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One hundred thousand of the value of the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng collection included rankings

The quality of the content

3. content is recognized by the

content is included. The factors which influence

content quality is based on the user, if this article for your users is of great help, so, even if is reproduced in the article, can fast included, but add [reproduced] two words, or search engine will think you are malicious acquisition, at the same time, the content of the collection should also take into account the timeliness and if it is winter, you update the article called summer what to wear? It will not by the user’s click, your search engine will not soon, why search engines will be included? Because the content has the reference value to the user, so it will be included, at the same time, the acquisition and pseudo original owners, if you can only copy and paste, then you are also not included, reproduced also need skills, here is not to give too much dry cargo, anyway, my article has been reproduced, No. It included two days.

two. How to publish content to the "second" step


1. new sites (general optimization within 3 months of the new station are referred to as

rare, if people know what it is not worth the money, a lot of people every day to update a bitter soft, after only half a month is not included, or included, updated articles not included, what is the significance? What is the purpose? Not included no ranking? Today to share "promotion included rankings secret" is rarely revealed to the outside world of the small Shanghai dragon core technology, as long as we understand the core secrets, you can play all over the network to beat its competitors invincible, in the short term. Assessment by experts, is said to be worth 100 thousand, in my opinion is priceless.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, in the update article, always love a pile of words in the article, and then do the hyperlinks that jump to the home page, so you can make the search engine more attention to home, actually also has been listed as the search engine cheating in the previous two years, perhaps the search engine is not perfect such loopholes, and now the search engine, more intelligent, if still take the old way, the operation will be very tired, whether involved in illegal, here is not to do too much explanation.

4. involves cheating

in the care of the users at the same time, but also to see whether the search engine can be identified, some websites update the article, usually several pictures arranged, then put in the picture, the user is able to look at, but the search engine does not recognize, the proposed update article illustrated, neat layout, and the box is less, does not affect the reading, this is a search engine on the inside of the calculation.


railway station will not be search engine trust, therefore, if the new station published articles, has not included, that is normal, as long as the content of quality assurance, sooner or later will be included, may be included in the search engine, but did not put out;

The content of


28 interview Xiao Han said the importance of user experience in the Shanghai Dragon

We will push

guest Xiaohan: and when there will be a moment of experience he opened the site, also is the visual impact, the website is not necessarily more.

guest – Xiaohan: user experience is simply browsing on the website when feeling, is a kind of sleep, and influence his emotions and feelings, including website appearance, character, function and other information, and the influences of some external factors.

28 – love Helena: push over today we are the subject of the user experience in the importance of Shanghai dragon, the first talk about what is the user experience? Xiaohan more popular words can say to everyone?

guest – Xiaohan: we in the construction site before, to start from the user’s point of view to consider the whole process he is browsing the site, starting from the whole, and then to perfect the every detail, the user first enter the website, first influence on his website open speed.

guest – Xiaohan: if a site open speed slow, are likely to be shut down, and we have to consider this time may be some users in the open web site when your emotions, if just then feel more tired of noise, then the site speed can affect whether he entered the site, so the site must choose a speed fast and very stable server, we must optimize the speed of the station.

28 – love Helena hosted: first thanks tenth group interview guests can join us for Xiao Han 28 push group interview, also once again to thank you for your support for 28 group interview.

guest – Xiaohan: Well, is

guest – Xiaohan: Well, not only to meet the needs of the known, sometimes will guide his potential demand.


28 – love Helena: push chair is for users we try to meet is


28 group interview group interview held once a week, now is the tenth group interviews, of course forum will also broadcast live, a problem can be discussed in the post synchronization. That’s what we’ll have invited us to push group interviews with tenth guests 28 xiaohan.

