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English website promotion must know Shanghai Longfeng optimization of 7 points

foreign trade enterprises English website promotion effect is the best and cheapest but also the number of Shanghai dragon English website optimization, so to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the following 7 points, do the following 7 points to make your site English Shanghai dragon optimization more awesome here is 7 points, Xi’an business business summary notes Butler, hope to help the new contact English website friends, veteran can across.

1. English website domain name is the key

English station is not necessarily the English program in considering a lot of people do? Wrong, because we can write to the search engine index spider protocol background directory, so I just need a template is English on it. That is to say, never mind what procedures, mainly the template and content to the whole English. Many programs can be used to do English station, such as dedecmsecmskingcmsverycms and so on, even some of the BLOG program can be used as English station, such as sa-blog etc.. Xi’an business www.***贵族宝贝, had used dedecms to help customers did English site, now included and rankings are good, the more familiar WordPress this program you can use this program, after all, is the mainstream English program in BLOG program. Pay attention to the domestic program, using GB2312 encoding procedures do not, because GB2312 is Chinese simplified characters, and English station need English character set. It is recommended to use UTF-8, in general English. A lot of excellent domestic ASP programs, such as kingcmsz-blogpjblog, because the ASP space is more expensive in foreign countries, I would not recommend

What procedures used

2. English website Shanghai dragon with what host

virtual host is a very good choice, a few days ago wrote an article: the virtual host flat-share Survey (with the related American host evaluation price) to the host himself has a higher request, a basic and the most important is: stability, then speed.

or PHP?

3. English website ASP,

Shanghai Dragon

, of course, can use the贵族宝贝 domain name to do English station of Shanghai dragon is certainly not wrong, but if you want to see a website is the foreigner know Chinese station, CN is the best choice, but under normal circumstances it is best to use贵族宝贝. Then the problem is where to buy the domain name, it is important to find a good credit business, the last time a friend bought by Taobao in the Yahoo domain, the international domain name 5 years 99 yuan, almost is to kill, the seller is to pay with a credit card, for two months, Yahoo directly to me the domain name restrictions, can not be used to pay. The domain name was suddenly stopped will affect the site’s ranking, stop for a long time the greater the effect, so the stability is very important for the domain name.

4. English station friendship "


The website of Shanghai Dragon the first shots keywords or long tail keywords

causes this situation I think there are two points, the first is the enterprise products are popular products, non-standard products or non popular products, because of concern, the use of this product is less, or the user does not know the correct name of the product, the main search keywords bring traffic will be less than the long tail keywords bring flow; the second reason is that the number of long tail keywords is much more than the main keywords, which is also consistent with the "long tail theory".

see the two article in the online discussion today, is the site of Shanghai dragon is the first master of keywords or long tail keywords this problem, one article is a first master key words, another article that the website of Shanghai Longfeng starting from the long tail keywords simple.

Select the


if the competition degree of the product is not fierce, and transactional users will pass.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon first optimize the main keywords or long tail keywords

?I am responsible for enterprise

in fact, this problem, when I was in Shanghai before the site of dragon and Phoenix does not want to make a decision, or the moment think is in the brain. Today, at the meeting, I pointed out the solution to this problem in the optimization scheme about the company website. And for this, my answer is: according to the company’s products (services) and the user search situation to decide.

according to the personal experience, I think the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon first to optimize the target keywords or long tail keywords to the first optimization can be determined.

enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng keyword

in Shanghai Longfeng station, there is a very common phenomenon, and this phenomenon also makes me think for a long time, now jump out do not do business station of Shanghai Longfeng, reminiscent of the problem, that is actually very simple. Many enterprise website target keywords competition degree is not large (such as machinery, website) when you will be the site of the main key words in the one or two months to optimize the search engine results page of the home page, originally thought that the daily traffic will surge, and when you look at the data statistics found through the main keywords flow just "with" only, the user still does not take the unusual way, through the long tail keywords all kinds of visited sites, and most of these pages is to bring the flow of news page, not allow the user to see a product, if the page has not been handled well, which is part of the flow of the conversion rate is very low and because this part belongs to the type of long tail keywords keywords "information key words", the user might want to solve a related problem. This phenomenon is more prominent in the non-standard products, I have to optimization of a briquette machine site as an example, the main keywords as "briquettes", the other has the same effect of descriptive keywords, such as "how to make coal briquettes", "put the ball into the pulverized coal equipment get flow than" briquettes "the master key words more.


