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Pros and cons of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station friends should understand, Shanghai dragon is the word Encyclopedia has been ranked in the first one, has not changed, changed quickly back, why do we stand in the list but love Shanghai encyclopedia? Many people are of high weight, I think otherwise, what is the weight of the evidence, is nothing more than the chain, Links, content of things to come, take the Shanghai dragon an address, this address is too much outside the chain of Aviv forum? No, Links? No one, just a search Wikipedia content? The contents can be find the N article, that is to say love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of content is actually a copy, so that the original not original, what weight higher than the others? So love Shanghai encyclopedia is high weight Not established. So we have only one result, love is the Shanghai encyclopedia ranking is love Shanghai for their products as long as the privilege, Wikipedia can easily on the first page. If this is the case that many old timers say "Encyclopedia chain increases can increase website weight" is not established. Since Wikipedia is ranked according to the privilege to count, if you increase the chain weight in Wikipedia, on your website is not much impact, is nothing more than a high exposure rate increase is relatively stable point in the chain.

many people put your keywords to Wikipedia, I think this approach is not desirable, but your keywords in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in the database, you will never have a rival, but a rival will never be defeated, but the ranking is not out of three pages of a not careful will row in front of you, you want to access your website or customers want to visit your love Shanghai Wikipedia entry, a >


remember when just a few years ago to contact Shanghai Longfeng, read Shanghai Longfeng article, at least a day at 10, slowly himself in Shanghai Longfeng with understanding, in these articles, almost all mentioned the importance of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia, today I write this article not to repeat the love Shanghai encyclopedia important for Shanghai dragon, on the contrary, my experience tells me that love Shanghai encyclopedia ranking of Web site keywords is harmful to a benefit. Why? I want to ask from my website network (shenzhidao贵族宝贝) said in March this year, the building of the station, while the Shanghai encyclopedia is love submitted within four months after the establishment of the station. You can look at the picture:

you love Shanghai encyclopedia firmly row in front of my station, my site is built earlier than the encyclopedia, Wikipedia or I built myself, with my station link address, why has been ranked in the front of my station, we all know that ranked first and second flow is the difference, but also a great, that is to say, I built my own Wikipedia, I look for competitors to grab their traffic. In fact, such examples in the Wikipedia search is common, such as the Shanghai dragon of the word.


The enterprise website optimization to get good ranking techniques

two, website content

, a station optimization code

2, see the other side of the PR value is lower than you, the general exchange Links cannot exchange below their PR value of the site, so is to do the business in the red. But I have little sugar exchange links.

Update 3 Links exchange

enterprise website if you want to get good rankings, it must do well in the station optimization code, keep the station static page article update, the exchange of high quality Links etc.. Before Dongguan Shanghai dragon small sugar in the A5 Adsense nets published an interesting piece "Shanghai dragon Er novice how to make the enterprise website optimization keywords" experience, some small skills today small sugar mainly share enterprise website to obtain good rankings.

keyword is not clear, 1 impression ranking, make specific keywords is to stop all the keyword bold, and such as the home of the super chain.

in some new product information and industry information company released to their corporate website. At the same time can also be some activities within the company issued up, to ensure the greatest degree of website content change. "The chain for the king, for the emperor", can prove that the content of the website and the importance of the chain for the website promotion. This promotion for the enterprise website is equally applicable.


station optimization is directly related to your web site is included, so the station optimization code must be done, the general code changes once not to move it, but you should see your website in search engine ranking is changing, and then modify the code according to the analysis, then your website the ranking will improve a lot, the general ranking immobile reason has the following points:

, do not join any black hat techniques in the internal web site, so your site is easy to be K off.


enterprise website is necessary Links exchange, exchange Links benefits we should also know that small sugar I will not say more, here are some of the small sugar enterprise website Links exchange experience.

content is very important, if the website does not have content, it is difficult to arrange the anchor text link, the entire site is like a shell, for visitors to speak no significance, so do the original article related products, a good display of your web site, the definition of the content in the order of priority, create a good the user experience.