28 – sister: we love the sea at 28 tenth push interview interview subject is: user experience on the importance of Long Fengzhong in Shanghai. Xiao Han is the people for having heard it many times but we still care, new Internet friends, to give you a brief introduction to Shanghai Xiaohan: Dragon and combat battalion Shanghai dragon team founder, who took stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng contest third, is now Xiaohan

guest – Xiaohan: Hello

28 – love Helena: Ok presided over our next question. Let’s ask and from the shallower to the deeper, topics related to the problem, this problem is more fan basis for comparison, but is very important, ask probably, to the subsequent development from the construction on the site, how to grasp the user experience of


Shanghai dragon must consider what can bring users and retain users

I was wondering why the news is so important? Does the user demand change? Do more search for video users love watching the news more than watching movies and TV shows? I do not know this, because I have no background data of this website. Until recently, micro-blog research I discovered that this is why? This is the truth of the reservoir. The movie and video can only lead to traffic, but can’t keep flow.

Shanghai dragon friends have to think that this title, in fact this is done for every Shanghai Longfeng personnel must consider a problem. But unfortunately, I believe that many people want to have this problem, I do Shanghai Longfeng for nearly three years, only to consider this issue. I will consider this problem what? Is a new video Sohu makes me think, should be accurate to say is the result of

So is the

people may also see the hit series can bring a flow, but can not bring the user loyalty and a sense of belonging. At this time as the Sohu to retain users will have to rely on other content, what content, that is news. The news is a forever broadcast endless TV series, if the user a period of training, after the user will form a habit, a want to watch the news video search will open. This will bring the loyalty to the Sohu video, I think this is the Sohu want. This few days looking for a interview about Sohu CEO video, just proved my idea.

A small change in

Er Shanghai dragon did you consider your website is what can help you bring traffic, what is can help you to keep traffic? If you can site two aspects have been done, then your site is successful site. Give an example of Shanghai dragon world, when you see Shanghai dragon before the revision of the WHY, it is the real value lies in the forum, the forum is unable to produce high-quality content, that is to say the content to attract users. The home that knowledge is not what new things, people have seen once I think will never see second times. This is only to lose a springhead >

traditional radio is always the biggest pain, do business like crossing. Where is the hot spot and the audience where to get together, but the hot after them, and everyone scattered, began looking for new hot spots. So even if you spend to buy a TV, but this is only temporary. And then take a high price to buy better TV dramas or movies, then, never get out of this vicious circle. Why is this, actually this is also very good, that is your TV show or popular drama can only bring traffic for you, but cannot keep flow. Sohu is in the video play money should buy buy is the most, why can become China video second, I believe it is because of this.

, before the page navigation: Home Page – TV movie. And now is: Home – News – TV movie.


Grassroots webmaster growth note two hungry very small sheep, can also become a fierce wolfThe Qixi

two: active period:

on demand

  evaluation criteria:           1. flow quality 2. whether the formal launch 3. there is no violation of the Qixi Festival 4. chain 5. number 6. page tidy 7. other


2008.1.15—2008.1.30 day


1. activity 1, 800 points equivalent to about RMB20 yuan. So I found malicious registration earn traffic accounts, delete directly.

2. activities two, three, all winning accounts will be announced on 1.31.

3. activity three, taking into account all of the workload that is screened by us, the award for outstanding websites will be selected from all the accounts recommended in the chain.

    not self recommendation is deemed to automatically waive the right to participate in this activity!

4. for you and Tanabata chain better development, please help a lot of publicity. >

I’ve heard such a good story. The gist of the story is this: >

is a piece of money not suansha in many eyes, but I understand the meaning of a piece of money, she might be that you are hungry two can warm dumplings, I understand that entrepreneurship is not happy to sing KTV, she is more like he found the degreeses, life is not a cute and Pro Pro , Taobao is more hard and sad; I remember the words of Cai Wensheng, he told us the future battlefield in the mobile Internet market, and pay special attention to the WeChat application platform, Mr. Cai is a very worthy of my respect grassroots predecessors, his keen market sense of smell and tenacious personality, let me the most feel admiration. I am optimistic about the development of WeChat’s products, as a small grassroots, I can only spend very little money, to do a WeChat exchange platform, while learning, while trying to do better.

about motivation

a: during the event registered as Tanabata chain of new users and put the code, point out more than 2, the system gives 800 points, immediately to traffic!

