My Donegal – with musician, journalist and PR specialist Garrett Harte

first_imgGarrett Harte, is the founder of Harte Media, specialising in PR and Communications strategy. A native of Raphoe, he is the former Editor in Chief of Newstalk. His band The Lost play at Oakfest in Raphoe this evening. This is his ‘My Donegal.’Garrett HarteWhere is your favourite place in Donegal and why?Tough one as there are so many places to choose from!If I go back to my childhood then I have great memories of spending weekends with my Mum & Dad at the beach in Rathmullan. Diving off the pier with my brother Emmet and eating sand soaked sandwiches washed down with gallons of Football Special!Going to Rathmullen now still brings back those great times. Where in Donegal do you call home?Raphoe, the smallest city in the British Isles!It was a great town to grow up in. Football, music and devilment!Who is the one person in Donegal that you look up to and why?There are two people to be honest. My late father, Paddy, and my mother, Rosaleen. They both dedicated their lives to public service, instilling the importance of social justice, community and fairness. My father was a source of great strength and I miss not being able to call on his advice. My mother is the boss in the house, always with wise words and a positive outlook. What do you think is Donegal’s best tourist attraction?Oakfield Park in Raphoe. Gerry & Heather Robinson have created an amazing, public space with beautiful gardens, walks and a steam train. They are always adding new designs and offerings including the Oakfest music festival. It’s a must visit.Do you prefer Donegal summers or Donegal winters?I’d say summers but there was nothing like sleighing down Mongorry hill in Raphoe on a frosty winter’s night.What would you do on your ideal day out in Donegal? Catch up with a few old school friends in Letterkenny, bit of storytelling and slagging!What is your favourite Donegal-made product?Football Special!Who is Donegal’s greatest ambassador around the world and why? Shay Given – a gentleman who has never forgotten his roots or his Lifford accent!Who is Donegal’s most successful businessperson in your opinion?Sir Gerry RobinsonWho is your favourite Donegal sportsperson of all time?Jim McGuiness. The masterplan he created to deliver All-Ireland success in 2012 was outstanding. I first met Jim almost 30 years ago when I played in a band called The Lost and we would go on tour to Glenties! The week before the 2012 All Ireland final I sent Jim a text to say if Donegal were to win the All Ireland then The Lost would reform. They did and so did The Lost!!What is your favourite Donegal restaurant?Friels of Raphoe. Home from home!If you could change one thing about Donegal what would it be?I dream about getting the train to Donegal!What is your favourite Donegal saying or expression?“Would you catch yourself on…”What is the biggest challenge facing the people of Donegal today?In my business I never talk about challenges, I talk about opportunities. Beyond Brexit I think Donegal has the potential to be a tech hub for the country. Offering better work life balance and cost of living for companies.What is your favourite Donegal food?Dulse!Is there anything that really annoys you about Donegal or its people?NoDo you have a favourite local band?Control The Dark & Frankie DolanIf you had a million euro to improve something in Donegal what would it be?That train line!Daniel O’Donnell or Packie Bonner?Packie Bonner.Is there anything about Donegal that you are very proud of? There are many things. If I was to pick one it would be the people. I think Donegal people have a great outlook on life, passionate about their county and don’t take themselves too seriously!Would you like to take part in the My Donegal interview series? Just send us an email on info@donegaldaily.comMy Donegal – with musician, journalist and PR specialist Garrett Harte was last modified: June 4th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Garrett HarteMY DONEGALlast_img read more

