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The chain is a soon retired sword

I have always felt that Shanghai dragon taught us was thinking rather than technology, technology is easy to learn, and the mode of thinking is we also learn how to. If you think I said is reasonable, welcome to search MOON worm blog www.croelhui贵族宝贝 we learn to share.

algorithm for the chain of love, Shanghai hit, many forums banned with chain, ban signature. If not the hair of the chain, we work and don’t know where to start, do not know what to do, what to do, the chain must be sent, but we send the chain is no longer the chain, these hidden links.

don’t know all the people have studied large websites, the forum, you will find the title, keywords their website is no more than fifteen words, why? Many people have started to change the thinking, began to establish their own brand image, promote the user to search for our brands to enter our website, when when we have the brand search index, it can drive the other keywords, like my personal blog -MOON worm blog, can see my chain is actually very small, because my hair articles are in the last of my blog name is not only leave a link, of course, we still need the chain you want to do, but not all are like this.

I remember a few days ago to discuss how to select the site title in the group, a young man ran out on our website said that the title is of course more keywords better. So when users search our website, can accurately match, at that time, I really smiled, I said, your friend I have not started, teach your friend no entry. If in Shanghai dragon world, experience can stand up, then those who have a popular blog, how to today are a relic of the noise, the algorithm constantly updated, Shanghai Longfeng experience is only when the update algorithm, we are able to more than others to stand on a higher level to come the secret.

a lot of people have said that the medical industry is difficult to do, health care has been blocked, but we forget one of the most important details, since the medical industry is difficult to do, it is not a lot of medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng medical need to know how to get to Shanghai dragon, that your website is not to provide medical care in Shanghai dragon the question is how to do it or plate, we are often limited to their own thinking, in fact there are many sources of Shanghai dragon industry counterparts, we can solve the company needs, still have the source of traffic, so naturally rise will lead to our website of other words.

once in a certain era, the chain is very beautiful, all in a moment of mass software is very fire, link into a fortune of many webmaster of the road, today, for us, the chain is really useful?

Since the introduction of Scindapsus


Discussion on how to improve the site keywords ranking webmaster


website online, naturally think through the search engine to get traffic, but because it is a new station, start thinking about the flow of words is undoubtedly the daydream of things. So, the basic content of the site set up, the next is to optimize the site keywords, through continuous optimization and promotion, the website keywords ranking more forward, of course, this need is to adhere to the execution time and the accumulation of the webmaster. For enhancing the keyword method, today I share a few steps:

is in the form of the chain of keywords. Within the chain many owners may think that in order to facilitate the spider crawling more content index page and let users more in-depth access to the page, in fact, in the role of the chain is very large, in addition to the above two, the correlation can also enhance the website keywords and content effectively, also can improve website ranking by within the chain in the anchor text keywords set. Because the site keywords appear in the chain, nature can tell the search engine of these articles are very consistent with the content of the website, especially strong correlation. The strong correlation between the content of the general search engine will give good face. So for whether there is a chain from the station optimization keywords, and in what form, has an indelible role to improve website ranking.

keyword. Every webmaster all know more keywords in front, is to let the search engine know this word is the most important site, in general, many owners are the most important keywords is the most concerned about in the webmaster keywords ahead of the title of the website, meaning that the search led Zhi told this keyword is the most important for the optimization object web site. The search engine through the website keywords layout position, natural will be assigned to each different keyword ranking. So, for the website keywords to improve the ranking, webmaster first to improve the ranking of keywords to the front, because only by the former, the search engine will think this keyword is more important, naturally treat other eye. So in order to improve the keywords ranking, then as far as possible to move it to the front.


is followed by the keyword density. Why there are still many webmaster want to improve website rankings by keyword stuffing? The reason is for the search engine keyword density also ranked in the range given the correlation factor. And approved by the head of the general keyword density is between 2%-8%, it is very easy to search engine that is more than the stack keywords, search engine to drill holes, the natural search engine does not give you the good face of the website. And through the reasonable keyword density increases have effect to improve website ranking is, little attention is not to deliberately increase the keyword density. After all, everything is natural is the best, I think that as long as the keyword density control in 3%-5% is very good, this is not so easy to be mistaken for stack keywords, also can give some help to improve the keywords ranking.

