Apple Might Be Making a Video Game Streaming Service

first_img iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week Everyone wants to know what product category Apple with disrupt next. The House of Jobs has already transformed how we use phones and tablets. But the long-rumored Apple car seems all but dead. So what’s the next new innovation out of Cupertino? It may be how we get our video games. A recent report in Cheddar claims Apple might be working on its own video game subscription streaming service.Streaming services are the battlefield for today’s everlasting content wars. And while Apple products might be great ways for accessing those services, Apple doesn’t really have a non-music service of its own to compete unless you really love original Apple content like Carpool Karaoke and sanitized versions of Dr. Dre’s life story. Hopefully A24 can make some Apple films worthwhile.But whereas streaming services for movies and TV might be pretty saturated, streaming video game services are still ripe for new contenders since companies are still figuring out this more complicated concept. Microsoft has gotten tons of goodwill with its Xbox Game Pass service. Google’s Project Stream is bringing AAA console games to browsers (and perhaps some upcoming Google hardware). But Apple could still beat them all to become the Netflix of video games, and based on these early potential publishing plans that is what they hope to do.However, as with all Apple video game initiatives, I’m cynical until proven otherwise. Even if Apple doesn’t cancel this service before it even gets off the ground, it could end up being the same halfhearted mess that was gaming on the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The App Store on iOS devices had the potential to be this fantastic creative democratic frontier for gaming. And for years it was. I was there covering it all! But these days the mobile scene in general is just a free-to-play wasteland with an audience that demands nothing better and parent companies that are content raking in dough using exploitative casino tactics on children.For Apple to make a great video game streaming service worth subscribing, they have to prove for the first time they actually care about video games. So we’ll see. For more on Apple check out this wireless charger for your iPhone and Apple Watch and consider entering the #ShotOniPhone photography competition. Stay on targetlast_img read more