The website keyword selection of location

every webmaster friends are in the heart of the station to do, must look at the love reaction in Shanghai to your site every day, is tangled, but also must insist and work hard, do remember last year when Taobao customers also don’t know what it is, find a program that want to do a website, found.

key three: we go their own grassroots Shanghai dragon network marketing road

your professional determines your market, for example, see Shanghai dragon why forum, after more than 2 years of market cultivation and specialization, we for the biggest forum in Shanghai dragon certainly see, although yesterday when the Shanghai dragon why Shanghai Longfeng keyword to second pages, but will not affect us for this brand forum sure about Shanghai Dragon why forum, since it is the largest Shanghai Phoenix Forum, so his title is the "Shanghai dragon training and communication platform" as a suffix, including the Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai Longfeng exchange, Shanghai dragon platform, and so on, we are familiar with the

planning website is that we first need to plan the theme of the site, a site’s theme is closely related with the keyword, how to plan and select keywords in the keyword and how to skillfully use the long tail and love Shanghai word, to the first 30 digital title title in maximum utilization, about the selection of key words, for the use of traffic is great, here, coagulation on a selection of key words.


market, your market determines the depth of your enterprise, on the market; for example, the enterprise products, the most commonly used keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword —XXXX; such a title, but also we often see, the best way to do the best advantage of it, select the keyword is in accordance with the enterprise nature, remember this information, said, enterprise network marketing is from the whole to the whole, do is their own business or brand, started their own company name, distribution and layout is scattered, and some products are classified, and the construction site, large quantities of optimization keywords, and not limited to a website optimization, a large number of sites, also can give the best service; then the bottom layer is as do blog, quiz, interactive So, marketing mode.

in the long tail keywords distribution, other long tail keywords classification of Shanghai Longfeng homepage is the layout of these is on the distribution of keywords, such as on the home page, we can see that the "Shanghai dragon skills" and "Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon service ", and so on, believe keywords; at the beginning of the site this layout keyword is important, but with the web site overall weight up, each page will be an entrance.

keyword: go professional road

key two: enterprise road to market



A site for three years to see love algorithm Shanghai killed not adjusted

original, rich content mainly includes the article does not contain statements, search engines have included certain pictures and examples, the content is approved by users click on the high rate can be called originality, rich content, and to establish originality, richness of the content is not easy, we must grasp the webmaster three elements. The first starting from the practice, many experienced the event and then combined with their own site theme to write original content. Second from the true picture of how to travel, as some have the value of the picture, and then the picture reasonable insert in the article, let the article have a certain value. From third to attract users to click on start, we will go out after the purpose is to attract users to click on the title of the article, so it must be attractive, attractive title to attract more.

three years three years 09 years, March 25th is the beginning of my first website, March 25th is the 12 year I have 10 sites of the harvest festival, do stand so long, see the love of Shanghai is not stable, have seen a major adjustment of Google, has experienced 360 and QQ war. Do I stand so long a few sites are basically successful, the only experience is "web content without any adjustment and change algorithm".

09 years in March 25th on the site, because do not understand the business knowledge, experience the site, the site was K within a short period of 1 months, and then set up a website, the website that I put a lot of effort, from the website template to link fight has thought of everything, but the site is still being K, from the time when I realized the importance of website content. Third sites were set up, fourth sites were set up, set up to now, the tenth sites, built so many websites, I never went to work outside the chain, also do not have to spend money to engage in a chain, the website ranking has been occupied in Shanghai before the three search engines, because the site content.

love Shanghai search engine is updated every week, witnessed the stationmaster of a lot of friends of the site is down right and be K, it is because of their poor quality web content, while the external factors are not strong enough in the station, this site only to be eliminated, if your website has a rich original content, original the good, then I believe that your site is changed, whether revision keywords, change the title will be search engine drop right, because the search engine to your website, Shanghai love chain algorithm, chain algorithm, algorithm, algorithm code page has been adjusted, but its basic algorithm of web content no, the content of the website has been the site of the core, can be said that the content of a web site occupies the site of algorithm sixty percent, the past three years, now love Shanghai search engine The engine not only adjusted the content of algorithm is the algorithm, to strengthen the content of the original writing, rich content of writing has become the urgent task of stationmaster, many webmaster want to ask "what kind of content is original and rich content?" as you answer the following.