The last is The position of the first


Website optimization of all efforts and advance and retreat freely

too much, SEO in order to pursue rankings or goals, like to go all out. But when we really reach the target, we find that many places are too utilitarian, confused, and do not know the next goal after achieving the goal, or what strategies can be adopted to keep the goal?.

for example, the friend’s, after several months of hard work, many keywords are ranked first in Baidu, and the number one is certainly good. But when he reached his goal, he didn’t know what to do next. And once all the effort will make him no more ways to ensure the core competitiveness, and the pressure and expectations of coming along, the embarrassing profit model is miserable.

I often like to study sites that aren’t particularly prominent but contain a lot of power. They are not radiant, but they are free and easy. Because they have strong strength as the basis, and they know more about the value concept.

website optimization bucket theory, personal feeling very reasonable, a cask capacity depends on the shortest piece of wood. It is nothing more than to show people the longest piece of wood, but he did not find the shortest piece is also under the watchful eyes of the people. And they are also the laughter of others is recognized by mistake.

don’t pride for our current SEO results, you have studied behind your competitors? Do you have on those “still water runs deep” SEO expert? If you don’t find it, did you find it? Go and Jintuiziru needs is a solid foundation of SEO and the unique ideas.

After all,

‘s strategy is actually more important. And I often appreciate the Alibaba “all out” after the prosperity, and I also appreciate the ease and ease of those free and easy.


Grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack should be how to deal with

yesterday wrote an article on the website after the attack was discovered the problem: "the fun" a perfect world is a webmaster CC found after it was added in the headlines. Can you share experience, and see your reply, I feel very happy.

today want to say, ordinary webmaster or grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack, what should I do,.


is just some general method. Please correct.

for the deficiency

first: the purpose of attackers.

1. asking for web apps / Software….

, webmaster, outdated, and many other stations have been attacked because of this…

2. direct extortion, money.

meets this kind of words. Had better direct the police. If has chats the record, certainly saves, now QQ chats can be when the evidence.

3. destroys ranking

Keywords is the best example of the general class of PW and for-profit / competition the most encountered more. Remember that stationmaster net and laggards have a large-scale attack to the entire station program and data. This is like a large station " ", are generally open immediately protection strategy, then alarm, network maintenance by looking for data sources… But honestly. General CC one half of all foreign chickens, it is easy to find, even if did not find what meaning. So. Most of the stations also can endure. He did not attack…. but this is large, up to a few days stopped. We like these small webmaster / grassroots webmaster. Website is playing a few days, may feel like a few years… Large sites are generally independent of the server. The room is generally equipped with hardware firewall. If found room will attack Quickly find and select the suitable protection strategy… According to the mode of attack here involved in front of me, the hard, open the CC/DDOS strategy later, will add a verification code in the domain name back. To verify the visitors is normal or malicious IP… If you are under attack time open the strategy, then likely will be a snapshot. The following address be crawling is the best example: if this page page bottom or URL exception. That the attacker was achieved when a half… So what method can you attack CC try to ensure their rankings, and to ensure that the engine spiders can grab


, below, I say a method can solve this problem in general (not absolute): add your web site’s main search engine spider, IP, to the " filter CC/DDOS policy; whitelist ">


Zhu Shijian’s family business cloud eco agriculture from orange


Zhu Shijian spent most of his life working with the consumer economy, wine, sugar, tobacco, and now farming. In his view, every positive transformation is the result of the transformation of productivity by science and technology.

trainee reporter Tao Li, Yunnan, Yuxi reported

is a "orange" when ripe, but Chu orange from Yunnan to the north of Guangzhou is not easy to col.

After two days of heavy rain in an unbroken line of

, from Kunming city to Xinping County highway become muddy, the bus driver had to avoid occupation along the mountain road to many landslides, falling boulders unarmed away. At the moment not intermittently drove more than five hours, finally arrived at the depths of the Ailao Shan Chu orange manor.

with the previous focus on sales in Yunnan province is not the same, Zhu Shijian and his son this year Alibaba leveraging business platform, not only in the exclusive Tmall opened "Chu Shixin selected fruit flagship store", and is deeply involved in the Alibaba group the stars "production plan.

October 10th, Zhu Shijian and his wife Ma Jingfen accepted the twenty-first Century economic report reporter interview in Chu orange manor. The silver haired and swarthy face has seen the mark of the "generation of smoke king" in the past, and at this time he is more like a seasoned farmer.