I always love the wolf that keen sense of smell and strong executive ability and the courage to fight the quality, you can say he is cruel to competitors, but he is always brave, he has a brave heart, he always rushed to. Grassroots entrepreneurs may need to cultivate their share of the wolf, I think this is where I need to study. Mr. Wang Yanhong, who enjoys sh419 very much, has always advocated learning wolf when he has done his best in the country. I believe that a hungry little sheep can turn into a fierce wolf. I write with all grassroots entrepreneurs share it, after all I have done is not very good.

            point out 2000 to 5000 daily webmaster, over 100 yuan in cash awards
            point out 5000 to 10000 daily webmaster, over 200 yuan in cash awards
            point out 10000 to 20000 daily webmaster, over 400 yuan in cash awards
            point out 20000 to 30000 daily webmaster, over 600 yuan in cash awards
          & nbsp; point out daily;   more than 30000 of the owners, over 800 yuan in cash awards:

remembers a philosopher who said, "what the poor lack most is ambition.". I began to think that ambition was not very good, and slowly I found it was good for a man to be modest and ambitious, and that ambition was the motive force of a dream, and that she was not wholly greedy. See a lot of students graduate, find a good job, also saw a lot of friends earn a lot of money, I have been seeing the grassroots to live for a pittance and hard work, I was heart don’t want to follow their footsteps which grind, my heart was wanted to go its own way, follow my heart forward, remember what Li Kaifu said, just follow your heart, you will find the interest, interest is the source of all business. Ambition is not terrible, but what is terrible is that you have lost confidence.

business is not a simple word, she is a good good long and difficult way to go, I have to come out from the countryside, I understand the taste of bitter, I opened a tea shop, I was in the summer of nearly more than 40 degrees to follow their parents to take over tea, I spent seedlings. I cut rice, I picked a pig…… After I graduated from school, I worked as a salesman, I wore over two pairs of leather shoes, and then I could not afford to eat two or three yuan of rice, and students can only have instant noodles together.


about wolf


Prerequisite for successful income generationMyth of Entrepreneurship how satisfied are you users


in the promotion of mobile trend and social media, to create a new business myth, and not as difficult and impossible, if entrepreneurs can grasp the user’s interest and trends and to develop, it is possible to detonate the market and succeed.

1, good psychological quality

2, the suitable social environment

3, the superior geographical position

4, harmonious family environment

in this mobile, social, popular Internet era, the user’s psychology >

? What Such stories as

then shortly before a "sing" is how to attract users of

"I guess you draw" process of social interaction between the game itself is a user, whether between users know or not, through this game we can set up a natural connection, doodle guessing game mechanism not only to enhance the enthusiasm of users, but also the maximum extent to meet the user’s social interest and the nature of competition.

most people have been accustomed to the pictures and text to share and communicate, but ignore the most natural and the most valuable sound of this means of communication, on the application of singing is not uncommon, but like "sing" by singing songs such as the core of the social sharing of products is almost unique, breaking the traditional way of. Another way to create a new interest point of integration, the user first exposure to this new and interesting social patterns will not be tempted to

This is a

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

let’s look at an example, Draw Something is the Zynga with $200 million acquisition after the rapid decline of the game, in the first 6 weeks has attracted more than 35 million users, every day there are 15 million game player of the game.

developed by Rovio Angry Birds published the unknown since three years, has become the world’s most popular and most successful mobile phone games, downloaded more than 1 billion times, in 2011 revenues of more than $one hundred million.

to adapt to all ages without difficulty of the game, the user only need to play a game of two minutes, can effectively help users to pass the fragments of time, but perhaps the most important factor lies in its design style and picture, before a lot of people is in contact with the product because of animation image and acceptance and love the game, and then Angry Birds Park, including dolls, peripheral products sales also proved popular on the protagonist of the game.


users really need? If there is a magic lamp that allows entrepreneurs to fulfill their aspirations, perhaps most people will choose to acquire the talent of understanding the psychology and needs of users.

are happening more and more, and profoundly change the rules of our lives and markets for a long time.



