Vardy dilemma for Leicester as Liverpool lie in wait

first_img0Shares0000Tough schedule – Leicester striker Jamie Vardy © AFP / Oli SCARFFLONDON, United Kingdom, Dec 25 – Leicester City face runaway Premier League leaders Liverpool on Boxing Day knowing their own title hopes are very much in the balance.Thursday’s match will see the second-placed Foxes, the shock 2015/16 champions, kick off 10 points adrift of Liverpool, who will arrive in the East Midlands fresh from winning a maiden Club World Cup title following a 1-0 victory over Brazilian side Flamengo in Qatar. One of the more remarkable statistics in English football is that it is nearly 30 years since Liverpool were last crowned domestic champions in what was then the First Division.But Premier League silverware is now in sight following a successful 2019 that has also seen Liverpool take the Champions League and UEFA Super Cup trophies back to Anfield as well as the Club World Cup.One of the enduring peculiarities of the English game that has not changed, however, is the packed programme of matches that take place during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.The congested schedule is again causing headaches for managers, with Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers saying the fixture list is a “nonsense”.Leicester kick off against Liverpool at 11pm on Thursday before they play West Ham on Saturday.– ‘Game about money now’ –They then complete four games in 10 days with a trip to Newcastle on New Year’s Day, before hosting Wigan in the FA Cup on January 4.This presents Rodgers with a problem about how often to field Jamie Vardy, the league’s leading scorer so far this season, given the striker is now aged 32.“The game is about money now. You can’t say it’s about the welfare of players,” insisted Rodgers, himself a former Liverpool manager who added that Vardy, for all he has scored 16 goals this term, had “no chance” of being involved throughout the festive period.This season sees the Premier League experimenting with a ‘winter break’ that will see all teams get a weekend off in February.But that pales into insignificance compared to the Bundesliga’s long-established winter break.The German top-flight closes down for several weeks in December and January, with Rodgers saying the English break was a “let’s pretend” version.Liverpool will be without Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after the midfielder suffered an ankle injury against Flamengo as Jurgen Klopp’s side, unbeaten in the Premier League this season, bid to go 13 points clear and all but end the title-race before by the halfway stage.“If anyone wants to think things are over before they are over we cannot stop them doing that, though it is not important to us,” said Liverpool manager Klopp.“As a group we are pretty good at shutting the doors all around us to keep out the noise from outside,” the German added.Fourth-placed Chelsea, fresh from a 2-0 win away to Tottenham Hotspur marred by allegation of racist abuse, are at home to Southampton while Spurs will be without the suspended Son Heung-min for the visit of Brighton after the South Korean’s red card against the Blues.Mikel Arteta’s reign as Arsenal manager starts away to Bournemouth, while new Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti is in charge at home to Burnley.Newcastle, managed by former Old Trafford favourite Steve Bruce, will look to complete a league double over Manchester United with both sides presently level on 25 points and looking to break into the top six.Sheffield United face Watford, still bottom despite last week’s win over Manchester United.“We’re halfway through this season and we knew this season was going to be a season of some ups and downs,” said Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Meanwhile reigning champions Manchester City are away to Wolves on Friday.Fixtures (6pm unless stated):Thursday: Aston Villa v Norwich, Bournemouth v Arsenal, Chelsea v Southampton, Crystal Palace v West Ham, Everton v Burnley, Leicester v Liverpool (11pm), Manchester United v Newcastle (8:30pm), Sheffield United v Watford, Tottenham v Brighton (3:30pm)Friday: Wolves v Manchester City (10:45pm)0Shares0000(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