, despite his lack of energy, walked with a helping hand, but clear thinking and firm thought betrayed him – not the usual condition of an ordinary 88 year old. He said: "the Internet platform allows enterprises and individuals to more convenient and rapid realization of commodity sales.". Reduce intermediate links and change the mode of circulation of goods. Can be said to be economic, commercial wonders, the original traditional industries have played a great role in upgrading."

indeed, Zhu Shijian spent most of his life working with the consumer economy, wine, sugar, tobacco, and now farming. In his view, every positive transformation is the result of the transformation of productivity by science and technology.

now, Zhu Shijian’s only son, Zhu Yibin, has returned to the land after nearly 30 years of overseas work. As the successor, the fruit is far from the end point, he began to consider copying the Chu’s standard in a wide range of agricultural products, to create a more diversified family brand.

Chu orange online business selling

2002, the 75 year old Zhu Shijian granted medical parole, he and his wife in the Ailao Mountains began planting of sweet orange.

until 2012, Zhu Shijian and the original network of life, for the first time touch "electricity"". In a series of Internet social marketing, "Chu orange" has become a famous brand of fruit. At the same time, it has also become one of the few domestic high priced oranges.

needs help when he walks. But Zhu Shijian and Ma Jingfen left Yuxi almost every week, and drove 200 kilometers to see the orchard on the Ailao mountain.



To carry out national entrepreneurship to increase the income of workers to improve their lives

with the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, the two venture and entrepreneurship began to be recognized by the public. With the upsurge of entrepreneurial enterprises, multiple training assistance measures to carry out the Huzhong District, to help workers circle entrepreneurial dreams.

Huzhong area for the masses of workers to actively build a rich platform, support staff’s entrepreneurial dream, help employees to go round "rich dream". This area to carry out the national entrepreneurship as a major measure to expand employment, increase the income of workers and workers, and actively increase funding support efforts to build a business platform to build brands, expand sales channels. 2015, the number of entrepreneurs up to 6716 people, an increase of 6.5%; added value of $254 million 560 thousand, an increase of 20%.

"want to expand the scale, but have no money." When talking about business difficulties successfully through experience, clear water to town worker Jiang Xingan did not even say, "is to do to help solve the Huzhong District venture loan interest subsidies, the town to help solve the breeding sites, just let me build up the family fortunes, and ran on the road to get rich, also created a green water Hengsen rare farms." The farms have been developed to covers an area of 19 acres, breeding Deep-Fried Chicken 800, 200, 1000 American Turkey Rong Changji, 1500, guinea fowl breeder 210, with annual sales of more than 20 yuan.

the zone "to guide and support is arranged not to demand" principle, to the market demand, to use of resources as the main body, to the masses of workers to build a well-off society as a fundamental, and gradually establish "enterprise + base + breeding households" management mode, to promote the work of national entrepreneurship. In 2015, black fungus, Beijing pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, blueberry industry 144 workers and units of the legal issuance of special subsidy funds of nearly 1 million 500 thousand yuan, for "Lin Baorong" loans 9 million 450 thousand yuan for business users.

"to entrepreneurship training, let me learn a lot of things, also made clear the direction of my business, I will take part in after such training, but also to my neighbors, relatives, friends, let them get rich road." Huzhong forest large cattle Zhao Lingjun said happily in Huzhong District entrepreneurship to organize training after class. Last year, the district in order to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship training target and improve the quality of entrepreneurship, to please come in, sent to the organization to carry out all kinds of entrepreneurship training 4 times, outstanding entrepreneurial practice education, successful entrepreneurs and experts invited lectures, on-site observation, simulation operation, tracking guidance, and further improve the entrepreneurship training targeted and practical, there are 350 people to receive education. At the same time, sent 7 people to participate in various training courses organized by the province, to provide a strong theoretical basis for the workers engaged in the forest economy.

