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In recent years, the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng promotion evolution and future developmen

in the second half of 2010 a more significant changes is to promote many hospitals have another transformation heavy light, have increased the power to stand outside the classified information, know love Shanghai, blog site released to the station because it can word-of-mouth word in the fastest time won most of the website ranking, own hospital traffic has become less important, only need to keep a few key words Everything will be fine..


is the first before 2010 is the most early stage, when medical competition is so fierce as now (or is tragic); that time is Links for honest do stand, honest, when there are few specialized medical class links QQ group, we exchange links most exchange is looking for some sites in the platform above, then launch QQ to communicate with each other in exchange for temporary dialogue. In the second half of 2010 special medical Links exchange group growing up, we started more accustomed to publish their own links in the QQ group to exchange information (this also from the side of the increase of medical website), today, many popular links exchange platform has disappeared today, Links platform to publish their own web links are more ER Shanghai dragon is actually the meaning of the chain to a large number of.

The increase of

websites, lines will change competitors rise, flow straight down, more and more hospitals opened, more and more medical sites online, the first medical station after efforts can be achieved 1000IP flow within three months, the second half of 2010 if not very means, through normal means in the short term is difficult to obtain a good rankings and flow. With the increase of medical station, (more of a pure copy paste even template is a simple modification of the medical station); love Shanghai for medical treatment of the site management is more and more strict, more and more low weight given there are certain reasons.

and key focus from the past, such as: gynecological hospital stream of people how much money the kind words, and gradually evolved into the name of our hospital and XX (region name) precise matching launched the best gynecological hospital, XX hospital stream of people around the area, one is because of too much energy outside the station together with the increasingly fierce competition does not have too much time to maintain some hot, high flow, but the conversion rate is not high keywords, he is also aware of the importance of early in words, remember in the first half of 2010 before the area responsible for their own type keywords area basic is all in love Shanghai’s top three, while the second half of 2010 will need to spend more effort to ensure the discharge to other hospitals in the forefront.

09 years from entering the medical industry has gone through three years, the three years of the development of medical network promotion has also experienced a lot of changes.


in 2011, 2>


The optimization suggestions for the website URL


website optimization, is ignored by many owners, but the site optimization is very important. The strong Yang Shanghai Longfeng will give you some suggestion about URL


The use of

1.URL, the shorter the better

3, robots.txt is case sensitive, a letter, a directory may lead to not be included.

6. all lowercase letters

directory hierarchy refers to the physical directory structure. Of course, is closely related to the physical directory hierarchy and site classification structure. Directory, the directory hierarchy is also increasing. In static URL, try to use less of the directory hierarchy, because love Shanghai more easily included fewer layers of the page directory. Of course, not all pages are placed in the root directory, then, will be the site directory is very messy, the search engine can’t find what page is what column, convenient management.


7. hyphen

1, all lowercase convenient manual input, not because of the size of writing mistakes

it is easy to remember, especially the domain name must be streamlined, connotation. The search engine is URL, as long as no more than 1000 letters, will not affect the included. And a study found that short URL hit rate is about 2.5 times higher than long. Moreover, the short URL is also conducive to the reproduction and dissemination.

keyword appears in the URL, but also can improve the page correlation, in the rankings, have certain advantages. Keywords as far forward as possible, so the domain name in the keyword is best. But in the Chinese website, no Chinese characters in URL, so we can use keyword Pinyin, also have certain effect

Here the

2, some servers are case sensitive, such as Linux server

There are two reasons why

URL design

for website classification URL, the directory should have a certain description, is in the user see the link to your URL, you probably know what’s inside content.

The If the

4. file and directory names are descriptive.


To avoid too many parameters of

3. directory hierarchy to minimize

5.URL contains keywords

in the directory or file name words in general use hyphen (-) separated, don’t use the underline or other symbols and letters, because the search engine.

where possible, try to use static URL. If the technology really can not be realized, then use dynamic URL to minimize the parameter. Too many parameters, users watch is not good, but also to the search engines will be influenced.


The website was black box, has recovered from the entire station is K to

look at the whole site and start small series found no problems, until one day in the search keywords, suddenly came out of a new station, then get a look, hey, this is not our website reprint? Yes, the whole family was copied from the website template, another web site map. Our website in figure two, is not nearly as? Although very angry, but no way, the current leadership greatly decided that this is not possible, our website should be revision! Just do it, after the Dragon Boat Festival, we began to design a new website template, a week or so, the overall design initially completed, then is to adjust the content of the website and the details of the new template, figure three, can be said to be a big shake. Of course, the change is certainly effective, but a web site keywords graph ranking has dropped the missing.