2, the weight scattered to the inside pages also ranked the impression, as if the weight of your web site to disperse, then you inside the home likely, general pages in the front page is not stable, so to improve the weight of a web page, add navigation on each page and the links below added to the web page.

1, the exchange Links is best associated with their industry station, so the effect is the most obvious.


B2B platform to promote good flow chart to do likewise

is the most important pictures, because the picture most arrests eyeball, accounts for the largest area. This one has improved, flow can greatly enhance your. I often say a word, a company if there is no art is like a woman without cosmetics be cast into the shade. I often see some enterprise station tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, a waste product, a picture, a few simple words. The auction also saw a competitor, a keyword tens of dollars bid, landing pages, people can not bear to look into the garbage fearful mess. I often go to the Taobao Tmall to buy things, some tens of dollars a page why doing so well, do not even figure head to buy click go to see ah.

I do Shanghai dragon origin, and done the bidding, so do B2B platform promotion or a piece of cake basically, many ranking factors to understand at a glance, the keyword research is erudite. In that business before or more popular search marketing flow is how the composition of the country, flat teacher used to give a formula that is very clear: * * = flow included click ranking. If you stand in the search on the B2B platform does not exist problems included, so this problem is included into another problem, that is the number of keywords. Of course, this is not to say the focus of today.

click on the issue today, the general factors affecting click B2B platform also so a few, preferred membership is higher than non members click, this is generally not nonsense, members are very difficult to row up. The second is the price, if you price higher than competitors too much, generally have the effect on click. For example, B2B Alibaba as the leader, perfect in this respect, such as online to be no bigger than online click rate. Of course, what field certification, the number of years, brand, and so on a series of Title click factors, but these are not the most important factor. I believe that everyone has depressed, is to show a large amount, but the flow is very small. Why? Because there is no click. Click upgrade is a 3 major means to enhance the flow of.

I often think of those said the boss, so junk page worthy of your products on the tall figure? Said back thing, we do B2>

marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises is nothing more than a search engine and B2B platform, not to talk about the mobile Internet and social media marketing piece, because this number itself is not suitable for the B2B type of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also very few people can do this. The search engine is relatively concentrated in the China is nothing more than to love Shanghai, search, Sogou new. The high content of search engine technology, whether it is Shanghai or dragon bidding or Wangmeng, these operations require or difficult than other promotion, is not an ordinary person can do the operation on the B2B platform is relatively simple, today we focus on B2B platform promotion process is an important discovery in my.

The key is to tell



According to the blog group outside chain optimization share

must first establish dozens or hundreds of blogs, then each blog with their main keywords of the anchor text chain, for example, than I had ABCD four blog, each blog write above two posts, the bottom of the B plus A blog post links, C the article on the blog post on the B blog link, D C’s blog post with links, and so on, so it can form a chain, if the blog is more, quality will be the anchor text link is high, thus forming the chain effect of large, of course, the higher the weight of these bloggers, effect the better, so a blog we need to take more effort, but for we grassroots webmaster up hundreds of blogs may be difficult, however.

we know that the chain construction site is very important for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, many people even published content is king, the chain for the emperor’s emotion, shows the importance of the chain, but the construction of the chain of difficulty but let so many people retreat, some people spend a lot of a final effort, the chain didn’t do, some people spend a lot of money, the chain quality finish is very poor, finally died! Here we have to introduce my two chain



we need to understand what kind of the chain to help our website, usually the role of the chain through the anchor text links to point our website to obtain relevant weights, and the chain can also help to love Shanghai spider climb to our site, so that we get good rankings the website, based on the above analysis, the quality of the chain anchor text is the highest, the first is the construction of the chain, if only the web site on the Internet, even thousands of websites of this chain can match one or two anchor text chain! So how to get the anchor text outside the chain of

is a website will have multiple keywords, is generally four to five, and there is a keyword in the middle, some words are very upset, you do it very soon to row to the first page, but there are still quite some key competitiveness, this time on the way to get through more the high quality of the chain to get a better ranking, for example, I took a slimming product list the keywords searched in Shanghai love inside, found in front of me there are many related forums, so I focus on these sites with my hair with the text of the anchor link, of course to write some more quality content, if only to send advertising outside the chain, basically through is very difficult! The content must be soft and has a site’s relevance! So as to get high quality


now let us analyze the method of the blog sprocket chain, this is not in a few blog chain so simple, because the weight of single chain blog are low, the chain was able to obtain higher weights only the huge blog outside the chain, so that better position their own website, so how to build their own blog of the chain sprocket



