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How to make your website ranking stable

1. key words: after determining the good word, you don’t change, otherwise the search engine will not be clear about what you want to express. Some take good keywords and think of other words more appropriate, this change is not only a tragedy.

2. Keywords: in fact, Shanghai dragon is playing word games, the ultimate goal is to make the spider to catch us, search crawl is a certain program, as long as the appropriate proportion of the distribution of keywords, will be crawling. Don’t stack, nor too little, you have a good scale.

know, be ever victorious. In addition to the maintenance of your site, but also regularly monitor our competitors. Look at their rankings change, where to send the chain, how the web framework and so on, in the process of learning many things. >

Fourth, the chain

Links is a field effectively the chain way, so always check, especially pay attention to the quality and quantity of them, to maintain a minimum level, can be slightly more, but must not be lower than the standard. Because the chain is the chain, related to the site of the PR value, high quality the chain once reduced, will have a significant impact on the ranking, this point in Google’s response is more obvious.

3. navigation: including the site layout and main page of each section. Don’t change as far as possible new and bigger, and also included architecture over to grab may have negative effects, no small change.

The analysis of competitors




home page first, stability is the priority among priorities. The home page is the core of the web site optimization, only a stable home, in order to carry out the work of the subsequent optimization. Stable home, here mainly includes:

third, website content to frequently update

now has Shanghai dragon chain is king, content is king, the chain is more important than visible content. At the site after the Shanghai dragon after optimization, its content should be updated every day, on the one hand to the user in the search engine is fresh, also love to catch you, according to your time and energy, write some original or false original, this work is long and boring, insisted that victory, not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

second, a Links

chain way too much now, do not send the indiscriminative, find some high quality blogs, forums, links or stay with signature. Of course, you can have the courage to challenge and know love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia. The content of early writing, have released several in the chain, every day Many a little make a mickle. step by step.

The distribution of

believe that Shanghai dragon friends have had a similar experience, web site keywords ranking do go up, but a few days began to fall, looking anxious. As the saying goes, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult. So, today on how to express my personal experience in website ranking.


See from the integrated marketing network marketing Park

first the park management is standardized, the door set up a lot of points, but also equipped with professional ticket staff. Into the park, the first is a very pleasant scenery of the lake view, around the area around the lake there are many tourists playing, fishing, boating, water etc.. This park is named after the lake, so the park marketing mode are mostly around the lake and the. The scenic Lake, the lake clear lake, breeding a lot of fish for tourists to watch or fishing. By the lake have special sale tourists fishing small shops, visitors can enjoy the fun of fishing while you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The second is here for visitors to pull tool raft, because it is new so it is very popular with visitors. Across the lake is a playground, there are many amusement equipment for people of different ages. Go is a rolling mountains, but there are "grass" and "ropeway" two kinds of convenient tools, convenient for tourists in the mountain and can appreciate the beautiful scenery. "Sit cableway" reached the top of the mountain is a man-made the Great Wall, the Great Wall there is a wish with the sale "and" a lock ", visitors can bring their blessings through them firmly in the the Great Wall on both sides of the rope. From the Great Wall down is a barbecue, the shops here provide tourists barbecue materials used. The park trails along the beautiful scenery, no shortage of small shops which sell idle away in seeking pleasure, good business and a restaurant inside the park. This hotel is moderate in price, the ingredients are mostly from the mountains, so most fresh and pollution-free food, plus processing hotel chef becomes a delicious food, but also because of this, the hotel business is so good. Then go inside a zoo, the zoo is also a ticket. Here in a zoo animal in the zoo is not much, but small is complete, it is a lot of variety, the middle of every period of time there will be animal performances and other activities. The park business is so good, it is not only the superior natural conditions, more important is the integration of marketing it very well. It is used in integrated marketing model, is a variety of good business ideas together, so as to attract more tourists to the.

last weekend and friends went to a park, the park fees and other parks are almost the same, but I found that the people in the park is very much. I its marketing is very curious, and they began to carefully observe them.

combined with the integrated marketing Park, bring more or less inspiration to engage in network marketing industry, how can they do to succeed in marketing, how to attract more customers to our products do? These problems are constantly groping to detect my



my personal learning summary, Internet marketing is based on the current network.