1, head of the problem: the content of the website are copied or crudely made, collected from no practicality and readability, the user experience worse; website space or the server is not stable, leading to the site is not stable, affecting the normal access to reptiles and visitors.

site is K, I believe that not only small one encountered such a situation, as a novice Shanghai dragon Er, encountered such a situation is still very vague, the article not included, ranking suddenly and began wondering what they do wrong, or who are also linked to the black. Or is love Shanghai NaoPiQi…… fortunately small leaders greatly in Shanghai Longfeng experience, meet the station was K’s situation is very calm, while with small side analysis of the investigation, to adjust, to the last week, the website included began to increase, the ranking will resume, really learned a lot. And to love Shanghai at the end of the adjustment period at the beginning of the month, just want to summarize and everyone to share a little bit.


first, consider the love Shanghai adjustment problem, because other webmaster and no feedback website similar problems, so we should not adjust to the decline in ranking.

, Shanghai: 3 love love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, or database update, the website unfortunate lying gun; new station was closed the "black box" and accept the inspection.

based on the above points, they can combine their own website to comparative analysis to find out the reasons and adjust the.

2, outsiders question: website who are black, a situation which is currently more common, probably because of the security of the website, a target for other people.

on the site was K, probably several reasons:

then, from their own reasons, small management is the education and training industry website, the station for the update every one is small with a popular search term written, is not a copy or acquisition and the readability, the originality and quality problems; standing outside the chain platform it is through screening, collected well, love Shanghai favorability high platform, there is no problem. What I do or keep the site updated and stand outside promotion.


Video chat class website alliance rampant, not because of huge profits and loss of personalityAdsens

video chat, video chat, so many companies began to join the League to win over the use of the owners, owners began to rely on to get a huge income, many owners also have a good income, but the video chat company in order to ensure their profits, there will be a lot of practices, you know?

always do not want to say what, but this time to do their own industry is too long, so there are too many feelings, the operation of a domain name too overbearing domain name from the beginning to the end, was closed, start again, do the site rliao, has experienced many hardships, was also today I misunderstood, go through this station to talk about their own, some video chat website alliance view.

found that such behavior or other violation of the shlf1314 AdSense terms and plan policy, we will be

https://www.shlf1314/adsense/localized-terms? Hl=zh_CN

also do more subtle, your affiliate account, recharge the 1000 seen? No? That’s right, because a lot of large amount of user alliance will give you the screen, that is to say, you bring the user, a 10 yuan, may give you a commission of 100 yuan, but a charge of 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, would not give you the calculation of the royalty, as for what the union, do not want to say, after all, is a circle, not to say.

website is doing the play, see friends site of interest, so I will follow as one, the unexpected, my website development step by step more than my friends, from day to day more than 300 IP, in just two weeks to 5000ip, this time I added shlf1314 ad code, did not expect all English display ads, and advertising of the second day of my income to more than 300, I was surprised too, the value of CPM to more than 50, let me excited several days without sleep, the next day, remained at around 300 a day, the mood is really beautiful! I thought it was going to stand up, this is not a year down to buy Benz ah, ha, not every day is Sunday when one and a half months, suddenly my advertising fell, daily advertising costs fell to 50 U.S. dollars, feel very depressed, do not know what the reason, this time the number of dollars I have reached more than 4000 points, or feel good, investment more than 10 thousand, earned a lot ah! Unexpectedly, in April 22nd, early in the morning to get up, the first thing is to open the book to see my shlf1314 more money, landing once, huh? Exit and log in once again see, ah, how it happened, not this account, this time feel afraid, ever heard of shlf1314 sealing events, did not expect so soon to happen to me, please open the mail to see, ah, have been finished, a shlf1314 post, a look to know that is invalid click! This is dizzy! Content for:

have more ideas to share, I hope you seriously do stand, a lot of income.

"we noticed that shlf1314 ads on your site produced invalid clicks or displays. Therefore, we have disabled your
AdWords advertisers.

General Union is to give you a 40% or higher percentage, but the data is only to save the day, that is to say, second days after your account has stopped, you may not be rich, this kind of website is too much, if you think is wrong, then you test.

doing things at least in principle, say what is what, not because the video chat industry is profiteering industry and the loss of their own personality.

for the first

Is a huge industry

copyright, the Fox network inwho wave of original, welcome to reprint, please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

publishers advertising on the site must not show any invalid clicks or impressions, including but not limited to the production of
click or display:

– publishers have />- click
– automatically click the program or any other fraudulent software
– released any part of the business for any reason to modify the ad code, change the advertising layout, advertising, advertising or advertising
If the


How to make your website ranking stable

1. key words: after determining the good word, you don’t change, otherwise the search engine will not be clear about what you want to express. Some take good keywords and think of other words more appropriate, this change is not only a tragedy.