Cai Wensheng investment is sometimes anti human nature, the future there must be more than BAT large

, let me talk about my personal thoughts ~

! !

my station is a movie station ~ ~ IP around six thousand. Now the daily income is more than eighty yuan ~


traffic exchange Alliance: one thousand clicks per day, revenue of more than 20 yuan.

sh419 search ads: 10 yuan a day,

I said before is associated with the Internet, Gelon today invited me to exchange, I began to think of what we should say, because today’s topic should be aimed at Hong Kong stocks, with investment related. I think, in fact, most of the world’s things are related, including my own in the Internet for more than ten years, the actual thing to do, whether it is their own business or, or do some investment, or, in fact, are related


below is Cai Wensheng speech memoir:

? ?

that he called "subversive" has what kind of features? Cai Wensheng gives three features: the future is all things can be subverted, subversion will need to be creative; second is to be able to subvert the complex things simple things; third, is able to subvert our original this the business model, the means of transport.

good morning everybody, everybody Gelon sinks friend is good, very honored to be here today to share with you.


Cai Wensheng also expressed the view that people are saying that it is difficult for companies like BAT to emerge now, but he thinks there will be new big companies.

so that the income of the day to around eighty yuan ~

above, these data are the real data of this station income, here I still did not calculate the advertisement of inferior ~!

in short, how to maximize IP into money, I think it depends on how you optimize your advertising, this is the door technology, in my opinion, no easier than SEO, how many

also has some other affiliate ads, earning about $twenty,

Cai Wensheng said: "just as you buy a lot of stocks, when you need money, you tend to sell the most profitable ones and keep the ones that are temporarily lost. This is human nature."." Him as an example of the Tencent, the South Africa Company MIH is $22 million from the IDG with PCCW hand picked up 45% of the shares of the Tencent, now also holds 34% of the shares of the Tencent, according to Tencent today he should be almost two trillion of the market value of HK $seven hundred billion. All Cai Wensheng believes that "investment must sometimes be anti human."."

day before Gelon exchange " Hong Kong " battle; Carnival series of Overseas Investment Summit third station in ShangHai Railway Station, chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, long collar founder Cai Wensheng shared his overall investment in the battles and feelings of 16 years of China Internet industry. In his speech, he said that investment takes time, and investment requires foresight, and sometimes investment is anti human.

Cai Wensheng said that the investment is really a happy and meaningful things, of course, success is not so easy, must spend some time to study, to have independent thinking ability to have a chance of success.

specific revenue is as follows:

, what I want to say here is that the optimization of website advertisement is very important ~ do not do this well, your website traffic is higher, income will not be good where to go ~

might actually be more,


this article comes from:

he said, "today the Internet all right, BAT, or Facebook, the infrastructure are built, we like 30 years ago China economic take-off to bridge the road, but the bridge renovation is not necessarily the most profitable, you go to buy those shares inside highway A and you won’t make money, like the Internet, then enter the next field, is to use the infrastructure to create, these creator is subversive."

first of all, you have to learn to choose advertisers, and then put in the position, people want to click advertising.

website is to make money ~ ~ site has traffic, how should we maximize the conversion into cash,

shlf1314 ad: $6-8 a day,

welcome to join SEO rookie learning group: 47541579

recently, because of the listing of Mito reasons, so rarely out of some public occasions.