Shanghai Longfeng chain increase is still useful, you know about the chain increase method

? ?

1. site to increase the role of the chain of

in the forum released a chain of original articles written signature or insert.

3) original article, will bring you the chain for high quality

How to increase the site outside the chain of

4. site outside the chain of high quality

! The ? !

search engine engineer in charge of the lifeline of the search engine, all are hired to impossible the chain can not see through by the software automatic registration, automatic transmission, otherwise how search engines will develop " ", this method; sandbox; perhaps in the short term for the site to get good rankings, but once through the analysis of the search engine after a period of time, being judged as cheating! From website may never see the light of day, some unscrupulous companies often use this way to Shanghai dragon cheat advertisers, etc. after advertisers that website disappeared in the search engine, Shanghai dragon company had the money

2. can use the robot to send the chain


to write high quality articles is a good way to increase the chain, write high quality content to your article will allow readers to read.

1) or in the forum post signature placed outside the chain to their

2) outside the chain of more and more social web search engine

How to increase the

site outside Shanghai Longfeng is almost equivalent to the construction of the chain, but also can be said to be search engine optimization technology outside of the site itself, optimize the external website (other sites) on your site in the search engine rankings influence, these external factors are beyond the site itself can achieve. The most effective way of external web site optimization is the reverse link, that is the chain that we often say. There is no doubt that the chain to a site is included in the search engine has a significant impact, the chain is also one of the important conditions for the search engine website weight determination.

often someone asked me this question, the answer is actually very simple, is greater than the amount of matter. The reason is that now the entire network environment filled with garbage outside the chain, such as the establishment of a blog full of links, without text data, which is usually called link farms, and search engine will determine the website to send link spam links, search engines will be the quality of the chain and not the tendency the number of

3. the quality of the chain or an important number of

of the site to love Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, or on the site and space increase micro-blog share button, make your site socialization.

? What is the role of the chain? Changsha Shanghai dragon suggest that you don’t use the robot to send the chain chain! Important quality or quantity? How to increase the site outside the chain of high quality? You must first understand the Shanghai dragon chain optimization is the following:

? The


Website snapshot update not frequently, sometimes is also a good thing

website snapshot update quickly is a matter of every webmaster friends willing to see. If a web site if updated every day, outside the station every day the chain, then you will make your website snapshot update very quickly; especially the high quality of every day release chain! When the site to achieve a certain weight, as long as the station every day to update a few articles, it will be updated every day snapshot of your site.

this site is one of their clients business station, is a film and television production site, site for everyone under it, for your reference, I do www.shshihao贵族宝贝.cn since this site keywords maintenance to the first page of the position, is to reduce it is now the chain update, snapshot the general is updated every half a month, as long as I have time to go to the station occasionally update articles, send the chain, even the station can not send their own customers, he will send, although those articles may be left hand right hand copy, paste, but better than nothing. It can sustain his ranking.


website snapshot is a barometer of a website. If the website snapshot update quickly, the website is very good; snapshot update slow, it shows some aspects of not enough! Yes, but in some cases, the website snapshot update often is a good thing, because the web site is a cycle, his ranking is very stable, so there is a snapshot a cycle, such as updates to you at once a week, half a month, it will facilitate their own, every day will not have a lot of time to deal with the site, for example, the station to update the original articles, send the chain, although very many friends said, every day only one or two original station. The chain do a dozen, but 24 hours a day, imperceptibly, wasted, especially for those customers of the enterprise website. If there is a stable period, you are very easy, we need only occasionally to update the next article, occasionally send the chain can maintain the keywords ranking! Here is a snapshot slow, and keywords ranking good site:

Some people say that


this is a blog, he has been concerned for a long time ago, Shanghai dragon why ranked first, this is now ranked second; Shanghai dragon why dropped to second page, this blog is still ranked the second position, although only a free blog, but after careful feeding blogger, has reached a certain weight, now he has been a long time not to update, snapshot or August 16, 2010, but the ranking is still very good.

believe that many novice friends like me, every day to the customer of small business station, looking for the chain resources, write every day a large number of original articles for his website, the chain of hair! But unremittingly! Although the keyword ranking is very good, but also feel tired.