To be a success for others to do the wedding dress of the local station

as a successful local webmaster, it is difficult to have their own unique content, there are local characteristics of the content. Local web site than the integrated site, people can find content, modify, send to your station, can local website? Such as: Baoding 123, is not it can do,


because it is what happens there is not local events, engage in mechanically into their own, it is better to make it, you say it


in order to make the site have local characteristics, it is necessary to start with local characteristics. Founded in the early site, to learn to give others to do the wedding dress. The wedding dress to do? What is the purpose of the wedding dress? The purpose is very clear, is to increase the original content, improve your weight. Another is to show local characteristics to users. Such as: Baoding 123 website, in some well-known local businesses do free wedding – interview. Because I am the master, is the small town of the native people in rural areas. So I went to the county (Baoding Laishui) some of the more famous businessmen to visit, and then visited the business information into the interview content, issued to Baoding 123, the content must first publish on its website, and then search engines and then forwarded to other sites. Of course, if a kind friend is reproduced directly from you, there is no other way. We have the following advantages in doing so:

1, businesses are willing to do this, because they are excellent free promotional opportunities, will be very active cooperation, and provide you with some text or picture information. Because in their hearts, publicity and promotion of the brand is to pay. They will never miss such an opportunity.

, 2 sites have their own original content, true story, is well documented, for the visitors can be said to be tangible. Or some of the visitor’s friends have been in touch with the merchant. This content, I think the search engine should also have great attraction to do. What about you,


for others to do the wedding dress will be very tired, very hard, but if you understand a bit will not feel so hard, for the best interests of their own efforts, which will be bitter and tired? China have a saying: eat bitter, leading to human. The same is true of standing. My Baoding 123 has already made its first phase, and the contents of the second and third phases are already available. In the light of every Monday’s practice, there should be no big problems at the moment. Of course, make full use of contacts.

some friends will ask, you do so, such as traffic flow, you give people free publicity, who are willing to pay for advertising? Monday, a year down only 54, the rest of the big Baoding? If only the 54 home? You think again, etc. traffic, you have no way to free to pay? If there is no such skill, you still don’t stand. Because the station does not seem to fit you.

small stick: inside >


Where should I go from here

has been a personal webmaster for 3 years, a little achievement, can be described as useless, investment is greater than the harvest, think of all depressed, from the beginning to say.

05 years, officially entered the ranks of individual stationmaster, I was engaged in technology, it will be ASP, do stand, while working side, do stand, then better to do more, make a stand, add more articles, Baidu will be included, there is traffic, then hang a union on advertising can money, remember that time hanging like film and customized ringing tone, alliance, great, I was at that time is 2000 or 3000 IP, with 30 yuan a day or so, think now, the station, for now, is not what station is very disorderly, very complicated. What things are, not professional.

to 06 years, moving the pipe tightly, the class will not customized ringing tone, film alliance has to die, and then a new content, alliance, SEO do not know me at that time, the domain name has two level domain name to Content Alliance, Goodfellas, domain name Baidu K, this station it will fall down, not up.

The reason,

think failure is mainly to Wangzhuan is not understand, no messing around, what technology is to speak of, copy, paste, but the Baidu, good things, if I had died. The second half of 06, I registered 7, 8 names, do the 5 station, in my opinion is a professional master station, in the eyes, that is rubbish station, I have not used in the development of other CMS, is used to write their own procedures, ASP, but also does not generate HTML function, the total is dynamic, also do not understand, as long as there is the feeling, on the line, then slowly found a little IP, and listen to others when it comes to the GG alliance, the application, GG, on GG, now feel that time is much higher price than it is now, to 50usd, for pin, can in the dead, took 3 months, just received, I almost gave up, until 07 years, in December, received the first $202usd, with more than 1 years, I am dizzy, however, is not much better, we all know that at the end of 07, GG advertising instead, click Area is small, click rate plummeted, income naturally changed less, poor ah.