5 Ways Sentiment Analysis is Ramping Up in 2009

first_img5. Twitter as ZeitgeistHow can we do a round-up of sentiment analysis tools without mentioning Twitter? Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote in March about the Twitter platform turning 3:“Twitter already ‘breaks news’ faster than traditional media outlets on a regular basis and monitoring the ebb and flow of conversation is helping media, marketers and academics put their finger on the pulse of a significant number of people.From the front page of Twitscoop.We’ve seen how breaking large numbers of Twitter followers into topical groups can help make the service much, much more useful. We expect to see services launched soon that will take the pulse of topical groups. Bubbling up hot topics early in the world of physicists on Twitter, real estate agents, stock traders, etc. is a powerful tactic that more than one company will cash in on. We’ll all benefit when that happens, too.”See also: 7 Top Twitter Topic TrackersTop image: .michael.newman. Tags:#Features#Trends#web See also: This Machine Eats Tweets: The System Behind @Comcast and Others2. Conversation Monitoring: Backtype As Marshall Kirkpatrick noted in a post from April, a whole class of technologies are emerging to help companies keep track of the conversations exploding online. For example, Backtype is an online tool that lets you search for and monitor keywords across the Web in an effort to put an end to ‘comment fragmentation.’ It’s also used under the hood at Radian6. richard macmanus Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts 3. Mood Analysis: LiveJournal & MoodViewsIn his recent analysis Could Real Time Information Be An Unfair Advantage?, Marshall Kirkpatrick explored the connection between communication on social networks and real-world events. As an example, he pointed to a tool called MoodViews which can correlate mood messages on LiveJournal with world events. Some of the trends noted using this tool:Mass increase in the level of worriedness around major weather phenomena, such as hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005Excitedness around global media and culture events, such as the release of a new Harry Potter book on July 15, 2005Mass increase in the level of distress and sadness after terror attacks, as witnessed by the response to the London bombings on July 7, 2005.MoodViews updates every 10 minutes based on LiveJournal posts. As of writing, these moods were “hot”: irritated, stressed, thoughtful, cheerful, creative. Hope was big in November 2008. Image: omnicamSee also: Feel Good: Top 10 Mood Apps and Visualizers4. Semantic Search: Evri’s New Sentiment API Earlier this month semantic search engine Evri released a new sentiment web API that claims to understand how the web feels. As Sarah Perez wrote: while busy scouring the net for people, places, and things and determining the relationships between them, the search engine is now able to understand the feelings associated with these entities, too, be them positive or negative. Using the API, developers can build applications for things like market intelligence, market research, sports and entertainment, brand management, product reviews and more.The sentiment API does much more than most Twitter sentiment trackers – it allows you deeper insight into the “who’s,” and “what’s,” and “why’s” associated with the particular expression or feeling. The New York Times has an article today about sentiment analysis, a trend which has been accelerating on the back of the Real-time Web – and Twitter in particular. Sentiment analysis is no short-term hot trend. It will eventually become a key feature of search engines, which will integrate the aggregate sentiment of the crowd into search results.The NY Times article looked at 3 sentiment analysis tools: Scout Labs, The Financial Times’ Newssift, and Jodange. It also mentioned 3 Twitter apps: Tweetfeel, Twendz and Twitrratr. In our post we take a look at five other examples of how sentiment analysis is starting to ramp up on the Web. We invite you to add more examples in the comments.1. Social Media Monitoring and Analysis: SysomosSysomoslaunched its two flagship products in June: MAP (‘Media Analysis Platform’) and Heartbeat. As Frederic Lardinois wrote: both products are powerful (but costly) social media monitoring and analysis tools.MAP is a powerful and flexible analysis tool. It gives its users the ability to research any topic on blogs, social media sites, and in traditional news media reports. MAP can, for example, tell you that the largest number of Twitter users who wrote about the Palm Pre come from California and Great Britain. It can also quickly give you a history of when and how often a Wikipedia article was edited, or what the most popular forum posts and YouTube videos about the any given topic were in the last 30 days. Heartbeat provides a subset of MAPs features, with a focus on making it easy for companies to track social media metrics. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Why Your Video Editing Isn’t Good Enough