As for example, talk about the establishment of user model

fine operation will be more and more valued in the future, especially for large and medium-sized products (day 100 thousand +). With it comes the concept of the user model.

1. The necessity of user model

when the product becomes more and more complex, the number of users increase, the product behavior of new users and old users to different user behavior, different purposes and so on a series of reasons, resulting in a lot of time in a part of your function is set up in order to attract more new users, and some of the advanced functions are to mature users set up and there is a small part of the core function is to you to set the user group.

but how do you differentiate this part of the user? Differentiate your users through a set of data such as user registration time, user behavior, access frequency, and so on. Divide the user into a circle, and then through targeted a series of products, mechanisms, means of operation to promote new users into mature users, mature users into core users.

two, how the user model builds

next, let’s take an example. Electricity providers (Taobao), social media (know, micro-blog), game category is the most necessary, but also the most user modeling play.

1. product analysis

first summarizes the function of the product, a networking platform for the most basic new user behavior is: user registration, preference and recommendation to browse content, praise, attention, comment, share content, search content to answer questions.

at this point, the problem came, after a user came, how to observe the behavior of this user, so as to achieve targeted recommendations and other acts, so that users want to come second times? The data can tell you everything.

2. data analysis

Some key data about

can be divided into:

UV / PV: number of user visits;

browsing content preferences: through the search for content, we can label the user in the background: technology, education, finance, etc.;

browse the amount of content: through a keyword search related content, browse how much specific content;

page stay time: length of stay for a topic;

page access depth: how many problems did you access?

points, attention, answer questions quantity: interactive behavior between users;

at this time, we can basically understand the basic information of this user through these data, and whether he belongs to diving users, active users or opinion leaders.

3. building user model

can set up different user models according to different purposes. >


Why did the originator Foursquare mess up


original title: who messed up the LBS check-in originator Foursquare?

recently, media reports said, Foursquare open advertising platform to 1 million 500 thousand businesses, seeking transformation, and its CEO Crowley entrepreneurial process has been more than ten years. How he in a juebu Zhenzhong led the team to find a way out? Take a look at the Fastcompany website of Denis · Crowley reports, look at the story behind CEO, compiled by the titanium media:

, Denis, ·, Crowley (Dennis Crowley) recently became the focus of the media, not on the hot debate on the Twitter, is a public view of the news figures.


‘s SXSW Music Festival this year, he spent most of his time dodging gossip. Because Jianghu legend Foursquare consumed a lot of cash, is trying to find new financing. Yelp director Keith · labouisse (Keith Rabois) has become the most public slander Foursquare people. He broke the news, the company’s potential is a "myth", only one last time the acquisition of only a slim chance of survival.

Crowley spent more than 10 years in pursuit of his dream to build a global social GPS. Foursquare is his second startup to chase his dream. He had his first entrepreneurial attempt of Dodgeball (a city navigation application, the project has been closed in 2009 by Google) to Google, however, the search engine giant, but let the Crowley pour products suffer a big dream.

in the mobile terminal, the social class sign application activity is far less than the Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking applications, micro sign applications, it is due to the overwhelming momentum of comment, social networking applications? Or because of defects of sign pattern? Foursquare team of restructuring, refinancing are tantamount to "kunshouyoudou". Take a look at the CEO ten years of confusion:


is now being questioned, Crowley lifelong pursuit of the ideal whether Foursquare is really fatal weakness, perhaps his innate creative "disability"? Love is not possible users to share their location with share photos or personal status updates way.

but Crowley has never been so confident about his mission, nor has he responded so aggressively to his critics. "

," he said

we’ve done a lot of things over the past few years, so we’re not going to give Facebo> the effort to keep the company alive


Can GG ads and first video ads hang on one page

always wanted to do the webmaster income more, want to put up some advertising alliance earn some money, hang GG advertising, can be linked to the first video advertising? How to hang? Will there be any conflict? Please listen carefully to the station.