07 years, I have a total of 5 stations, but did not earn what money, cost estimation and spatial domain can be flat, that is to say, I spend time and energy, are all in vain, so, one to 08 years, I was abolished in 4 of them, leaving only one. It is life, knowledge network (, the original Baidu included more than 20000, then overnight become included only 1 pages, so at that time, Baidu like crazy, a collection of thousands, once again only 1 pages, only in recent months stable point has been included in 1000 pages or so, not growth, not reduce, GG included, more than 6000, is not what IP >


Open integrated ceiling stores have tips novice look

people’s living conditions continue to improve, there are new requirements for the home environment, integrated ceiling products sell well in the market. At present, the market demand for integrated ceiling gradually increased, of course, competitors are gradually increasing. What are the skills of the integrated ceiling store? Let’s take a look.

development current, integrated ceiling franchise operations only introduce new operational concepts and operation, or the introduction of new projects and more perfect promotions to attract customers has become the key to the operation. More people who have been engaged in this industry or no industry experience to enter the industry is entirely dependent on their own understanding of the integrated ceiling industry or manufacturers misleading advertising. In the face of the huge market and fierce competition, the integration of the ceiling of the investors how to go out of the manufacturers Monopoly chain errors, grasp the future development trend. These are the places where investors need to focus on the shop.

in the open integrated ceiling franchise, investors should pay attention to, reasonable integrated ceiling shop open operating position, whether it is suitable for long-term operation. A qualified integrated ceiling stores, according to the district where the need for reasonable planning, to make their own characteristics.

The shop is above




What are the steps

although the industry did not require the real road to embark on what to do in the end of the preparatory work, in the end what steps should be followed. However, in the current complex business environment, if you want to achieve the success of the business, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the entrepreneurial steps. So, what are the steps?

talked about entrepreneurship, almost everyone has a set of business can be talked about, but the real implementation of the case is very few. The reason is that people who are afraid of starting a business are always more willing to bear the pressure of business. In fact, the idea of entrepreneurship is not so terrible. Here we will cut the entrepreneurial process into eight steps, I hope to have reference to the business of readers.

choose your favorite

from the 360 line

before starting a business, entrepreneurs must first do is to choose a project to be engaged in the industry. Before making a decision, it is best to make a small quiz for yourself, to find out where you are more creative and potential; which career is more attractive to their attention, and push forward their own.

continuous self growth and learning

has a complete entrepreneurial ideas, the next step is to try to make themselves more contact with a variety of information and resources, such as professional associations and groups and other organizations.

other effective resources: such as the entrepreneur’s autobiography, entrepreneurial series, business magazines, etc., or a professional business organization, can provide a lot of good material for entrepreneurs to brainstorm.

entrepreneurs can also take the initiative to inform the company of local business organizations, groups and other companies to increase the exposure rate. Even if you are likely to suffer from the envy of regional competitors, you can try to exchange with other colleagues in the business experience, to seek timely advice.

choose your brand or company name

the best brand or company name is able to fully reflect the characteristics of your product or service. In general, the relationship between the brand or company name and the product is proportional to the creative brand or company name not only helps to establish the brand image, but also can drive the customer’s desire to buy.

the choice of brand or company name should be forward-looking and vision, the choice of brand or company name to be able to be flexible to recommend to consumers. Finally, don’t forget to make a survey of the registered company name to make sure that the name you have chosen is not registered or has been protected by the trademark law.

determines the legal organization and legal framework of the company


Stores can also have their own business skills

shop small and big supermarket competition, is not it will be in the party? The store has no way out? In short, with the increase of large supermarkets, store more and more recognized by consumers, a large supermarket has caused pressure to survive, to store a problem, seek survival.