Your Inner Ape Just Got Older

first_imgEvolutionists have doubled their date of the chimp-human split from 7 million to 13 million years ago.  How, and why?National Geographic announces gleefully, with a picture of a chimp playing with a child, “Ancient Human-Chimp Link Pushed Back Millions of Years.”  Based on a study of chimp genes in Science Magazine, the claim adds another problem, just in time for Father’s Day: the researchers claim that males contribute 90% of random mutations to the next generation (Gee thanks, Dad).One might think that doubling the age of the split would cause problems for evolutionary dating, but evolutionists are clever.  They found a way to make both dates true:On the surface, this and other recent studies contradict the general consensus suggested by the fossil record: that the last common ancestor of the two species, a flat-footed ape, lived some seven million years ago.But both observations could still be true, said paleoanthropologist John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who was not involved in the new study. The ape-like common ancestor species might have endured until 7 to 10 million years ago, long after the genetic split between chimps and humans, he said.The new estimate is based on current mutation rates in the sample, but a lead author confessed, “We also don’t know if mutation rates varied widely in the ancient past; maybe they were different than now.”  So this is a tentative reassessment, based on chimpanzee genes from only two males, two females, and their offspring covering 3 generations (9 individuals total).  There’s plenty of wiggle room left, therefore, if they look at a bigger sample, or the genes of other primates.  Chimpanzees are notoriously promiscuous.  The older the male, the more mutations, too.  Varying mutation rates “could also change estimates of the age of an ancestral genetic split between men and chimps.”Despite these weaknesses of the study, Charles Q. Choi at Live Science, as usual, regurgitated the claims without any skepticism or hard questions.The games evolutionists play can quite accurately be called monkeyshines (n., frivolous or mischievous pranks; monkey business).  This is not unflattering, because in their own view, they themselves are really just glorified monkeys.  Time to remember Darwin’s horrid doubt: “But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy,” he wrote a friend in July 1881.  “Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?” Ten months later, he died and found out. (Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

MH370: Could debris be on WA’s south-west coast?

first_imgMalaysia has asked for help from around the rim of the Southern Indian Ocean, including WA’s south-west coast, to find possible debris from MH370 but urged caution after several false leads. Yesterday the Charitha Pattiaratchi, Professor of Coastal Oceanography at the University of Western Australia reiterated that the current modelling indicated that debris from MH370 could have washed up on the south-west coast of WA. Missing ID plate delays identificationWorld’s Safest Airlines “Computer modelling predicts that debris from MH370 have the possibility of washing ashore along the south-west coast of Australia.”That modelling shows that debris could have also washed up as far as South Australia and Tasmania. However it is unknown how much possible debris there would be still floating from the loss of MH370.Searchers are currently looking for MH370 1800km to the west and south of Perth, Western Australia in a 120,000sq km search zone.In April last year a piece of debris was found on a beach 10km east of Augusta in Western Australia but it was from a light plane. Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai told the AFP that civil aviation authorities were reaching out to their counterparts in other Indian Ocean territories to be on the lookout for further debris that could provide “more clues to the missing aircraft”.However he said that Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation was contacting authorities urging them to allow experts “to conduct more substantive analysis should there be more debris coming on to land, providing us more clues to the missing aircraft”.“I urge all parties to allow this crucial investigation process to take its course. I reiterate this is for the sake of the next of kin of the loved ones of MH370 who would be anxiously awaiting news and have suffered much over this time,” Mr Liow told AFP. “We will make an announcement once the verification process has been completed.”On Sunday the UK SkyNews reported that a very small aircraft door or panel had been discovered but it turned out to be part of a ladder.Separately Mr Liow confirmed in an official statement that the flaperon found last week on Reunion Island had been “officially identified” as from a Boeing 777.That verification came from the joint investigative team of Boeing, the US National Transportation Safety Board, Malaysian and French authorities set up to establish the origins of the flaperon.A key identification tag that would link the flaperon immediately to a particular aircraft is missing so a more forensic investigation is required.Confirmation of what aircraft it belongs to is expected Thursday.last_img read more