first_imgIn a creative slump or simply want to up the game of your video editing projects? Here’s a few reasons why your editing may be suffering.If you want to improve your video editing skills you need to discover all the things that could be wrong with it. Sometimes these should be obvious, but often when you’re learning you don’t know what you don’t know. Editing is very often informed by script writing – knowing how to shape and form the storytelling arc, the distribution of information, crafting characters and a whole lot more. I recently came across this article on sharing some statistical analysis performed by FiveThirtyEight:The data-crunching fiends over at Five Thirty Eight examined the data from thousands of script evaluations of screenplays by newbie writers, submitted to the Black List of unproduced screenplays. And they found that science fiction and comedies have the worst ratings of all — as well as the reasons why these scripts often crash and burn.Interestingly many of the problems in the above chart could be directly applied to editing too, but I thought it might be interesting to create a hypothetical list of the top 5 most common problems editors face editing, which will hopefully help you to make your own work better.Common Problems with Amateur Editing1. Too LongOne of the most common problems with amateur or inexperienced editors is that their work is WAY too long, it’s not actually been edited down to be as tight and as lean as possible. They’ve basically stopped editing before they should have.There’s a common phrase in post production: ‘murder your darlings’. Just because a scene was difficult to shoot or just because you’re particulary attached to a certain sequence or shot, cut these ‘darlings’ if they are not in the best interest of the project.It’s imperative that your project is as tightly structured as possible. If it takes 3 hours to tell your story, that’s fine, as long as you’ve got 3 hours of story (although 99% of the time this isn’t the case!). Keep it succinct.2. Boring/Lack of CreativityAs a result of being too long, the work is often boring. It’s possible that there is a really create story in there somewhere, but it’s not coming through. Or there’s so little creativity in the mix that it might be ‘correct’ but it’s not interesting. Cutting to someone just because they have the next line of dialogue is not interesting. Be sure to trim out the fat, switch things around, add in new lines of dialogue, break some rules, and inject some creativity into the project. Your audience will thank you for it.3. Sound ProblemsA lot of the time, new editors don’t actually know that the colorful bars that are flashing up and down are actually there for a reason. They are the audio meters and they are telling you something very valuable – either that your audio is too quiet, too loud or just right. Sound is 60 percent (at least!) of your final product and you need to give it focused time and attention. At the very least your dialogue should be mixed at a consistent level, be audible and be smoothed out with atmospheric sound/room tone filling in any spaces.Be sure to actually mix your music so that it’s filling the soundscape where it should, and supporting the scene at a lower level when appropriate. Don’t slap it in at one level.4. Lack of Attention to DetailOne of the simple things that separates a junior editor from a senior one is a disregard for the details.Be sure that you’ve carefully combed through to check:All spelling, font size and alignmentSound mix is within acceptable rangesColor grade is finalized and consistent between shotsShots that need stabilizing have beenThe best way to stay fresh is to invite multiple individuals to take a look at the final edit. Implore them to give feedback and be on the lookout for any technical errors.. You’ll very quickly see what’s in need of some attention.5. Not Enough HeartThis last common editing problem (which largely relates to the issue of projects being overly long) is the lack of heart in the project. Where is the human story, the emotions, the opinions, the characters that are going to make me care about what I’m watching? This equally has as much to do with the script, the actors and the story structure…but a significant part of this vision is brought to life in the edit.If there’s no heart to it, no human touch, then it’s going to be very dry indeed. Often a little bit can go a long way.Share Your Thoughts!Those are just five problems that I think are the most common, but hit the comments section and share both your problems and your solutions!last_img read more

5 DIY Filmmaking Gear Tutorials

first_imgHave a project you need to get in the can? Running low on cash? Check out these DIY filmmaking gear tutorials to help you get on your way.Filmmaker and videography gear can bust your budget before you even start shooting. There’s no reason to go broke — affordable gear solutions are easy to find, especially if you’re willing to take a DIY approach. We’ve rounded up a small list of tutorials that show how easy it is to craft your own DIY filmmaking gear. With a few tools and a little patience, you’ll be on your way in no time.1. DIY Light StandIn our first video tutorial, Ryan Connolly and the Film Riot crew demonstrate how to make a DIY light stand for around $10. This easy-to-build stand uses no glue, which means you can easily collapse it and take it wherever you want. If you need something a little more heavy duty, you can essentially take this concept and upgrade the materials.2. DIY Shoulder RigShoulder rigs can get expensive — if you don’t have the cash for a pro rig, then this clip from The Slanted Lens offers a pretty solid solution. Follow along as cinematographer Lars Lindstrom demonstrates how to create a DIY shoulder rig on the cheap. Just remember that this particular DIY shoulder rig works best with DSLR cameras.3. DIY Bank LightingThis episode of Basic Filmmaker covers the process of putting together a set of DIY bank lights. Here’s what you’ll need: a shop light, bulbs, and a mounting bracket. Grabbing a C-stand from Amazon will give you a place to mount your finished product.4. DIY Timelapse SliderThis video from RCexperimental demonstrates how to build a DIY timelapse slider with motor. This one is a little more advanced. For instance, you’ll need to do some soldering. Plus, you’ll need a motor (which can be found at Solar Botics). All in all, you should be able to build this slider for around $20.5. DIY 3-Axis GimbalHere’s what you’ll need to build a DIY 3-axis gimbal, as demonstrated in the video below from Tom Antos. First, you’ll need a Foxtech Falcon Camera Gimbal and a shoulder rig. Since you’ll be using a DSLR, you can purchase a cheap shoulder rig, or, you know, build the one we featured up top. This is the most expensive project on this list; it will set you back about $300. Still, that price is a lot less than what you’d pay for a professional 3-axis gimbal. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of having built it yourself!Got any fun DIY filmmaking gear projects you can share with the community? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more