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In recent years, the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng promotion evolution and future developmen

in the second half of 2010 a more significant changes is to promote many hospitals have another transformation heavy light, have increased the power to stand outside the classified information, know love Shanghai, blog site released to the station because it can word-of-mouth word in the fastest time won most of the website ranking, own hospital traffic has become less important, only need to keep a few key words Everything will be fine..


is the first before 2010 is the most early stage, when medical competition is so fierce as now (or is tragic); that time is Links for honest do stand, honest, when there are few specialized medical class links QQ group, we exchange links most exchange is looking for some sites in the platform above, then launch QQ to communicate with each other in exchange for temporary dialogue. In the second half of 2010 special medical Links exchange group growing up, we started more accustomed to publish their own links in the QQ group to exchange information (this also from the side of the increase of medical website), today, many popular links exchange platform has disappeared today, Links platform to publish their own web links are more ER Shanghai dragon is actually the meaning of the chain to a large number of.

The increase of

websites, lines will change competitors rise, flow straight down, more and more hospitals opened, more and more medical sites online, the first medical station after efforts can be achieved 1000IP flow within three months, the second half of 2010 if not very means, through normal means in the short term is difficult to obtain a good rankings and flow. With the increase of medical station, (more of a pure copy paste even template is a simple modification of the medical station); love Shanghai for medical treatment of the site management is more and more strict, more and more low weight given there are certain reasons.

and key focus from the past, such as: gynecological hospital stream of people how much money the kind words, and gradually evolved into the name of our hospital and XX (region name) precise matching launched the best gynecological hospital, XX hospital stream of people around the area, one is because of too much energy outside the station together with the increasingly fierce competition does not have too much time to maintain some hot, high flow, but the conversion rate is not high keywords, he is also aware of the importance of early in words, remember in the first half of 2010 before the area responsible for their own type keywords area basic is all in love Shanghai’s top three, while the second half of 2010 will need to spend more effort to ensure the discharge to other hospitals in the forefront.

09 years from entering the medical industry has gone through three years, the three years of the development of medical network promotion has also experienced a lot of changes.


in 2011, 2>


The new station has not been included in Shanghai love might find the reasons from three aspects

is now the user experience is mainly reflected in the content of the construction site, but many new Adsense to think fast love must be included in Shanghai released a large number of the chain, so everywhere to release the chain and not to update the content. It is the leading cause of new delay can not be included.

Love is a

[two]: the causes of pre construction do not pay attention to the content, too much attention to the release of the chain

two also mentioned, new content to a certain extent in the update must go to the chain, but many owners do not understand the release of high quality the chain, only to some BBS and blog spam outside the chain, the chain is no good for the new station, but also influence the website later the development of.

development of the Internet era and promote the birth of a variety of websites, it can be said that almost every day there are tens of thousands of websites online, these new sites are the stationmaster’s efforts and expectations, every webmaster are looking forward to new sites quickly is love Shanghai included, because it can bring more traffic. But a lot of the time it did, all kinds of irrational factors and their causes the new love of Shanghai has not be included. The enthusiasm for the webmaster is on a plate of cold water. What is the cause of the occurrence of such a situation? The author according to their own experience and we summarize the three main reasons, I hope you can point out shortage and more exchanges.

# solution: I suggest you very early so that the new station installed on the love of Shanghai, you can choose other statistical tools, here is not introduced one by one.

Shanghai statistical authority, website traffic statistics accurate tools, many owners will be installed as love Shanghai Statistics website traffic statistics tool. This approach for the old station not what is wrong, but it is not a good thing for the new station. Why is that? We all know, love is the principle of Shanghai statistics, the code is embedded on the site, and then let the love of spiders in Shanghai to extract traffic data to the site every day, and then reflect the love of Shanghai statistical data sheet. For this, I think it is not suitable for the installation of new blind. By doing so, may make the new sites do not yet perfect, before they were completely exposed to monitor love Shanghai, love Shanghai greatly deepened to the new sensitivity, if a new mistake, may let love Shanghai extended its study period, it will become more difficult.

