28 – love Helena: push over today we are the subject of the user experience in the importance of Shanghai dragon, the first talk about what is the user experience? Xiaohan more popular words can say to everyone? read more

Fan Sitong six tips for using Youtube video optimization

related video up, this site is updated regularly and not what kind of two English.

not only contains words, but also attractive! (the best keywords on the front).

video optimization is the same, also need the support of the chain, the chain can be others collection, add their own chain etc..

fourth: good link

timingThe timing of the release of new

YouTube video optimization The

browsing more comments, your video is very popular on the Oh, there are a lot of good rankings.

video in foreign trade network marketing marketing in the paper, we mentioned that today and we share with YouTube video Shanghai dragon optimization six tips, and we will share with you the following benefits: read more

English website promotion must know Shanghai Longfeng optimization of 7 points

foreign trade enterprises English website promotion effect is the best and cheapest but also the number of Shanghai dragon English website optimization, so to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the following 7 points, do the following 7 points to make your site English Shanghai dragon optimization more awesome here is 7 points, Xi’an business business summary notes Butler, hope to help the new contact English website friends, veteran can across.

1. English website domain name is the key read more

Personal webmaster not original but must be edited

as an editor, perhaps the most content is copied from others to minor changes to facilitate better reading, these people belong to the copy, they do not necessarily be strictly creators, they should be regarded as a kind of acquisition, but this group of occupation did booming, so that this group.

a few years ago, when the Dede version is still very low, then the locomotive, madman, panda and crazy to collect. A few years ago, as long as we do a website to collect large amounts of data, and then to count the Links, a forum to send some spam links, website may soon get traffic, you can hang on the noble baby, CPM, love Shanghai alliance to earn advertising fees, but with the search engine evolution, Sandbox algorithm Shanghai love search, we love one or two years in Shanghai is very difficult to see the content of reading. Of course, we can still fall in love with the sea to see the irrelevant content. Today I found the word "Zhaohuaxishi good word" out of the results below: read more

See from the integrated marketing network marketing Park

first the park management is standardized, the door set up a lot of points, but also equipped with professional ticket staff. Into the park, the first is a very pleasant scenery of the lake view, around the area around the lake there are many tourists playing, fishing, boating, water etc.. This park is named after the lake, so the park marketing mode are mostly around the lake and the. The scenic Lake, the lake clear lake, breeding a lot of fish for tourists to watch or fishing. By the lake have special sale tourists fishing small shops, visitors can enjoy the fun of fishing while you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The second is here for visitors to pull tool raft, because it is new so it is very popular with visitors. Across the lake is a playground, there are many amusement equipment for people of different ages. Go is a rolling mountains, but there are "grass" and "ropeway" two kinds of convenient tools, convenient for tourists in the mountain and can appreciate the beautiful scenery. "Sit cableway" reached the top of the mountain is a man-made the Great Wall, the Great Wall there is a wish with the sale "and" a lock ", visitors can bring their blessings through them firmly in the the Great Wall on both sides of the rope. From the Great Wall down is a barbecue, the shops here provide tourists barbecue materials used. The park trails along the beautiful scenery, no shortage of small shops which sell idle away in seeking pleasure, good business and a restaurant inside the park. This hotel is moderate in price, the ingredients are mostly from the mountains, so most fresh and pollution-free food, plus processing hotel chef becomes a delicious food, but also because of this, the hotel business is so good. Then go inside a zoo, the zoo is also a ticket. Here in a zoo animal in the zoo is not much, but small is complete, it is a lot of variety, the middle of every period of time there will be animal performances and other activities. The park business is so good, it is not only the superior natural conditions, more important is the integration of marketing it very well. It is used in integrated marketing model, is a variety of good business ideas together, so as to attract more tourists to the. read more

The annual fish fish Shanghai dragon theory

will soon be on the thirty, we pay attention to the dinner on New Year’s Eve table will be a dish of fish, and this dish is not to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve left, a symbol of May there be surpluses every year. next year there is a good life. This is not my sister sent a multiple of 3 pounds of catfish, mother also went to the market to buy 2 big carp, about 6 pounds.

I went to the market to see the fish stall to sell fish is very hot, I wish you all (FISH),

May there be surpluses every year. read more

SOSO ask the chain construction but also misunderstanding

I want to tell you a little, that article is wrong. Of course, maybe it is not the author want to deliberately deceive us, but I think he didn’t know. It is to tell some of Shanghai Longfeng novices here in Search ask the promotion is possible, but want to use Search ask the chain site weight that is in vain. The content of training by snack blog 贵族宝贝canyinpeixun.net/blog/ original published, I hope we can be harvested, don’t be misled by the false views, let the Shanghai dragon road more and more difficult to walk, thank you. read more

Shanghai senior effort the integrated use of commonly used search instructions

linkdomain integrated query:

inurl with the intitle method is more delicate than the above, the meaning is found in the title contains search keywords, website search string contains the URL in URL, if you use the above method can find their own needs, then use the inurl:edu.cn intitle: Links Exchange page found this is in line with the conditions of the basic types of Web sites, sometimes page contains keywords is not necessarily the result we want, with the title of key words is we want to find. read more