Transverse comparative evaluation 5 traffic statistics software mainstreamUber has fired an unmanned

      Objective: with the development of the Internet, network marketing has become a kind of any enterprise can’t ignore the sales means, according to the China Internet Network Information Center statistics, as of June 2007, the number of Internet users has reached 162 million China. This is a huge resource, network marketing has a bright future, so the network marketing for large enterprises is very important, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, after all the traditional media costs and investment is still very alarming. But at the same time, how does an enterprise know the benefits of investment? How to formulate the next investment direction? These are very important for the survival and development of an enterprise.

The predecessor of

has been fighting lawsuits against shlf1314’s Waymo and Uber for nearly 4 months since February 23rd. Local time on Tuesday, Uber issued a full letter, announced the dismissal of Anthony Levandowski, vice president of Uber advanced technology group ATG at the center of the lawsuit warfare whirlpool. Levandowski was previously responsible for Uber driverless business, before joining Uber, he is shlf1314 unmanned vehicle core engineer.

touched the wall here at Tesla, and Uber turned to find shlf1314. As everyone knows, shlf1314 ventures has invested in Uber in August 2013 for $258 million; the following year in June, shlf1314 once again with the cast of Uber new round of financing, shlf1314 CFO and company.

Ga Urchin is a commercial grade web analysis software, the interface just passable old version, acquired by shlf1314 after adhering to the shlf1314 consistent style, simple interface, for the use and mastery of color is in place, the right column is the main interface of the software, it displays detailed information and data, the list on the left side console, visitors click on the source, content, target and other options. Each of these options covers a large amount of content, and when you click open, you can view the information you need. A large number of icons are used, and the speed of the software is not slow

GA interface diagram

Pre-Plan A

2015, Tesla early investor Steve Juvertson recalls a conversation with Kalanick Travis: "he told me that by 2020, if the realization of automatic driving Tesla Motors can, his car to the Uber. Tesla estimated 2020 production capacity of 500 thousand vehicles, Uber needs 500 thousand automatic driving car. But he didn’t hear Elon’s response to the idea."

Uber unmanned driving strategy has been pushed to the Plan C, we start from scratch, combing the Uber driverless technology of the whole story.

, who was born with the credo of the revolutionary traditional taxi industry, is extremely sensitive to the potential subversion of emerging technology, but Uber didn’t want to wade into the muddy water at first. Uber.

1, software main interface and ease of use:

      because of the needs of the market, the traffic statistics for many of the products on the market successfully, many enterprises choose carelessly some bad products, some of their marketing strategies, even add a virus or trojan in the code, causing irreparable loss, this I carefully chose 5 models currently on the market mainstream, traffic statistics software also has its own characteristics, which are shlf1314 Analytics hereinafter referred to as GA, Hotsales Digital Marketing Assistant version 2007, the network marketing partner hereinafter referred to as HotDMA, 51yes v2.5 version, stationmaster alliance, ITSUN. I will from the interface, function, service, three aspects of evaluation, in the hope that we can play a certain guiding significance on the choice.

      good product needs a friendly interface and simple, straightforward operation, the interface is one of the key factors to attract users, color collocation is reasonable, which can increase the user identity of the software, especially for the novice, if open interface appear to be unable to start, against the instruction needs to carefully study the 2-3 the interface design of this hour, can be said to be a complete failure, we first from the main interface is friendly and easy to use of these five software are compared.