[a] reasons: premature installation of love Shanghai statistics

[three]: why choose the wrong chain distribution mode, the lack of quality chain website

# solution: that by >

# solution: the suggestion is that the webmaster can edit two articles every day in the new station, depth of a pseudo original, a collection, but don’t each add anchor text. When the hair of the chain, the author thinks that in accordance with the above method to update the website a week after release, this effect may be better.


Another idea in optimizing content included reducing the pros and cons of transformation



dead link is a by-product of long-term operation in the process of website optimization, for the majority of staff, by setting the 404 page is a good choice, of course, in addition to the need to invest some time to those dead link web content.

because the site in the process of operation, the collector is not the same as the title theme but the same page content is often collected, it is easy to have a website which has a large number of duplicate content, these content sometimes can also be repeated beenincluded love Shanghai, looks good on their web sites, but once in love the Shanghai algorithm is improved, so the website often is love Shanghai identified as spam sites, to quickly lower ranking, or even punished, in this sense, rather than self initiative will eliminate duplicate content, let yourself go, to get a higher weight.

we do website optimization, basically are that your web site can be included more, so that we can have more opportunity to show on the Internet, so many Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers are active in the acquisition and reproduced more content, let the site looks very rich, true to life. In fact the webmaster do really very effective. Once the site is included, will find a lot of content to be included, but after a period of time you find a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, also collected reprint, also collected reprint, because your website ranking is always so down, but now in the original spark program, this website has become the object of love Shanghai crackdown therefore, the optimization of the site, is not able to change the idea of the

there are some websites especially when the garbage soft Wen, after love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm innovation, this garbage soft zone can no longer be the stately love Shanghai included, otherwise you will not love the Shanghai penalty to discuss, because the love of Shanghai green two generation algorithm has clear requirements, and now for the love of Shanghai news the source, also need to clean up the soft zone, so as to optimize the staff, as well as the content is closed, or using robot script protocol, no search engine spiders included, so it can guarantee that some want to achieve results in the soft zone, must pay attention to the quality of the soft, soft paper itself to attract traffic, rather than as a place to optimize the soft zone. Although the love of Shanghai is not included, but also can enhance the ability of interactive website.

three, shielding dead links and background center

, eliminating duplicate content

website content is not actually richness in numbers, in the new love Shanghai algorithm, the quality of the content is the key factor, which is the key to our website optimization idea of change. We can try to proceed from the refinement of website content, a self treatment, although the site included reducing, but the health of the website can increase rapidly. Specific can proceed from the following aspects.

shield spam


A height of the title of the party to do

WeChat: fxskynet

word too professional. As we all know the NBA in the U.S. National Basketball Association you tell others how to accept. So the word to go with the tide and the user will not derail.


if the user wants to search word is just in front of your title words, so this article you will be placed on the more. Like this of this article is that the most important is the Title Optimization, so I put it on the front.

Don’t use

wrote the article was first set the title, you know. Can choose to view. We should take the user’s point of view to set. That is to say if the user wants to search this article he will enter what key in the search engine, in order to know the user’s search behavior, with the love of Shanghai index check does not write the title in your interview time. This will help you set the title.

top-heavy: one of the most important words in the title the front

encourages friendly black the title of the party, the title of the party don’t try it. So the title and title. To color as bait to lure the wolf. With not related words to deceive users. This is not right.

saw an article on the title of article in the website optimization, write well. So I am here with their own flavor to share under the title of the article is how to search quickly.

my realm: stand in someone else’s perspective.

source: Shanghai morning bird | dragon htt>

is more popular: it is said to have been popular with the title.

