PPP/C writes Police Commissioner on safety of MPs

first_imgNo-confidence motion… Party notes ominous plans to disrupt proceedingsPeople’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Chief Whip Gail Teixeira has written Police Commissioner Leslie James about the safety of the Party’s Members of Parliament in light of threats to disrupt the proceedings.In the letter sent to the Police Commissioner, the Chief Whip noted that the Party has received information that there would be an attempt to prevent the members of the parliamentary Opposition from entering the compound of the Parliament Building on Friday, December 21, 2018. December 21 is the day set for the debate on the parliamentary Opposition’s motion of no confidence.“I, on behalf of the Parliamentary Opposition, wish to bring to your attention a matter of serious proportions relating to public safety and the security of the National Assembly, the Parliament Buildings and all Guyanese citizens,” Teixeira said in the letter seen by Guyana Times.She added that the Party’s information pointed to some very “ominous plans to physically disrupt the sitting by either invading the Chambers, and/or creating disruption within the Chambers. The intention is to interrupt the debate and the vote on the No Confidence Motion”.Further, the Party stated that these plans included preventing members of the parliamentary Opposition from exiting the compound of the Parliament Building at the conclusion of the sitting as well as threatening the safety of citizens going about their business beyond the precincts of the Parliament Building.“We, therefore, call on you to take the necessary interventions to ensure that the rule of law prevails and not only the sitting of the National Assembly on December 21, 2018 will be allowed to proceed peacefully, but also the safety of citizens beyond the precincts of the Parliament Buildings, and property, life and limb will be protected from any efforts to create violence and mayhem,” Teixeira said.She added that the PPP/C remained confident that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) would uphold the law and manage any threats to the safety of the members of the National Assembly, the Parliament Building, and the citizens. Teixeira added that the information was also sent to Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland.Strategic political moveOn Tuesday, the PPP/C had accused the coalition Government of attempting to tamper with the process leading up to the vote on the no-confidence motion.One of its MPs, Harry Gill, was summoned to appear before a Magistrate at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court to answer a charge of assault allegedly committed against former Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) Councillor and People’s National Congress (PNC) activist Carol Smith Joseph.According to the Party, it believes this may be a deliberate act to detain one of its MPs in an attempt to reduce its numbers in Parliament on Friday to ensure the failure of the no-confidence vote. The arty in a statement added that this could be a strategic political move. According to the PPP/C, Gill was allegedly viciously assaulted with a chain by Joseph in the presence of a Police Inspector and Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Supervisor Clearmont Mingo while he (Gill) was recording Joseph’s behaviour, which was hostile.The Party said although this alleged assault was witnessed by a senior Police Officer who admitted on video that he “observed” the assault, Joseph was neither arrested nor charged.“It is instructive to note that it is Harry Gill, who, a few minutes after, made a report of this assault to the Fort Wellington Police Station upon the advice of the senior Police Officer, Inspector Rose and requested that the matter be investigated. It now turns out that the Complainant, MP Harry Gill, is the one being charged,” the Opposition Party observed.While maintaining that the charge is completely without any basis, the PPP/C has since called upon the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to immediately intervene and terminate what it described as a “baseless charge” against Gill.Meanwhile, on Monday, Opposition Leader and PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo called for the authorities and the National Assembly to implement measures that would protect MPs and ensure that Friday’s no-confidence vote could go forward unhindered.The Opposition Leader expressed fears that there may be attempts to disrupt the vote by persons in the gallery. According to him, it only takes one crossover vote or two abstentions from the Government side for them to win. He said that because of this precarious margin and certain information his party has received, they were apprehensive.Jagdeo expressed hope that the diplomatic community would bear witness to the proceedings, whichever way the vote turned out.Jagdeo had first announced the no-confidence motion on November 15, 2018, on the heels of devastating losses in the Local Government Elections (LGE) for the coalition Government.The next day, the scheduled sitting of the National Assembly was abruptly cancelled at Government’s request and the Opposition turned up to an empty chamber. In the half-empty Parliament Chambers, Jagdeo reiterated some of his expectations regarding the motion.last_img read more

Dual-threat QB’s to clash on Friday when St. Bernard’s takes on East Nicolaus

first_imgIt’ll be a battle of the dual-threat quarterbacks when St. Bernard’s takes on East Nicolaus with a state championship berth on the line.St. Bernard’s (10-3) quarterback Will Omey and the man under center for East Nicolaus (12-1), Gavin McAuliff, led their teams to section championships on the strength of their arms and the might of their legs.Friday at River Valley High in Yuba City the two seniors with over 80 total touchdowns between them will duke it out in the NorCal region Division 6-AA …last_img read more

