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Shanghai Longfeng order and advanced keywords how to optimize the index above 1000

third levels: the column page and the content page optimization index above 1000 key words

1, including the distribution of keywords, keywords in each column of the distribution in the content on the page. Sometimes the word is used as column page or a content page to do, do, etc..

second levels: the column page and the content page optimization index below 1000

: the first level target keywords on the home page to optimize

Distribution of

to the level of difficulty is greater, if you do the site keywords involved with dozens or even hundreds of key index in more than 1000, you can’t use these keywords to optimize all the home page, home page can optimize the 3-5 keyword is good. It is impossible to optimize these keywords with all the Columns page, sometimes need to use the content page keywords to optimize the index above 1000. The keyword index >

5, there is some of each column page shared pages, such as "website announcement, member login, the latest articles", when appear in all columns, is actually a kind of interference of Shanghai dragon, but sometimes can not be removed.

for the practice of Shanghai dragon who do this is relatively easy, knowledge is very clear, need to consider the issue of less. It is to optimize the title, Keywords tag, description tag, and title, each section of the first page of the picture alt, keyword density and so on, also is the inside and outside the chain chain, these are done, just waiting for the harvest time is OK.

these issues when doing column page and the inside pages optimization need to be considered, in addition to some clear Shanghai Longfeng principle, website optimization techniques sometimes need to be combined with the actual situation of their own keywords and do their own websites themselves.

, there are 2 problems named file name, once named after cannot be easily modified. Otherwise no weight. The optimization of the home page is not involved in this problem.

4, now most station in CMS is used and the structure of website, column page and the content page is generally not so easy to modify, if modified all the Columns page are also affected, and for which a keyword page structure is not necessarily suitable for another keyword. For example, some programs need to use the images or video section section and some columns do not need, it needs to design a template separately for each column.

directory depth of 3 and url. For example, do or in the two directories do in a directory and so on?.

this relatively difficult point, because there is only one page, column page and there are many, many words involved, "the need to consider the issue too much. The issues to be considered here, mainly in the following aspects:


Enhance the project page optimization effect of how to carry out the work

page to the maximum concentration of the corresponding keywords and long tail keywords, better able to effectively display in the search engine, and on the basis of improving the user experience of the website? I think we can from the following three aspects.

is the last analysis of relevant data on the topic page, because the topic page after a certain rank, and get the user’s attention, this time to the corresponding data for web pages are analyzed, such as residence time analysis this topic page out rate and the average user, these parameters are actually able to the reaction feature page facing users attractive, because >

then focus on the project page to enrich the content, the special page is not the simple words, contains elements of media forms, such as integration of video, pictures and tables, tables and other elements, so when writing an article should pay attention to create added value attached, so as to highlight the theme page the value of content. For example, in the mining the long tail keywords that depth analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can use some pictures to make readers more clearly understand the relevant knowledge.

first title focus on innovation mode, the topic page is an independent ", so the title will be able to create a long term, as a webmaster industry website, you can create a long tail keywords Shanghai dragon’s topics, such as the choice of Shanghai dragon on this topic, so the Shanghai dragon knowledge can be unified to the topic page, to search engine, the topic will be able to participate in the rankings and the weight of individual computing, so as to enhance the website content exposure.

if the search keywords related information including video and photos, then it should also show in the relevant topic page, that is to say the information does not need to carry out the two click to see, but display directly on the page. Because the topic page content mainly uses the anchor station mode, such as vertical industry computer programming website, then make the Java aspects of the topic, to include some of the Java program display case, and the corresponding code and other information, and the station anchor in content, allowing users to quickly understand the corresponding the contents of.

from many large websites we are able to see some of the special page, a project includes many related subjects, this way can cover the information related to the maximum limit, allowing users to better understand the whole story about the topic. Many webmaster friends I tend to think more is to choose the topic page for some social hot news, can be used to actually do the topic of the page is very broad, many vertical industry websites can make project, such as technical websites, entertainment sites and so on, can make the corresponding topics, and these special users of these sites experience will have a great role in promoting.


How to make initial contact with the Shanghai dragon image optimization

content page is your website’s core place, if you can put the contents of the product page to do a website is very delicate, so the turnover rate will be greatly improved. Our case study of Taobao, if you go to the selection of goods, and browse several stores, but only one of the pictures that do very well, then you desire to buy 99% will stay in the store, why? Because of the good product image display, on the performance of product description more intuitive, compared to text description, and not feel dull as ditch water. This is a promotion of soft business products within the pages of picture display, to show him.