wants to be known, do not exposed point. Don’t think, is exposed to your site to share out. Let more people know. There are many methods, such as share to micro-blog, log, circle of friends, but also to the website to engage in investment. To share large social networking sites such as mop贵族宝贝, tianya. If you have enough resources, so in these social platforms photographed without me to give you a share. Then again, in these circles more friends also enemy but love Shanghai, brought about by the noble baby search engines such as "search fans" you say?! so I want to make their sites exposed so don’t make a visit to injured all over the body, the title of the party friendly. What is the title of the party friendly. In the case does not affect the user experience. Do Title Optimization! Now I will introduce some points under the title of the article

finally, much hair outside the chain, the chain is still useful, I have recently started in the hair, the effect is also very good. Good title is half of success, let us follow the title of the party go! Remember that go awry!

little gossip, went straight to the theme. The title of the article as the head, as can be imagined how important it is, so a good title, will let you from the unknown to the public to drink herbal tea is still fire".

work: the title is the essence of the article is.


A summary of Shanghai Longfeng tips 14

website, 5

from the relevant industry site Links is absolutely the fastest way to enhance the site PR (especially PR and high quality links to related sites, and also you) to get some traffic from a chain. PR is a new web site was 0 PR6 station link, PR is likely to rise directly to 3-5. Although the PR value are less valued, but also one of the important factors in the evaluation of a website. However, if you have a lot of quality resources on hand, not all of a sudden in to the optimization of the site, if a station within a day by a lot of links, the search engine is likely to be convicted of cheating in the sandbox.

3, Links

Basic knowledge of

in Shanghai dragon title writing is probably the most important. The search engine included in your website is mainly to determine the main content of the page from title, users to search the information he needs is through the title to choose whether or not to click into the page. Title at the time of writing the main do not stack keywords, not too long. General search engines can display title for 30 Chinese characters, title is the high cost of land, for the preparation of title should be brief, such as the optimization of multiple keywords, as far as possible can be simplified into two or three long tail word for the best.

each page can have anchor text link back to the home page, so that not only convenient spider crawling the entire station, can also lead to some of the weight of home page; keywords anchor text links to the home page of each page, especially small web site with the highest home page weight to do optimization is a wise choice; in addition to the content page, can refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia, ask the search structure, keyword links to related pages.

6, to sitemap, and in the home.

The internal structure of the

is almost the most valued all Shanghai dragon books, if you have the ability to do original content, then do the original, this is far better than you do outside the chain, every day to get things online modify do false original come much better.

apply to several different accounts in the mainstream blog site, a relatively strong correlation and links to articles, keywords to optimize the site, not only can increase the probability of spider crawling, can also bring considerable traffic to the site. When the chain sprocket, if combined with technology, as long as it is not done too much, often included effect is very good.

content is king

4, the chain

2, Title

Shanghai dragon is very simple, but the actual operation will encounter many difficulties. I was engaged in the Shanghai dragon for only a few months from now the rookie, I usually work to talk about my experience of Shanghai dragon.




Horse Grassland six major reasons for the rapid growth of portal Forums

, whether novice or novice, webmasters have attached great importance to the collection of search engines. Then, what factors are included in the collection of a forum? This article attempts to take the portal forum as an example, and gives a brief introduction to this issue that we all pay more attention to. If we can get some enlightenment from it, the purpose of the writing will be achieved.

one, domain name advantage


comes to the domain name, let’s first talk about the match between the domain name and the website name. In any case, the search engine still has a certain artificial intelligence, in a web site or forum to identify and included, the "person as its name", of course, will get a better first impression. Take the gateway for example, its domain name is the full name of the website phonetic alphabet, the forum of course enabled the BBS two domain name. In addition, the current gateway to the main station of the PR value of 6, and the corresponding gateway through the forum, the PR value has risen to 5. At this point, the gateway through the forum, to some extent, has touched the light of the portal master station. Therefore, if a top-level domain name site weight is higher, used to develop the corresponding two level domain name, will have a congenital advantage. These provide a foundation of trust for search engines.

two, space quality

believes that most formal and legitimate forums exclude input factors without having to cross the ocean and go abroad to rent servers and buy space. Moreover, to do the forum for the people to see, the server and space, or on the domestic relatively good. The gateway forum should be an example of space quality in gateway products. The server cluster technology, telecommunications Netcom double room and support large flow, so that the hardware can be guaranteed based site access speed is stable, not when spider wants to close contact with you, but eat a cold-shoulder treatment.