"busy housework, take care of the baby, the rest of the time sitting in front of the computer, and the client chat talk business." Huzhong District Xiangyang Community Residents yang side chat with the client, while the author said. This region make full use of the "Internet plus" new media advantage, scientific planning line under recommendation


Advanced methods of brand operation with the help of four areas

for operators, the operation of the brand is an important process, how to deal with the successful operation of the brand has become a headache for many operators. Xiaobian carefully prepared the following materials, hoping to give you some reference.

  in the same state, Dulux and other brands in the competition, the domestic paint brand advantage is gradually revealed. But according to the current situation, the domestic paint market dominant position is still dominated by multinational brands, plus master, Jotun, and other brands have been enhanced in Granville Chinese area of investment, is expected to have a more intense competition.




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同性恋骄傲的交通灯将在伦敦骄傲节的形象,尼科的凯撒/ CC 2圣费尔南多

加的斯不是第一社区安装了这样的符号。维也纳成为第一,实现他们当城市举办的欧洲歌唱大赛2015。其他城市也采取了类似的灯光,包括慕尼黑,汉堡,和更多的城市,包括。伦敦去年六月还安装了环绕在特拉法尔加广场的灯光,以配合伦敦骄傲节。在澳大利亚,里士满用它的灯光为城市的第一位女议员,曾在上世纪20年代。一个剪影Mary Rogers取代了男性人物在十字路口致敬的妇女权利活动家。







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How to make a beverage shop do hot business – Business

what kind of operators or that business people want their stores bustling, good business success. But the dream to dream, no matter what in the end to return to reality. Only time is the sole criterion for testing truth, how to make a beverage shop to do business? In fact, depends on the business itself. The following three points need to be done.

first step. Use good quality raw material

taste good or bad is the key to repeat customers. A good taste of the store, but also not bustling word of mouth; but a bad taste of the stores, consumers not only eat once will not come, but bad news has wings.

beverage stores in nature is a casual dining, although the drinks for the business block, if improper modulation, poor taste, consumers can easily transfer target, if plus the location is not good, significant is not high, the service is not considerate, closed shop failure probability is quite large


want to retain customers will have a good taste, the modulation of the drinks have a few notes, one is to control the use of raw materials quality, taste good or bad depends on 70% or more, and then modulation ratio, time and other technical factors.

second step. Positioning

store something delicious, but also on a good impression to the guests to pull the store into the store, the store so charming is quite important, how to create a beverage shop charm, is the first set drinks store location, and then to store the image strategy, we will consider a beverage shop elements are described as follows: set the beverage stores the operating characteristics; consistent with the trend of the times to create a new index of regional business income.


the location, you can develop business strategies, for example, at what price, what media, service mode, store atmosphere, to store menu grid, to attract visitors, and estimates of revenue and investment cost. As the saying goes: the success of the shop, half depends on the prior agreement, Bing Yue company accumulated years of raw materials research and development and guidance owners shop experience, to assist the managers or to drink shops, become the regional industry leader, the pursuit of high profits.

third step. Image shaping

in beverage stores, image can be divided into two parts, tangible and intangible, through the store impression demand, service personnel coping skills and good order and so on, can maintain the good relationship with customers.

in tangible terms, through the ordering of the categories, color, specifications and design don’t don’t don’t even do not made the effective combination and the price and the collocation, shop marked with POP counseling effect, and easy to form easy to see the empty dining.


How delicious roast classic Korean crystal

healthy and healthy food choices are always very attractive. How about the Korean grill? High quality food, to join the Korean crystal grilled items, open a South Korea’s own crystal baked franchise, no doubt, is also very choice of business is not it?

South Korea crystal roast classic delicious, protect the supreme quality of the product, convenient logistics centralized procurement and distribution, greatly reducing the operating costs of the Korean crystal grill partners. South Korea can not only simply grilled crystal venture, and less investment, low risk, unlimited market potential.

Korea crystal grill provides a range of marketing support headquarters, South Korea crystal baking 5S management system (professional and creative experience of marketing, marketing, creative Magic Festival theme marketing, community marketing, emotional marketing magic magic) is the one and only South Korea crystal roasted creative combination of marketing system.

Korea roast Zhengzhou crystal cube Enterprise Management Consulting Company Limited is a set of management and promotion of entrepreneurial franchise project for the integrated structure, South Korea crystal roast to chain restaurant management, shopping mall chain, chain management as the main business section.

South Korea baked crystal join fly it? Of course, the strength of the brand to join the project choice, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining us. South Korea to join the crystal grilled items, you are still hesitant what? South Korea joined the crystal grill, classic delicious, it is worth joining!