2. Keywords: in fact, Shanghai dragon is playing word games, the ultimate goal is to make the spider to catch us, search crawl is a certain program, as long as the appropriate proportion of the distribution of keywords, will be crawling. Don’t stack, nor too little, you have a good scale.

know, be ever victorious. In addition to the maintenance of your site, but also regularly monitor our competitors. Look at their rankings change, where to send the chain, how the web framework and so on, in the process of learning many things. >

Fourth, the chain

Links is a field effectively the chain way, so always check, especially pay attention to the quality and quantity of them, to maintain a minimum level, can be slightly more, but must not be lower than the standard. Because the chain is the chain, related to the site of the PR value, high quality the chain once reduced, will have a significant impact on the ranking, this point in Google’s response is more obvious.

3. navigation: including the site layout and main page of each section. Don’t change as far as possible new and bigger, and also included architecture over to grab may have negative effects, no small change.

The analysis of competitors




home page first, stability is the priority among priorities. The home page is the core of the web site optimization, only a stable home, in order to carry out the work of the subsequent optimization. Stable home, here mainly includes:

third, website content to frequently update

now has Shanghai dragon chain is king, content is king, the chain is more important than visible content. At the site after the Shanghai dragon after optimization, its content should be updated every day, on the one hand to the user in the search engine is fresh, also love to catch you, according to your time and energy, write some original or false original, this work is long and boring, insisted that victory, not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

second, a Links

chain way too much now, do not send the indiscriminative, find some high quality blogs, forums, links or stay with signature. Of course, you can have the courage to challenge and know love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia. The content of early writing, have released several in the chain, every day Many a little make a mickle. step by step.

The distribution of

believe that Shanghai dragon friends have had a similar experience, web site keywords ranking do go up, but a few days began to fall, looking anxious. As the saying goes, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult. So, today on how to express my personal experience in website ranking.


Is to adhere to the confusion of the Shanghai dragon er

is self-evident!

in fact, in my opinion, this is a new industry must face the problem, I do not know the original Taobao attached to the birth of e-commerce and logistics industry and logistics company is also facing the same problem! But I know now with the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics companies are very popular.

with the development of the search engine, the birth of a number of new technology, that is the search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon. People who work in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er

: we are not difficult to see, the search engine will not disappear in the future, and may become better and better. The search engine cannot do without Shanghai dragon, like electronic commerce cannot do without the logistics company! So Shanghai dragon has great development space in the future, you want to ah! The search engine is designed in order to better customer experience, let customers love search engine to things, and for the purpose of the Shanghai dragon the search engine to give customers more love their products, so the search engine needs to join the Shanghai dragon, are a bunch of out of order website, then the search engine will not be able to create their own purposes! For as long as the search engine for future demand, so the future Shanghai dragon will certainly share a cup of soup and a lot! Compared with the logistics industry will be more popular, because the Shanghai dragon is a technology, a deep technology! Rather than the logistics company, as long as you have money you can Get up, so we should be convinced of the confidence and determination.

: as everyone knows Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and is likely to see the effect of the work, so I want to ask for a hard work: no effect for a month, you will adhere to? No effect three months or half a year or so?? it’s the Shanghai dragon Er he began to doubt his own practice, even in the industry doubt Shanghai dragon

also because Shanghai Longfeng no rules and technology fixed! There is no authoritative textbooks and tutorial! All own exploration and practice experience and there is no Shanghai dragon! University courses, technical evaluation of national Shanghai Longfeng, coupled with the mentioned rely on the exploration and practice of their right to a for a long time still adhere to the website does not work, then there will be some Shanghai dragon Er began to doubt, and even a lot of people have opted to switch to

for the University of Shanghai dragon tutorial, countries do not have the Shanghai Dragon technology assessment, but there is no uniform standard of Shanghai Dragon technology! Our search engine attached to the development of Shanghai dragon Er have no future? What we choose is right or wrong? Plus and several months throw not to see the effect of the Shanghai dragon Er, we have confidence to continue? I have to say this: we lost…… Because we can’t find the answers to these questions.