content page image optimization


some personal Adsense website when, for not too concerned about the site of logo production and they will think a picture logo is simple, beautiful and not beautiful no matter, there is no representative of what the meaning does not matter, and can own website business links does not matter. But, on the contrary, the optimization for logo images, three soil teacher to tell you the following points: first, logo represents a certain meaning, can give visitors find everything fresh and new feeling. Two, logo picture to be beautiful, not simply to love Shanghai a picture, you do only one of the consequences will let others feel that you are a lazy person, so they will think your site is certainly not good to go. Three, let your logo do simple pictures.

is an excellent website to give visitors a good impression, not only reflected in the wording of the right words, more important is the need to high quality pictures in website optimization collocation! Therefore, we should not only learn to write the original article, but also in the optimization of the picture, but also need to invest enough energy to study. However, through my observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very good, the website wants to have a very good ranking, almost is very difficult. In this paper, I will be full to talk about how to get a picture of the optimization for your site

occupies a large part of a web page, so the key is our optimization. As the site of the banner or slide, together they play is on the site of the core products exhibition. But many do Shanghai dragon friends, whether novice or veteran, will mistakenly believe that banner or slide the role of no great importance. So I want to give you correct this wrong idea, since banner and the slide is appear on the home page, and is at the very top of the website, so it was suggested that we do Shanghai dragon friends, when selecting banner or slides, pictures must be unique, don’t let them occupy an important position, but can not reflect their true value.

optimization or slidesOptimization of the two


to add color! image optimization


Hi, Amoy shopping guide, how to do 10 days 5 heart levelJiang Xiuliang the stationmaster always want

Taobao is a kind of shopping guide service, just as a clothing shopping guide in the mall to introduce customers, it is impossible to point to all the clothing and customers in the mall, I think these clothes are suitable for you. But according to the characteristics of customers, and then recommend the relevant clothing to customers, but also to explain some, the customer listened to feel very reasonable, and then will pay for the purchase of clothing. Apply to our Taobao industry, the first choice of products to be very high quality, hot sales. According to the different customers have different guides, and for a website, there must also be a very core theme, such as your website is designed to do ladies clothes, women choose cosmetics brand, but also more detailed, for example, your website is to choose large costumes for the fat lady that your website is dedicated to the long acne women choose acne products, the theme of the refinement is an inevitable trend, have you seen a station in the mall can guide you to buy dresses, and guide you to buy a telescope, but also guide you to buy milk powder Daogouyuan? It means that everything is all everything no, professional guide service is unable to capture the hearts of customers. A Taobao site is like a shopping guide standing in a mall. First of all, you have to figure out what you do as a shopping guide. This is your website name and your website theme to tell your customers. Then there’s your content, and if you’re a shopping guide, you’re standing in business


please go to adminm/forum-13-1.html post application, I will seriously help each friend, seriously review, let more friends make more money!

fourth is good at discovering the strengths of your website, and don’t waste good resources.

third, just leave, if the buyer would pay only 300 to buy you a month of the advertising fee, why do you need 310


second, don’t think how big you can stand. Without financial publicity, you’ll have to start from the garbage station!


1: user-friendly shopping guide service is what Taobao customers need

is the first, the first thing I want to say, don’t go to the horse, that is to take his own petard, not


learned the failures of friends and the success of the weight-loss network, and coincidentally, TBW officially launched the "Hey Amoy net", which was not formally launched at that time. At that time there was no HiTao so I query the domain name: www.hitaow has not been registered, fortunately, I immediately registered her! The next step is to close the entire site thinking how to run, how she do, do people! I hold HITAO.TAOBAO to see the whole night, think of their mainstream concept quite good. Almost a 80, 90 a! Feel that is very promising, very strange! Summarize my ideas and experience, to share to everyone!

time problem, I rush to write, if you feel that your site has any problems or need to comment,


TBK Taobao touch off a day before, see friends do stand included tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but all day crying cost may not be returned, not what traffic, learn from their experience, I also studied I’ll share some of my ideas give us a lot of TBK website now! Do TBK do not necessarily have the very good collection of high, once I contact a weight-loss products website, a simple HTML page, nor what the amount included, but in the PR3, but when I ask about income when really scary "income of a month a few thousand dollars!" I think TBK will earn what money? I think that is not what is the future of the assembly line, but after the weight loss products website, my idea was defeated by

!What does

graph king said, treasure every IP, once the bird, graph king, became the personal worship of idols, and they learn to the end of 07, I joined the team, now I choose to leave, then set up their own adminm, hope to help the webmaster do things for Adsense service


fifth, be an alliance! Never cheat! Or you’ll die!


do for a station? A word, money, money, money or money?. But how do you make that money,



Small social 90 to do football social platform complete O2O closed loop, there is revenue

[small] social commitment in the beginning, the first appearance of the project should be originated from Peking University Tsinghua University dating application tataUFO, but will be held in Wuhan the "TMT horse contest" project "lucky" football people eyes, saw the small social go through O2O closed loop mobile communities play so I decided to let him into a team.