Some free space for novice Adsense harm

is a novice Adsense site, many webmaster will find the free space online, I like, I do this site (, I bought the space recently come out, in the repair, it has not, I do not want to spend money to buy one, I will use a free space, have now done 10 days, what was not to free space feeling, just think of some of the restrictions on the site according to the function, not what.

the day before yesterday I free space program upload to my space charge inside, although it can not be used, I just want to put him up, just yesterday I went to Baidu search group of this site has not been included, I just put the domain name space also charge me check the next (, the results of a surprise under ( was collected, I wonder? I like the program, the domain name ( did not do any promotion, the program is put up, it was only 2 days to be collected, the I ( I TT propaganda also, do a lot of external connections, hey! Baidu is not included, I feel very puzzled, I thought my domain name is by Baidu K.

Yesterday I went to

in GOOGLE when using the site administrator for this service, see a prompt, "said the website included encounter a problem, temporarily can be included, Google index," I saw a scare, I thought I was my space, look at the specific reasons, said he could not find out body to my website (, thought not ah, I open the website, good ah, I just click the Google left spider, click to go, really can not find the page display. I went to the site to see the log, and found that Baidu spider also came, but also appeared the same problem.

I thought the reason must be free, a limit on the server program, open the site to be normal, since the spider, hey! Website hid, you said this is what thing! Webmaster do site can not be included in Baidu, you say how depressed ah! "/p>

I spend money to buy space, put on the program can be included, this is not the case. So to remind the new owners, choice space must be even, without a good space, your website to do very tired, this problem I said do not know the webmaster have encountered, but now tens of dollars a year on the server are also many, find a good home, spend a few money not much, at least it will ease some, they can also find free space to solve the problem, they will ignore you, you also put the mandatory advertising.

or remind new station chief, choose the space to be careful, or will give you site agent great hidden trouble.


Talking about the necessary conditions for personal stationmaster

has had a year since he founded his first site. To bring their own "webmaster" the "title" imperceptibly, more or less happy feeling. In the absence of a site of their own, hope to be able to have their own website in the vast network of the world, it was never considered to be a personal webmaster will face what to have, what time did not like mobile phone is how much you want to have a mobile phone, but never thought Mobile phone mobile phone fee to pay something. Should say, I am not a successful individual stationmaster, also is not a fierce individual stationmaster, so far, my website still little person cares, the advertisement fee with very little pity lets me have wry smile only. Well, today I will discuss with you, as a personal webmaster, what conditions need to have?.

first, there are at least 5 more mailbox

some people will certainly ask a mailbox will be enough, why need so much, I believe there are a lot of old worms must laugh. First cast aside the webmaster does not say, often mix on the Internet, also should have more than one mailbox, below I will talk about my reasons. In fact, the reason is very simple, I call everyone can understand for example, such as you have the ability to buy ten good car, then someone should buy a Audi or other type of business, as a business car, buy a Ferrari car or other as "private life vehicles", etc.. Now the free mailbox if you want to meet the eye everywhere, you can get more than ten free mailbox, then you should have a more formal email (e-mail charges better), for a more formal way, such as Alipay, PayPal payment tools for applications such as, of course, you can also put the mail as business email. More applications for a few mailboxes, for some less important places, such as some forums, community registration, review, and the like. The number of mailboxes and how to use them depends on personal circumstances and preferences, but "don’t put all your eggs in one basket", which can sometimes cause you a lot of trouble. As a personal webmaster is the need for multiple mailboxes, because there are many places need to use the mailbox, such as advertising, there is an important point that the text or advertising, some forum community e-mail audit, when your soft Wen is too soft or too rampant advertising, very large may be banned forever even IP so, it is necessary to use other e-mail to apply for registration.

second has at least 2 more browsers,

some people will find it strange that a browser is suitable for their own use, and how much to install so why?. Some more "masters" say meaningfully that installing multiple browsers conflicts and slows the system down. The right reason, but as a personal webmaster, you have to install multiple browsers, because individual stationmaster is the "magic", he is not only a webmaster so simple, most of the individual owners is a set of web designers, network promotion, website editing member equal to one. Since need >


Pay attention to the chain is every webmaster essential qualities

entered the SEO industry I chose a physical and mental work is neither, as a webmaster early to see his stand like a baby to grow my heart really happy happy, I like making the early new content, is to give children the best nutrition, do some technical articles to the site and lay a solid foundation, like a child like the body of three year old look seven year old big, so it is a website when the website structure code keywords layout, keyword words determines the website of this lifetime tone, determines a basis of child development, if the content of the article to a child’s physical quality, I am willing to website the child thought development chain is the chain, do pre certainly difficult, here I will summarize my chain of sad way.