Uber CEO Travis earlier in 2015, Kalanick CEO Elon Musk call to Tesla, the possibility of automatic driving vehicle above the cooperation, then we all know something, when plotting their on-demand network services Tesla Network Musk driver for Uber little interest.

today, the world’s unmanned R & D boom started as an unmanned project in the shlf1314 X project, which was launched in 2009. But driverless technology attracted Uber’s attention for the first time, beginning in October 2014. Tesla announced that time, equipped with Autopilot 1 Hardware Tesla Motors began mass production.


frankly, at that time Tesla Motors at best can only achieve SAE Level 2 level automatic driving, from the real availability of unmanned driving technology is still too far away. Even so, Tesla has shown ambition in the field of driving automation, radical commercial attitude, so Tesla has become a potential subversion of the Uber business model’s largest suspect".


Zhu Zerong female website stationmaster has a lot of not easy

Zhu Zerong: "women in business" has been the Zhuo school classroom is an important research topic, especially in the Chinese, thousands of years of traditional culture on women’s imprisonment and oppression is extremely serious, the loss of female and male equal development opportunities, coupled with the impact of physiological and psychological factors, it is difficult to keep the same male and female the spirit, strength, dedication and ability development.

Zhu Zerong says: "female website stationmaster has a lot of not easy.

first, youth is limited. Graduated from the school to get married and have children, this process is often only a short 35 years, in order to achieve the idea is not possible, the female owners in this period, eager to develop, but it is very difficult to perfect, anxious, anxious mentality is common.

two is time limited. Not only do the development, website, and household chores, cook, take time to beauty and maintenance, but also communication boyfriend, female webmaster every day for 24 hours by the "break" into many segments, no time to deal with website.

three is a web site with limited themes. And men want to do what the website stationmaster of a powerful and unconstrained style, do what the site is different, the female owners do not have much available for the development of the website theme, with many areas of expertise, for female webmaster business website theme space is very narrow.

four is limited in business communication. Women are not good at communication, able to put himself in the room to do the meditation girls, mostly in character slightly introverted or not good at external communication, engaged in site management, business development and business negotiations has become weak.

five is limited employment opportunities. Female employment is difficult, employers often exaggerate the negative impact on growth, raising period of employment of women, is harmful to women’s employment, even if employment female webmaster, low wages, low salary is more common.

six is a web site with limited motivation. Male owners can talk about website business, while women are not, most women owners do not have strong business heart, just want to get a stable income through the website, or add some extra income, the goal is very low, action ability is weak, but more difficult to realize the idea.


, the female webmaster deserves more respect, especially the increase of female webmaster should regularly experience communication efforts, had the capacity of male owners should also be put in, from the characteristics of female webmaster of mostly female webmaster wrote some pertinent suggestions and reference article website management. Finally, we still want to say: encourage women to start business and support the development of women’s station, we hope that more women will emerge.

Zhuo Xue classroom statement: webmaster nets exclusive starting. All rights reserved, thank you, just extract, never held.

           ;       &nb>


Do not stand to make money for the purpose of the article will be second

on an article published in the Admin5 not to make money for the purpose of doing station will chengdaqi, many people reply let me more encouraged, this time I put more detail experience sorted out for everyone to share. Copy value! The last one, like most people’s articles, just mentioned the main points. Today I’ve taken the time to give you some details about the client’s first ad charge.

first of all, let’s look at the current situation of, and I’ll go with the attached figure




This is a

in addition to the text can be more intuitive understanding of the source of a website, I think most of the webmaster, many webmaster, and are based on the information to diagnose their site now in what state, how to search engine, the survival of our patron.

everyone can see, only a few good words, and most of the flow or from the long tail keywords, a day 5000IP is not too much, even for most people is pitiful, but to see the IP containing gold light if a picture or a network news network 100 thousand days and he IP the conversion price is not high industry station. If more specific to the keywords such as XX wholesale, this keyword one day perhaps only 100 IP, but his conversion rate and high gold content is amazing, so the webmaster do not really want to IP, but rather to focus on value. And positioning.