now the first video advertising alliance, the alliance to bring the gospel benefits not only to the webmaster, blogger to bring surprises. As long as the flow is waiting for the money, do not have to click through rate and busy, all do your blog or website, increase the flow rate, you can easily make money. According to the current domestic display billing advertising is not much, but allow the blog is less and less to join. At present, many owners have hung up the first video ads, I also do secretarial chowder network, also received money, this alliance is reputable. The problem is that in May this year, I apply to GG advertising, I like other webmaster, also caught in a dilemma. Use Baidu Search, but it is difficult to know. The study concluded and with GG advertising agreement, after all GG is large, but the first video of my income and hard, what to do? ", decided to get a chance, I put each page into the first video advertising GG code, I use 460 multiplied by 80 and mixed text, and skyscrapers a 160 multiplied by 60. The first video I was on the left side of the top of each article, because the GG advertisement’s sake, I put the first video on the page, the main is to avoid conflict, and this is a GG advertising, GG protocol. . put up more than a month, there has been no conflict, I this station first video revenue a day about ten dollars, GG advertising a day about ten dollars, therefore, have doubts about the webmaster can safely do with the first video alliance, earn some money, GG is not ashamed we won’t, and a small first video and what not to place. Of course, the first video is good, there is a disadvantage, that is a little drag speed, but this is not a small problem what, after all, money is the last word.


More than 1 months of Wangzhuan

                            February 18th years of school, the day before on the train, on the Internet, in the Chen Zhou Railway Station on the right side of the bar, very boring. I saw a man in a   message a group of Amway; the day to earn 200, I think that good? Then   with a curious heart and he talked up

                      to know that this is a big Internet market, Fujian,   see the station, said that good. Do not make strange  ,,, when excited, and a prize the same, want to laugh at the train & nbsp;

                    to Changsha remitted 198 in the past, and then opened their own station,               especially happy;, thought to get a guarantee of   & nbsp;;   200 ,   earn;     this life is made. Now think about all the funny     ah, ah,       that there is such a good thing  ? Also round me?              


                      usually after class to look at Internet cafes, hair post     200 of the project  , a blog, you earn;  ,  , and others;       chat;        , good market;                 looking for someone to do, pull, pull off the assembly line             do so;   &nbs>


Recommend a Kuangzhuan small investment project

let’s take a look at this Kuangzhuan small investment projects, to, is to open a fashion socks shop, you want to be successful shop still need to correct policy guidance, see how to operate this stylish sock shop.

the shop’s target customers are those of the so-called "consistent" and "symmetry" fashion rules a person. Therefore, the sale of socks, do not need any matching guide book, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possible.

To find a good location to open shop

the early opening, the possibility of profit is not open, the market will take some time. It is suggested that the membership system should be adopted in the first year, which will lay the foundation for future development. After the increase in repeat customers, operating profit will rise sharply.

recommended to buy more and more concessions to the principle of the 1, 3, 5 socks, 7 odd packaging. In addition, the owner and the sales personnel necessary to defy the law, they wear the mix of socks, wearing them to see clients like a living sign block.

recommended: Rongsheng wash King production and processing of lucrative easy money

This paper from the whole network (


Open cosmetics shop door decoration is critical

we know, open a cosmetics shop is not easy, to consider a lot of problems, the decoration is a very worthy of our attention. In the design of the store, the design of the customer in and out of the door is an important part. How to go in, where to go, the need for the correct import, so that customers at a glance. General in the door of the design process should pay attention to the following aspects:

(4) store door materials. Shop door materials used in the past is the use of hard wood, wood can also be wrapped in the outer surface of aluminum or aluminum, the production of a simple. In recent years China has also started to use Aluminum Alloy material store, set species large glass windows and glass doors, transparent and advertising effect, because the door is light, durable, beautiful, safe, modern, so there is a popular trend.

for customers, if you want to enter a cosmetics shop, depends on a lot so in cosmetics store store image will also affect the rate of the customer into the store. Cosmetics shop door can be used without the frame of the whole glass door, the door is transparent, can let customers from outside the shop to see some of the furnishings, increase people’s desire to explore.


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