Real Estate Apps From Android To Zillow

first_imgTrulia is my favorite of the bunch, with a simple, intuitive design and ample listings of properties for sale and rent—along with links to open houses and agents. You can search by city or address, although I found it most useful to let the GPS service provide a map of all nearby homes for sale (within my specified criteria). As you drive through an area, the map can adjust, updating the homes quickly as your position changes.With Trulia, it’s also very easy to set-up notifications and to save your searches. These may be linked to their website, so you can review your favorites on your laptop later. Trulia’s app often displays a small ad-sized listing of an agent across their map. At the beginning, this is helpful. After you’ve selected an agent, it becomes annoying. I would have been happy to pay about $2 for the app, say, to ditch these ads.Trulia makes it a snap to get turn-by-turn directions to any property listed, and to quickly text your spouse of your latest find. You can also sort listings by price, features (e.g. number of bedrooms), and by “newest” listing – which can be very useful to know.Use Trulia and you’ll wonder how people searched for homes before smartphones existed. 2. Zillow Having viewed nearly as many apps as properties in my ongoing search for a home, I can recommend these three: Trulia, Zillow and Redfin.They each provide you with an abundance of listings and include the most important details of nearly every home displayed. Each app can text new listing alerts directly to your phone. All are optimized for real-time location-based house hunting, using the smartphone’s GPS. However, you can also search for properties by typing an address or city into the app’s search bar, or even touch-scrolling the app’s map to where you want to live. All three are available on iPhone, iPad and Android, and are all free. All three also have companion websites, with additional layers of information available, such as school rankings and property taxes. 1. Trulia Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Because of the ease of use of the Trulia app, I have placed it above Zillow. The breadth of information that Zillow offers on each listing, however, makes it a must-have for your home search.Zillow includes a photo tour of the property, a sales history and an estimate of its current value. brian s hall Buying a home is a nasty, arduous and blessed task. It’s further complicated by the glaringly obvious fact that nobody makes any money until you buy. The feeling that you are so much meat waiting to be ground into sausage rarely goes away.I should know. I am in the process of moving from the lovely state of Wisconsin to sunny California—specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area. There are, shall we say, some bracing differences in the two real estate markets, and not just in terms of price. (Did you say the actual ground beneath your feet sometimes … moves?)Big Market For Real Estate AppsLuckily for me and everyone else in the market, there are many useful real estate apps available across all major smartphone platforms. In fact, there are so many good real estate apps that it can be hard to choose the best one.This shouldn’t be too surprising. The housing market in the U.S. is valued at about $10 trillion. Numerous companies are eagerly hoping to carve out a slice of this sizable American pie—and garner your loyalty—by helping you choose among the 70 million homes located throughout the country.Zillow, for example, recently began airing this television commercial. Spoiler alert: for the Bay Area, at least, the price estimate is wildly under-valued. This fact somewhat diminishes the Schaedenfreude of discovering that seemingly every buyer in the past ten years has lost a small fortune. Zillow includes a handy “draw” feature which lets you swipe an area on the map that then displays the listings within that area. The app also claims to include “pre-market” properties—those which may be coming on to the market soon. This might be a great feature, though I never saw any such properties in the Bay Area. And I would have jumped at them.If you love good house porn, Zillow is the app for you.3. RedfinRedfin is also very good. The app provides a simple, yet robust search interface. You can search by GPS, type in a city or street—or even an MLS number—and narrow these down across several search criteria. These can include price, square footage, year built, number of baths and much more.  The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologycenter_img Tags:#Android#App#iPhone#real estate For me, Redfin’s best feature was letting me know if a house was already “pending”—meaning, an offer had been made. This saved me a great deal of time. Redfin also lets you check out homes that have recently sold and for how much. This turned out to be extremely helpful information and has aided my subsequent searches.Note: Redfin appeared to have as many or more listings than either Trulia or Zillow, at least within the Bay Area. In my personal app tests, looking for sales data in other states yielded fewer results.Location, Location, AppI sometimes tell people that there are so many apps that they need to download three great ones, no more, and focus. But that’s not quite true.While I do highly recommend all of the apps above, there remains that nagging uncertainty that some awesome property is out there, ready to slip away if I don’t reach for an alternative. So here are several backups for the paranoid house-hunters out there (i.e., all of you):1. Foreclosures Real EstateIn the Bay Area, at least, a shocking majority of houses for sale are, in fact, houses in foreclosure. It may be the same where you are searching.This app lists foreclosures, short sales, HUD homes and auction properties. 2. For Sale By Owner What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces This app claims to be the “only” one to provide properties that are exclusively for sale by owner. It contains over 30,000 listings. As most listings in other apps are taken from the MLS, this app clearly serves a purpose.3. Realtor.comA very well-designed app from the National Association of Realtors. Not surprisingly, it appears to contain as many listings as any of my top three. This app also provides better in-app data on schools.That said, I found my top three easier to navigate, and their information better optimized for my iPhone’s screen. 4. HomeSnapThis is a popular app that includes all the available MLS listings. Its claim to fame is that the app lets you take a picture of a house and—based on the GPS data embedded in the photo—get back the sales information on that property.I have yet to use this feature.5. Google GlassIf you’re one of the very few people possessing Google Glass, I am not, you’re in luck. According to the New York Times, Trulia offers a Google Glass app.6. Agents and BrokersI found no compelling reason to choose a particular realtor’s app over any of those listed above. Related Posts last_img read more

