14 incredible minutes of Bioshock Infinite

first_imgIf you’re eagerly awaiting Bioshock Infinite as much as we are, this 14-minute feature from GameTrailers doesn’t disappoint. If you’re not sure what all of the fuss is about, now you’ll get a chance to see. GameTrailers went behind the scenes with Bioshock Infinite at E3, and they’ve finally released the gameplay footage captured during their closed-door briefings.Over the course of the video we’re introduced to your own character, Booker DeWitt, a rough, shady character with some gambling debts on a mercenary mission to rescue Elizabeth, a girl with extraordinary powers to bend and manipulate space around her. You’re dropped into the middle of the action, while you and Elizabeth hunt for supplies and try to make your way to Comstock House, where presumably you’ll find answers and a way out of the floating city of Columbia.You also get the opportunity to meet Elizabeth’s guardian, the Songbird – the strong and bird-like protector that makes the Big Daddy from Bioshock and Bioshock 2 look like a pushover. You get an idea for exactly how powerful he is, and exactly how dangerous it would be to take him on directly. He also seems to have a complicated relationship with Elizabeth, which we assume we’ll learn more about when the game is released.The video also introduces us to the Vox Populi, a resistance group that’s directly and violently opposed to the Jeffersonian administration of Columbia. As you fight through the Vox Populi and try to get Elizabeth to safety, there’s a chance to see Elizabeth’s powers in action, check out all of the weapons you’ll pick up as you travel through Columbia, and get a really great view of the game’s Skyline system.The Skyline system is the mechanic that will help you traverse the open world in Bioshock Infinite. Using a hand-held hook of sorts, you’ll be able to ride the rollercoaster-style cables and lines that connect the floating islands and buildings that make up the massive city.Explanations aside however, the video is something that has to be seen to be believed. Bioshock Infinite is scheduled for release in 2012, and will land on the PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and the PC.Read more at GameTrailerslast_img read more