!So there is no




The key is how to catch the tail

let the time to witness the long tail word, time can not only witness the love, but also can witness the long term efficacy of period may be one year there may be two years, but if a large number of long tail word words, so a long time, the witness will bring you much traffic. In fact,? Do the long tail word is about a lot of time also need to continue.

just entered the Shanghai dragon this line of people are from the beginning of the chain, I also. The chain is very boring day, but to do this line of Shanghai dragon is one of the main chain, this I have the experience deeply. I was just in this line, is also a rookie for a dozen days, but my business better soon taught me to write soft, just face the soft, I am at a loss what to do search on the Internet, then the whole process, feel much better. Soft text is the most important core keywords, the core keyword is actually popular search words only, get to know the core keywords, my boss told us the long tail words, there are a lot of the long tail word I have introduced online, new points out to share with you.


is now a lot of construction site optimization companies do not want to give clients to do the long tail word, very simple truth that is not the time to spend, but a long tail word can be said can bring you a can to the mouth of the meat, you will think too little meat? Should use the long tail word is certain skills.

long tail keywords >

ant meat in less meat, in terms of sales to the website is the product of the volume, the main keywords bring you the amount of goods although many, but the competition is very big, the many sites are deep, but a large amount of long tail keywords, the competition is small, although your goods amount is not large, but each search the Internet has a clear purpose, which is the potential customers, then you say a group to buy and one will buy, how would you choose? Said that the client has a source, but also sell small amount of goods.

is not the long tail keywords than the core keywords, why? For example, a bookstore there are twenty percent books are hot, but there are eighty percent of the book is very common, such as a hot book is ten yuan, a total of twenty copies, all sold there are 200 yuan, eighty per cent of this is not sales of each of the books is five yuan, but a lot of volume, divided into thirty days sold a 400 yuan, a batch of goods for nearly half of the price difference. The same is true of the long tail word and core keywords.

first consider the soft aspects, a soft core keywords may appear two to three or so, but the long tail word is not limited, the application of the core keywords is very appropriate, but the core keywords may you inadvertently write in this way might be easier for soft. Of course, a soft, but also the application of long tail keywords appropriate points. This article if so you have some long tail keywords? There are several core keywords


Noble baby will change the intelligent mobile phone ranking search results

3, the most friendly and most optimization method based on intelligent mobile phone is not reflected in the error page.

In order to adapt to the intelligent mobile phone

1, in the mobile terminal, don’t try to do 301 redirection, 404 error page orientation to the PC side of the web page.

2, with video playback page, especially with flash player, it will not play in iPhone, or in Android 4.1 and later.

Lu Songsong is simple to understand, that noble baby mobile version of spider has a wide range of work, the other is flash player may disappear in intelligent mobile phone.

from the noble baby blog, intelligent mobile phone users are Internet users the most significant increase in the market, in order to improve the mobile network, we plan to launch several algorithms in the near future on the mobile phone search rankings change.

better, given some nobility baby reconfiguration suggestions for intelligent mobile phone:


One hundred thousand of the value of the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng collection included rankings

The quality of the content

3. content is recognized by the

content is included. The factors which influence

content quality is based on the user, if this article for your users is of great help, so, even if is reproduced in the article, can fast included, but add [reproduced] two words, or search engine will think you are malicious acquisition, at the same time, the content of the collection should also take into account the timeliness and if it is winter, you update the article called summer what to wear? It will not by the user’s click, your search engine will not soon, why search engines will be included? Because the content has the reference value to the user, so it will be included, at the same time, the acquisition and pseudo original owners, if you can only copy and paste, then you are also not included, reproduced also need skills, here is not to give too much dry cargo, anyway, my article has been reproduced, No. It included two days.

two. How to publish content to the "second" step


1. new sites (general optimization within 3 months of the new station are referred to as

rare, if people know what it is not worth the money, a lot of people every day to update a bitter soft, after only half a month is not included, or included, updated articles not included, what is the significance? What is the purpose? Not included no ranking? Today to share "promotion included rankings secret" is rarely revealed to the outside world of the small Shanghai dragon core technology, as long as we understand the core secrets, you can play all over the network to beat its competitors invincible, in the short term. Assessment by experts, is said to be worth 100 thousand, in my opinion is priceless.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, in the update article, always love a pile of words in the article, and then do the hyperlinks that jump to the home page, so you can make the search engine more attention to home, actually also has been listed as the search engine cheating in the previous two years, perhaps the search engine is not perfect such loopholes, and now the search engine, more intelligent, if still take the old way, the operation will be very tired, whether involved in illegal, here is not to do too much explanation.