DNA Translators Cannot Tolerate Editor Layoffs

first_imgWe’ve explained elsewhere about the family of molecular machines called aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (see 05/26/2004 entry and its embedded links).  Their job is to associate each word of DNA code (codon) with its corresponding piece of a protein (amino acid).  In a very real sense, they translate the DNA code into the protein code.  One amazing capability of these machines is that they proofread their work.  They can differentiate between similar molecules, and edit out incorrect pieces inserted by mistake.  Scientists from Scripps Institute writing in PNAS1 thought they would watch what happened when they gave one of these translators a mutation that diminished this editing ability.  It wasn’t pretty:The genetic code is established in aminoacylation reactions catalyzed by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases.  Many aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases require an additional domain for editing, to correct errors made by the catalytic domain.  A nonfunctional editing domain results in an ambiguous genetic code, where a single codon is not translated as a specific amino acid but rather as a statistical distribution of amino acids.  Here, wide-ranging consequences of genetic code ambiguity in Escherichia coli were investigated with an editing-defective isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase.  Ambiguity retarded cell growth at most temperatures in rich and minimal media.  These growth rate differences were seen regardless of the carbon source.  Inclusion of an amino acid analogue that is misactivated (and not cleared) diminished growth rate by up to 100-fold relative to an isogenic strain with normal editing function.  Experiments with target-specific antibiotics for ribosomes, DNA replication, and cell wall biosynthesis, in conjunction with measurements of mutation frequencies, were consistent with global changes in protein function caused by errors of translation and not editing-induced mutational errors.  Thus, a single defective editing domain caused translationally generated global effects on protein functions that, in turn, provide powerful selective pressures for maintenance of editing by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases.   (Emphasis added.)In short, removing the editing created big problems.  The poor bacteria were stunted and vulnerable to malfunctions.  When the translator could not maintain high fidelity by editing out mistakes, crippled proteins were produced, and the organism became a sitting duck for the harsh realities of survival.Update 01/26/2005: This paper generated a commentary in PNAS by Randall Hughes and Andrew Ellington of the University of Texas.2  They agreed that “over the long run, there has been and will continue to be tremendous selective pressure to maintain the current genetic code.”  But they surmise that, since not all the substituted amino acids produced fatalities, evolution might take advantage of them.  “Taking advantage of protein misfolding might at first seem to be an improbable event,” they admit, “but this phenomenon is conceptually similar to other ways in which organisms take evolutionary advantage of even inclement environments.”  Like citizens under siege scrounging for food, they envision a cell under stress with “a general need to explore a larger genetic space or a larger protein folding space or both.”  Maybe the cell has already planned for such things through experience.  “To the extent that organisms have encountered environmental stress intermittently over evolutionary time,” they write, “it may even be advantageous to establish some sort of regulatory feedback between stress and phenotypic exploration.”  In the end, though, they agree that the cell works hard to prevent such errors and possesses exquisite means to eliminate typos.  That means it will be difficult to find ways to change the genetic code in lab organisms: “simple substitutions will be an uphill battle.”1Bacher, Crécy-Lagard and Schimmel, “Inhibited cell growth and protein functional changes from an editing-defective tRNA synthetase,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 10.1073/pnas.0409064102, published online before print January 12, 2005.2Randall A. Hughes and Andrew D. Ellington, “Mistakes in translation don’t translate into termination,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, February 1, 2005, vol. 102, no. 5, pp. 1273-1274.Notice that they implied that natural selection had strong motivation to preserve the editing function of these machines.  They did not say natural selection had the ability to originate these machines.  That supports creation, not evolution.  Hughes and Ellington added nothing but speculation: namely, the Darwinian plot line that stress is good, because it forces organisms to evolve or perish.  But they only gave examples of mechanisms that are already in place to respond to stress.  They did not show how a mindless cell would think to itself, “Y’know, I really ought to come up with a disaster plan.”(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