I was caught in the Baidu cellular plan when

first SEO, the company’s Web site off problem is dead in the chain, the chain site early do most is the forum outside the chain and some edge ball forum outside the chain of correlation is very poor, then we focus on the website content is non write more original content, make some changes relatively large pseudo original content also updated every day, so after two months the site slowly back, we spent the most difficult period of time, we don’t always do during outreach at around twenty or thirty (search engine chain algorithm was also no change), only occasionally in the relevant industry website released some information on this web site, the chain effect is good when the BD is not paid much attention to the chain, the original content of card is very strict, Gradually, we forgot the chain, so I stood on the home page is a stay for three or four months, during which there is not much change.

Links to say is a good friend chain is very important to be able to give you the keyword ranking also bring good results, Links risk is very high you can not determine whether others can stand stable, his website is k is likely to lead you to the station implicated.

blog the chain is my chance to start using BD, then give the weights of the blog is very high, I applied for at least twenty blogs had a mass start a blog, keep to a certain weight of the chain is very fast, so that a webmaster must have their own blogs, key just know the day of reckoning.

soft outside the chain, I began to write soft found from Adsense online, starting from the Admin5 found someone else to write things with their own web site, since such a high quality of soft Wen can make people reproduced, the process may be reproduced in a chain, which not only plays a role in the promotion can also do links to increase the weight of the website, the chain of more recent rankings are good because we pre production content and ignore the chain now has been hovering in the two or three page ranking, ah, the chain has become the pain in my heart.

in doing the chain can compare competitors, look at their recent collection of the chain is how to do, imitate to do, the effect is also good, and now >


Depth analysis COPY copy of the article is also called originality

it is necessary to give enthusiastic webmaster to explain the basic way to release articles, in order to improve the hit rate, access to valuable initial flow.

improve engine effective included, the most important way is to improve the keyword matching degree". Keywords are words that people enter into the search box when they use the engine to find information. For example, "station friend network" is the keyword, in addition, "China Station friends network", "station friends network address" and so on are keywords, such keywords can be called compound keywords. In fact, what does not matter.

keyword matching refers to the people’s search keywords and the keyword in the engine included in a web page (article) in the integrity of the emergence. For example, people search "station friends network" in Baidu, if our website has 1 article title is "station friends network address" article, the specific articles also appeared in the "Friends of the net station" and "address" and other words, so this article "friends network address" keyword matching degree 100%; if our title is "station friends network address" then the matching degree is about 70%; because the back of the text to the dilution effect.

if our article title is "standing friends forum address is what", then the match is about 50%; because the middle of the keyword is short.

if the article title and content have not appeared "friend station net address", any 1 in 5 characters, the match degree is 0%. Naturally think of matching high is the search keywords to the content, nature will give to give a higher weight, make the page natural search results appear in the front position, nature can bring us valuable traffic, natural smile to our webmaster gaunt face. ) to improve keyword matching, you can get a steady stream of engine traffic.

by the way, the 1 sentence. The 1 articles that were optimized were more effective than the 100 articles collected. Especially for new sites, not how much you release, how many engines included, so sometimes released a lot of articles collected, can only occupy valuable engines included, resulting in effective waste of resources included. Previously, my entertainment forum only 2000 articles, only about 4 articles updated every day, you can guarantee 2~3 million traffic, once a certain 1 articles bring more than 20 thousand traffic every day, very scary.

so how do you improve keyword matching to get engine traffic? The most important thing about publishing an article is getting good article titles. That’s what’s inside the TITLE. Next is the beginning of the article.

1, the target keyword should be complete, placed in front of the title. Even if there’s something wrong with grammar, the engine doesn’t check your grammar knowledge.

2, the title should be concise. Too long titles dilute keyword density. As long as it does not seem strange, OK, the title can be keywords or keyword combinations or keywords + a number of suffix text. >