Sharks take out Men’s 45’s final in extra time at NTL

first_imgThe SQBD Sharks have beaten the Sydney Scorpions in extra time in an exciting match in the Men’s 45’s division at the 2009 X-Blades National Touch League in Port Macquarie.With the match locked at 5-5 at full time, the game got down to four players on each side in extra time before the Sharks’ Luke Shaw scored after 3 ½ minutes to give his team their first title in this division.The Scorpions’ start to the game was fast paced, scoring two tries in the first two minutes through Geoff Cheung and Rob Wethrill. Darryl Lancaster scored the Sharks first try in the 15th minute to get them onto the scoreboard, while Cheung had to be taken from the field just before half time, due to an injury. The Scorpions led 2-1 at half time.The Sharks leveled the score at 2-2 six minutes into the second half through Gary Nicholson. Scorpions captain and former League great Cliff Lyons was a forced substitute soon after, and Mark Jansson capitalised on this, scoring his first try to get the Sharks in the lead for the first time in the game.Lyons’ first touch of the footy after returning to the field set up Amir Ayoub in the corner to level the scores at 3-3 in the 12th minute of the second half. Jansson scored his second try two minutes later, while Ayoub scored his double not long after to bring the score to 4-4. Jansson then scored his third try in the next set of six to put the Scorpions into the lead, but Wethrill replied for the Scorpions to lock the game up at 5-5 at full time. Scorpions had their chances early on in extra time, but the Sharks proved too strong in their come from behind victory.last_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool legend Nicol: FSG to blame for FA Cup exit

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Liverpool legend Nicol: FSG to blame for FA Cup exitby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool legend Steve Nicol has slammed the club’s owners over their FA Cup exit at Wolves on Monday night.With Liverpool suffering Champions League, Europa League, League Cup and FA Cup Final defeats since FSG bought the club in 2010, it leaves the 2012 League Cup as both the Reds’ last trophy and only silverware of the American group’s Anfield stewardship.Nicol told ESPN FC: “For the big teams, particularly in England, it’s about the Premier League and Champions League.“Let’s not forget, that Kenny Dalglish got the sack after winning silverware at Liverpool, and losing the FA Cup final. So, work that one out.“So the owners want the Premier League and the Champions League clearly.“If Jurgen Klopp doesn’t want to sacrifice anybody in order to win the Premier League or the Champions League then he’s going to do what he did the other night and play what, three first team [players]?”Nicol accused his former side of disregarding the competition as they suffered their fourth-successive third or fourth round exit under Klopp.“Well, yes, because of the era I played in – yes I do (have a problem with domestic cups not being taken seriously).“All the other trophies meant something, the Carabao Cup used to mean a lot.“The FA Cup was absolutely huge, it for me was basically the player’s tournament.“But times have changed, and now it’s about Premier League and Champions League.” last_img read more

11 days agoReal Madrid coach Zidane no fan of Artificial Intelligence

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Real Madrid coach Zidane no fan of Artificial Intelligenceby Carlos Volcano11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is no fan of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being pushed into football.Zidane is adamant AI will never match what an experienced coach can offer.He said, “Artificial Intelligence plays a very important role at the moment, but in my opinion, human intelligence remains the most important. “The most important thing that Artificial Intelligence has to offer us as coaches now is to shorten the time to do some things about it.”Football is my passion. My life revolves around sport, so I don’t like to rest and I enjoy working all the time. In addition, when you have a game every three days, the last thing we can think about is to rest. I lead a team that is one of the best in the world, which requires me to always be ready.”Zidane was speaking at the Dubai Artificial Intelligence in Sports (DAIS) Conference, organised by the Dubai Sport Council. last_img read more