three, speed is king,

know a person, the most important thing is in dealing with the first 3 minutes. In the same way, we know a website and establish the first impression in a very short period of time. So it’s important to open your website. As a spider to sit guest, a knock on the door, and immediately delicacies to meet, it can not happy? In the portal through the forum, there is one very important point is the forum pictures will not be displayed directly, although a little inconvenient, but has greatly improved the speed of the open web page. Speed is king, the second is to update faster, if the spider every visit, has been an antique, over time, will lose the interest of visiting again. Not only that, but the old members of the forum will also have a feeling of boredom and lethargy.

four, original content

website or forum, what is the "King"? The answer is not absolute, but there is one point, never abdication: that is the original content! Others chewed food, believe that most people are not interested in. Spiders also want to eat fresh food regularly, so it’s important to create new and valuable content in the forums. The gateway forum and the master station are mutually >


To hardware decoration website Baidu slow update analysis

hardware jewelry website from April 10th on-line, to Baidu from April 23rd to the site was included, in line with Baidu for new sites audit ” half moon rule “. In this half month time, I feel the time is really slow. The first thing to open the computer every day is SITE. After 10 times of feeling of loss, I finally realized my sense of achievement in April 23rd. Although included only 4, but it is better than not included.

but as you know, success is a greater loss. From April 23rd to today has more than half a month, Baidu did not update my site, my website is not done well? I still write code to search engine friendly? Or server problem? The reason is discussed. The feeling is not the problem mentioned above, it is Baidu’s “half of” oh!

but according to my personal guess, may be the following reasons: 1, the website is using ASP dynamic program, not friendly to the engine; 2, the front page of the site to display the main engine of image recognition products, products of the limited; the chain less 3 of the website, the spider is not attractive enough. 4, the site is not very optimistic about the update, can not do, adhere to the update. In this point, it is difficult to change; 5, the flow of the site did not go up, the attraction of the engine is not enough.

only a few days of reverse link analysis, sometimes repeated phenomenon, it should be explained that spider is also in my website above activities. Is it testing my site again?.


Webmaster to grasp their own, insist is victory

this is life, it is human nature to play fast and loose, why write this change unpredictably! At the beginning of sentence, people is very fickle, including me, including my website career, including my life planning, including the doings of my


came to Shanghai for a while, have written this article on the blog, but finally write here, I hope to see more friends, from a writer’s dream, the text is so bad, but now twenty, and still did not realize the dream life so failed. After all to summarize, today is here summarize it, as the saying goes, no one is perfect; there is no flaw or not, I am also a one in numerous living beings, I am also ordinary cannot ordinary, a hobby network. I just can’t grassroots grassroots.

write something heavy not repeat several times, but also want to give up, others say that the past is gone, but I will mention the non hero, you also don’t laugh at me, what is Yikusitian? I want a partial memory before thinking, that is to say before thinking later Oh, I, this summed up as well, clap


1998 contact understanding of the Internet, a junior high school when I remember the second, see here you must assume that you should mix the old bird is quite good, but can’t you, now I mix nothing, or continue wandering in the big internet tide, it is also a grassroots the grassroots, like former colleagues say that, we are white-collar workers, really very creative. At that time did not understand what is the Internet is to follow the students go to Internet cafes, remember 5 bucks an hour of the Internet, the students have no money we only half an hour or more than ten minutes, till now we often go to Internet cafes open now, estimated boss money.


study did not learn, 2000 when I have the honor to enter normal, which is a form of secondary school, graduated from primary school is to teach teens, went to the field of study, but the book did not read a good game but good school is abandoned, was normal or a good school, go to school grant, or what other state cadres, no way we did not hold on for a year, not on. On the regular Internet cafes to play games, 2001 contact with CS, never understand and several Division brothers practice together, people are very cattle, and we still go up to die, you say this is not sad?.