shop also has its own characteristics, convenience is the best description of

as the saying goes: "the survival of the fittest", play to their strengths, seize the "convenience" characteristic, take the customer as the center, to the goods as a link, the maximum meet customer needs, what the customer needs, we will sell what, it is necessary to take care of the public taste, but also the pursuit of fashion trend of young people.

in the development of old customers at the same time, how can pull new customers? Through the customer’s needs as well as the salesman’s recommendation, the supply of goods to the flow of rolling, highlighting their advantages.

flower without a hundred days Yan, there is no eternal King

in store management, to ensure the adequacy of the goods, but also to do what, to purchase the goods on the ground of diversification, but to control the number of single product, not only enrich the varieties of food, but also can eliminate the expired food, ready to eliminate inappropriate goods, the introduction of new products, so that customers in the purchase of intangible satisfaction. Some of the products of mass human necessities, some of the products is a minority pursuit, to take care of both the public, but also to meet the interests of the minority stock, a good grasp of this knowledge, it is firmly tied to customer psychology.

my shop is located in the door of the market, it is the location of the source of water consumption in the middle of the water, but people are very busy! Because of the special position of every day there are different people through here, smoke variety is very complex, to see so many people every day in front of the store only in a game of chess, they bring the thought, buy a few side can not get more popular? The business plan is busy, then I bought two chessboard, attracted more people to love playing chess and watching chess, so in the afternoon, thirsty, the store consumption to no smoke, some old man with the cup I also provide free boiling water, popular will bring type!

operating cigarettes I grab fresh

cigarettes in each store is the core resources, which promote the growth of the store economy, high and low cigarettes for different consumer groups. Do not look at low-grade cigarettes, sales volume, but also a considerable number of people in his group mainly in the elderly. Mainly to the construction workers and mid-range cigarette factory for consumer groups, in the rainy day, when the site closed, they love in knots entering the store to buy cigarettes, as is their habit, you buy cigarettes, buy him a towel, he bought soap…… Many people will spend a lot of effort.


Dry cleaners how to handle customer complaints

shop is not so simple to do business, there are certainly a lot of attention to local needs, the management method is very important, now many entrepreneurs to be self-employed, some entrepreneurs see now dry good market prospects, choose their own business dry cleaners, in the actual operating process is very easy to have the customer complaints, so and how to deal with customer complaints?

(1) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints quickly. When a problem arises, resolve it immediately. This can kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand can be avoided because of problems in suspense and make you uneasy; on the other hand, it can show you a very professional, but also very concerned about, a lot of respect for them. Therefore, if the guest should be resolved immediately. However, there are some things that do not allow you to deal with the guest’s dissatisfaction on the phone, so be prepared to answer this question, "Mr. XX, I would like to use special time to solve your problem. Would you please tell me your phone number, I will contact you in 10 minutes.

(2) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints to be friendly. When the guests complain, the first reaction is to gather the strength of the people to prepare for self-defense. This is a big mistake. Remember to take a deep breath before you open your mouth and show your good attitude. When the guests feel sympathy for him and you want to seriously solve his problems, you will find amazing changes: it may be when scene turned out in a calm mood to negotiate. When the guests heard the words will be very relieved: "please speak a little detail, we jointly solve the problem out!" this is like giving the balloon deflated, their anger is released.

(3) dry cleaners deal with customer complaints to be fair. A fair solution to the problem can benefit both you and your guests. You don’t have to explain to the guest what is fair. Fairness must be flexible, or guests will walk away until they find what they think is fair, and you need to compensate for your work. The guests expect the same value as the laundry fee they pay. In solving the complaint, it is important to remember that the solution of the problem must make both sides have a feeling of winning. For example, the guests after washing standards, fees and other considerations; this will make him feel better.

dry cleaning industry in recent years the development is very fast, is worth a good deal considering the industry, customer service problem is very important, when entrepreneurs dry cleaning shops in the business, if it can be timely and effective handling of complaints, treated with a friendly attitude of fairness and justice, it can well deal with the customer to complain, to ensure their normal operation of the store!

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