first_imgWho is not excited in increasing your brand even though if you handle a small business, then you need to have a website for your business? A few years ago the thought of owning a website seemed unimportant, but these days having a website is a must and also building the website or e-commerce store is simpler than ever: your online store is not limited to business hours, and it’s one of the best means of free advertising. Even if you are a brick and mortar business — you need a business website. It’s not just about selling goods and services – it’s also about contributing something valuable to your loyal customers. There are vast reasons why your small business needs a website.Reason Why Your Small Business Need a WebsiteCertainly, Custom website design and development costs more than making your webpage yourself. But you have a choice here. Be certain that both your aims for your business, website development, and the capabilities of your web designers justify the cost of a custom website development. Your website design should be in the hands of professionals.Reasons for having a website for your small business.Lead Generation:Adding freebies and other valuable resources to your website can serve as a great way to generate leads from prospective customers searching for your products and services. The valuable resources also include the integration of your site with other IoT integrations.Global Presence:Putting your company on the worldwide presence can cater to more success to your business. Having a global presence can bring in more sales, many from other countries who need your product or service. A small business can compete better with a well designed and accessible website. Social Proof:  Running a business is not enough; it is apparent that you need to have a social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As it increases the brand’s value when you upload photos, interact with your customers by educating your customers about your brand. Accessible 24/7:  Having a website gives the potential unlimited access to find information regarding your products and services at the customer comfort level.Customer Support:Having customer support can improve your interaction with your clients on your website. It will be more beneficial if you have a global presence. It is advisable to have the FAQ page for the customers so that they can get their queries solved before bothering you.Online Sales:Having no website means you are losing out a lot of money. Every year online sales are growing exponentially. It doesn’t mean that to give up on your physical store because it is essential as both combined will give you maximum revenue.Marketing Plan:Websites are the first step for any marketing plan. Always make sure that whatever the marketing plan you start the landing page should be your website so that visitors recognize it when they open your website in such a way that you convert these visitors into clients.Competitor business websites:Your competitor has a business website, even you need to have a business website as well. Customers examine a lot before buying a product, and if you don’t focus on website development, you allow your competitors. All this leads to losing out on potential business.Resource center for staff:Website is not just for your customers but also for your employees as well. Using the website, you can create a subdomain for them so that they can upload the images, videos, and guidelines to support customers. It will also make your employees feel valued. Test New Ideas:Website development with CMS allows you to test new ideas and visitors what they think of your business right away whether the idea works or not. Developing a website is not wasting money because you can try ideas free of cost. If you are planning to introduce a product? Put it on a website for a few days and make it look more attractive and observe if people are liking or not. Website development plays a major for any type of business either it is small or big; the website for the company make you are visible to the world. The web developers also make sure the design for the website to be appropriate as per the business. It gives your business a growth-hacking advantage to have a well balanced, beautiful website, designed by professionals who understand your business needs. Tags:#benefits of a website for small business#Web developers#Website Development Jyothi Amarthi Digital Marketing Analyst at Krify Software Technology – A leading web and mobile app development company. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Reasons to Outsource General Counsel Services f… Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img read more

If You Are Going to Talk a Big Game

first_imgIf you are going to talk a big game, it’s important you understand what is necessary to back it up.Talking BigIt is easy to talk a big game. It’s easy to sound as if what you are doing is going to amaze and astound, that your goals are going to exceed anyone’s wildest expectations, and to exaggerate what you can do as a way to impress.But talking big and producing big results are mostly negatively correlated, as those who talk a big game often play the smallest of all games. So small, in fact, as to make their game invisible. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t publicly commit to doing big things, just that you must be prepared to back up your big words.Thinking BigBig talkers want you to believe that they are thinking big. “Why not shoot for the moon, the proverbial moonshot that changes everything,” says the big talker who wants you to believe he thinks big.Those who truly think big don’t pretend that they’re not going to have to overcome challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They don’t ignore reality. The big thinking the big thinker does is not only what they will accomplish, but also all the many problems large and small they will need to solve.Those who sincerely think big and talk big play a big game where it counts the most.Act BigThose who think big and talk big truly intend to create big, transformational results. But what separates those who truly intend to do big things from those who talk a big game or masquerade as someone who thinks big is the fact those who produce big results also take big actions. They do everything they say they will do and more, with big discipline, big effort, big resourcefulness, and big persistence, all integral ingredients to big results.Those who do big things and produce big results execute. Because they are busy working on doing something big, they don’t have a lot of time for big talk. Because they think big, they spend most of their time working on how to produce the result they want, which is chiefly made up of solving big problems.Think big, talk big, and back it up with big action.last_img read more