like to pick goods such a supply network navigation, it is one-sided, it is because of his one-sided competition, fewer people, in addition to the site itself to the customer experience, it’s easy to really make money, I did not earn a lot of money, but the price, I think it is not wrong. I put in about 4000 a month, and the output is 10 thousand and 6. I average the operation for 7 months.

you can see, the main keyword is the long tail keywords, a variety of open shop, or electronic commerce related, is from these humble words, make up 5000IP every day, but very little search these words, because they do not involve people in this industry is necessary for them to find relevant information. Only to just go back and find, and now it comes to your site, if there is what he wants, it is possible to produce a natural transformation, and the transformation is not me directly, I am a navigation station, the supply of navigation, I put these conversion to my customers is devotion advertising source suppliers in my website, they go to the customer service,


started, pick up the net just to provide some online materials, shop information, information, these are the main source of traffic, many >


How to make ordinary enterprises stand instantly lit up

currently two or three line city enterprise website is very traditional, the user went in to see nothing to stay, left, such as:

is very old-fashioned, but feel too complex and compact layout, like this site directly to do Baidu for promotion, the flow is there, but the user experience? The customers have the desire to buy the site? How a simple modification can instantly increase the user experience of


first: 1, change the layout of the plate, the product display to make a row of rolling can be, that is, save space and show all, you can also directly link to the product management page.

2, change the product list style, including text spacing and background color, that is, color matching changes.

3, the home page can be linked to the internal page of the article, such as the latest updates, to keep the site updated. After the internal page and list page update, home page is automatically updated, guaranteed included.

4, increase the sharing function, can be added under the product introduction and article, to achieve SMO marketing,

5, increase the comment function, ensure the user interaction unobstructed.

6, add "guess you like" function. Let customers browse more related content, increase customer stickiness.


above by the Xingtai East Logistics consolidation release:


How to improve the return rate of enterprise website and personal blog

personal blog not what limitations, can retain a part of the user with a message and comment, no matter is to retain the advertising or explore the sincere exchanges, in general are able to retain a portion of the user; but the enterprise website to seize the user back a bit more difficult, after all the limitations of enterprise website too strong, consumers basically divided into two types: one is to solve the problem of the product, the other is a demand for the product, either, can decide after transaction or in the query, it is difficult to come back to the second, so we usually to the two types of website how to retain user? Here on this blog nnoitora network users return to discuss problems.


User revisit behavior of

personal blog

1, where you can enter text exchanges,

any place where typing can produce text exchanges, such as blogs, forums, messages, QQ spaces, and micro-blog…… As long as someone said it said, nobody said it was up to say, not what cannot read what others say, as long as you keep up with that, love to say what, say how much is how much love to say, love to say how long how long, how to say how to say.

users can leave a message, we can also go to this type of website message, so we are back, not to mention other users, so the absolute personal blog has congenital advantage, messages and comments is a wonderful thing, so you can communicate, can also produce fragments of text information.

2, blog content solution

personal blog can be a solution to a problem, can also be encountered in the actual problem solving platform, it could be several an industry or a class of problems platform, so users often encounter such problems will give priority to find this kind of blog access and exchange.

3, the interactive behavior of blogs

such as blog sofa messages, view the impact reviews, comments and so on point type, interactive behavior belong to the blog, will have access to user interaction and visit, and it can also generate more content and browsing behavior.

4, blog forum exchange,

in the personal blog below mount a small forum, like nnoitora forum, not only in the comments, the message exchange, can also go directly to the forum, which can more collision point of view the forum, at the same time for other needs, the question, the communication between all other users can interact more to preserve the problems and experience of the information for later users of the forum to provide information source of reference, this is a good choice to let users visit.

User visiting behavior of

enterprise website

1, industry >