4. involves cheating

in the care of the users at the same time, but also to see whether the search engine can be identified, some websites update the article, usually several pictures arranged, then put in the picture, the user is able to look at, but the search engine does not recognize, the proposed update article illustrated, neat layout, and the box is less, does not affect the reading, this is a search engine on the inside of the calculation.


railway station will not be search engine trust, therefore, if the new station published articles, has not included, that is normal, as long as the content of quality assurance, sooner or later will be included, may be included in the search engine, but did not put out;

The content of


Taobao’s chance of big adjustment for sh419 in JuneCreation partners capital Liang Yu investment cir

"this is a brand new start."." Liang Yu talked over and over again, though his mouth was still in an exaggerated curve, but he was very serious.

"this situation is first related to the macro environment of the country.". We are now more and more hope to build cultural self-confidence, with local culture to install the local story, to make the culture more vitality, really for me. We have to consider is: the spread of the theme is not really able to establish cultural self-confidence? On the communicator is not really able to generate revenue? And not just on the side of blame, blame is easy, but to build a culture of confidence is difficult; business is business, but not for commercial and business.

among them, there has been and Zhou Wei worked more than 4 years of Liang yu. Since 2011, Liang Yu led investment life radius, and the moon star wardrobe and other technology companies also participated in the investment management, science and technology, Himalaya, rock and other projects.

in contributions!

April 2017, KPCB China partner in charge of Zhou Wei announced that lead to work together for many years and TMT partner team, the establishment of creation China Creation Ventures capital partners, "with about a world" concept, focusing on the field of TMT and China early growth period of investment.

, the founder of Han Kun, a technology entrepreneur who was involved in investment management, once joked that he was responsible for the product. It is this low-key, calm character, so that he has become the company’s investment in the mouth of "big white."".

before entering the venture capital industry, Liang Yu in Tencent, Sogou, Microsoft and other companies have 11 years of technology and product experience, so that he still has a strong product, technology, people’s temperament.

2, determine the promotion of single products: categories selected after the selection of a single product, according to the total expenditure commission from high to low order, so that a good deal, commission high single product appeared in front of you. The higher the amount of promotion, but also represents the popularity of the goods, the effect, as well as the owner of the customer, for our Taobao customers higher integrity.

now Taobao customer personal webmaster is more and more, the highest income Taobao customer list also decreased from twenty-six thousand to less than twenty thousand yuan a week or so, but this income is for our personal webmaster is full of temptation. Six months ago began to do Taobao customers, the monthly income is too thousand, from the selection of goods I talk about Taobao customers do three points experience, hope for novice can be a little help;

A no B station and television station, video frame, is now the C station CCTV of the world! "Nowadays, with the regulation in place, the content of entrepreneurship quite kind of feeling but Liang Yu Ten thousand horses stand mute., have different views.


venture capital, a brand new start,

1, to determine the promotion of commodity categories: women are born Shopaholic, choice of female products, Taobao can increase the passenger volume, for the novice, see every day with the transaction, full of confidence, such as "Ladies / ladies boutique", "beauty skin care / body / oil" and "selling leather bags / bag male / bag", "shoes", "cosmetics / perfume / hair / tool", "popular jewelry / Jewelry / Fashion Jewelry", "milk / diapers / articles and other articles.

Liang Yu carrying the Khaki bag, across all the way to reveal a bright smile. "It’s been a long wait."

3, to determine the promotion of the shop: find a good single product can also promote the treasurer of the stores and shops in other commodities, usually I choose a single product and high overall Commission commission shop shop, this can make full use of Web site traffic, also did not miss one.

met Liang Yu for the first time at a roadside tea restaurant. On that day, he was invited to a forum in Haidian as a partner of creative partners, while we were drinking and talking outside at noon.

since June, sh419 has made a big adjustment, from small start, included reducing, snapshot, website ranking drop or removed to yesterday taobao this station was once again sh419 clean up, and some of the two level domain is also included, perhaps sh419 began a major adjustment at the beginning of June is nearing completion.


in sh419 search hot words and taobao taobao taobao has no relevant master, this will bring a lot of traffic to Taobao customers, although the final impact on taobao may not, because Taobao customer sites will flow back to the taobao. That’s one reason why Taobao dares to throw away sh419.

for personal Adsense, add content, suggest manual add, a single product can increase the content of the site, and edited sh419 included.

in recent years, investment in the pan entertainment industry has mushroomed, and the content companies in the entertainment industry have been financing. But recently, the State Administration of radio, film and television has also chilled content entrepreneurs. A large number of entertainment numbers have been banned or banned, and websites such as A and B have been banned from broadcasting overseas content and restricting the playing time of variety shows…… The introduction of various policies put forward higher requirements for content entrepreneurs."