more than 1 years to 03 years and went to another learning to read, but I don’t read every day at that time, mixed Internet cafes legendary live we play is play, I remember very clearly is a murky sky over a dark earth, one week I slept less than ten hours, the time to eat when the mouth taste a little bitter, no, now often see dead people on the Internet do not feel strange, now think I’m lucky, why didn’t toss dead. Formal contact with the Internet, that is, in 2003, often play >


Webmaster, don’t let Baidu snapshot toss about

network owners inevitably see many owners complain about Baidu, K today, tomorrow the feathers, three months is not included, but if you do not dump, do not worry about these, such as search " QQ", you can’t row to the first page, if you search for " QQ expression, then you download the " the opportunity is great, but there are Baidu depilates even risk K station because these sites are mostly dominated by gathering, industry sites are rarely plucking or by K, at least I know some enterprise stand ranking this year did not change and more stable.

I often search for some popular keywords " website construction; " ", " web design; " " other words, in the first half of this year it is very lively, page snapshot of constantly changing, such as " " " construction site; colorful space " has ranked first; nearly two years ago, but now the five page to see, GOOGLE is still the first to explain stationmaster SEO level is really high, then the first row, have now is to disappear without a trace, but the first snapshot of what? In front of PPC advertising has been the first full page. Your high also is a " " the first second pages, to bring you the fundamental; not to how much traffic, why do you care about the flow of Baidu to you? Do you like to some big forum published an article written the magnificent, innovative content, plus your website Link your day traffic will be more than the first second pages. I recently focused on these two stations, although Baidu drop right, but ALEXA ranking and PR without much change, even up, explain what? Owners did not give up, still wholeheartedly do station. Baidu ignored the cold, such as " China creative Online " before August, Baidu search " " design; fifth, now search for " " design; row to page third to third pages a day, not to the site with more than 50 Lai flow, August is Baidu drop right after PR from from 5 to 6, ALEXA was ranked 78000, currently 41800, instead of tens of thousands, looking at these sites, they are content first, very practical, is a leader in the industry, Baidu down the right

and why?

said that many of our webmaster after getting up every day are used, open the computer, and then find the stationmaster net or other webmaster tools to view the ALEXA, PR, GOOGLE and Baidu included many pages, if today more than yesterday included the 10 pages, that today’s mood will be very good. Hey: this webmaster do too tired.

many webmaster in the right to drop, will soon have the following measures, find friendship links which have been K, see page is >


My website changes the server before and after thinking

some time ago, I felt the site was very slow, and sometimes even 20 hours can not perform dynamic procedures, resulting in I can not update the content of the site, the heart that urgent to say it out. Ask the space provider, and the answer to that is that there is a website in the server that takes up a lot of CPU resources,


so I decided to change the space. After looking for a more reliable space provider, I passed the program up. But the domain name has not been resolved to the new IP, because I checked in advance a lot of online users of the article, have said that after the server changed, may cause Baidu not included. I wait for the program to upload good, debugging success, and then do domain name resolution. When the domain name becomes effective, then cancel the domain name on the original server. Site is not easy to debug, and the second day I check Baidu included, everything is normal,


because I add at least 50 articles every day, Baidu is basically 2 hours later included. This is fortunate!!! But on the second day, I check the collection again, obviously reduced by half, a few days I thought it would recover, but Baidu every day in the hair, finally the day before yesterday (probably for 15 days or so, the server) separated by only a genius as a quick update page I think, my website certainly disaster ah. I can’t wait to pack the program right away and try to get back to the original space. It took me all night to add a day to yesterday, and finally passed the program to the previous space last night. This morning, I check the Baidu collection again, obediently! Baidu included me 13, and I updated the article the day before yesterday. By the time I send this article, Baidu has included 55 articles in one day, including articles added to the original in May 10th.

after this experience, I don’t think I’ll change the website anymore. Baidu search engine server records of the previous server IP, after the change, the spider has not so fast to the new server IP, so slowly in the engine server to delete previously collected pages.