Le Qi football is a social platform for football, founder Qiu Qiu is 90. Today, "Le Qi football" has gone through the mobile Internet O2O closed loop, community users to organize activities under the line, and rely on the O2O closed-loop, Yue Qi has won 60 thousand of the monthly flow. Monthly activity and earnings are expected to double this year.


is the following 90 Qiu Qiu dictation, he told the I dark horse about how to start a O2O closed loop football social platform:

after 90 consecutive entrepreneurs

I am 90, and I started my business when I was studying at Shenzhen University. When I was in junior middle school, I formed a team with my classmates and began to do technical outsourcing services to outsource the technology to some enterprises in Southeast Asia, Singapore and the Pearl River delta.


we started to do the smart router, is probably one of the earliest one of the team of smart router, because there was no experience, do the hardware very burn, we put all the money to do outsourcing burned. Although the intelligent router is not successful, but also let us in Internet circles has accumulated some fame, many people begin to pay attention to us, many well-known angel investors and investment institutions are aware of our team.

because I’m a football fan, I’m going to start a soccer business. In 2012 August, our team began our current venture, "joy football", and continued the program after graduation.

"Happy football" is a mobile Internet based soccer community, where users can organize soccer matches and obtain football related information. "Lucky" football social system based on a football fan, the user can go to the reservation on the inside, and then the next line of PK.


(Qiu Qiu, founder of joy football)

begins with social strong O2O mode

we started the business with our own outsourcing, the last remaining money, and some of the money we raised.

our initial attempt to promote the way, it is very O2O, we take the material directly to the football field to promote. Those who regularly play football, to see through our platform booking site cheap, and convenient organization, as well as prizes, will generally download our application.

users may have trouble setting up a soccer game before they start calling up good players, and then find "yes"


Buy a server to do opera website, you say I’m stupid

has changed many IDC in these 1 years, the space is not this problem, that is the problem. Therefore, my opera website – Chinese opera network ( of course also often out of question, in addition to the slow access, FTP slow, more is brought about physical and mental fatigue.

webmaster finally in this cold winter, I want to choose a high consumption, although it is now the financial crisis, we pocket is very tight, but I think this fight, want to buy a server for my opera website. But after all, my opera website is not a profit site, although hung GG advertising, there is no income, the site is also unpopular, traffic is not much, advertising costs will not be more natural.

but you, you think I hire server silly? Many people answer me, very silly, very silly! You get a flat-share an opera website space is not enough, isn’t it? Why hire server? So I am also very painful choices at the crossroads, flat-share indeed it is cheap, but it is not stable, but can’t download resources, and my Chinese opera has many opera audio and video, need space support, I also want to use the original webmaster network flat-share, but I tell stationmaster net sales, I have a lot of drama audio and video sales, tell me it may not, flat-share space can not put a lot of resources to download. Recommend me to rent the server.

server rental, is really a temptation ah, but the price is really high ah, in fact, whether it is to buy a server hosting or rental server, the price is high, and this webmaster know.

maybe I will now make a choice, buy Gato tube make web server. First years at least 6-7 thousand, and still the most offset. The second time hosting fees in 4000 yuan at least. The cost is undoubtedly heavy, and my income is really meager.

so I made a temporary choice, bought 1 thousand yuan VPS for half a year, and my endurance is also to the limit.

, but it’s expired. What should I do,


buy server, do opera website,

, but you said I was stupid,



Share the seven elements of fashion design overseas electricity supplier website

has always wanted to write a case about the electricity supplier website design, seeking material from the domestic electricity supplier website, has not wanted, not some design elements have been collected by the foreign electricity supplier website, I personally think that the design elements follow fashion, of course, this article is not only "foreign common electricity supplier of gold home design the mode of" an article on foreign electricity supplier website design article.

The design of

is not the author is not optimistic about the domestic electricity supplier website, only foreign electricity supplier website from web design, pardon structure, content layout and color collocation, pictures and other aspects of the use of a great prospective, and fusion between regions is very harmonious, I think it is very worthy of reference for domestic electricity supplier design.

1, bold and simple blank space

page blank can give visitors and readers to leave enough room for imagination, so that the entire page has enough space to breathe, but if the blank setting is not appropriate, will lead to lack of the content of the page, so each page between the graphic distance is very well controlled in the design of blank.


, as shown from the user’s point of view, these blank spaces allow users to have visual buffering, not too oppressive, or overly visual observation, and intentionally enough to think and think about. From the optimization point of view, to guide users, to create a smooth visual experience, to enhance the user’s liking for the page, enhance user experience.

A problem of

in the domestic electricity supplier in the design, designers hate all products are displayed in a page, so that the entire page is extremely "plump" realm, not knowing that the design will allow users to feel particularly depressed, even unable to clearly know the content of the page. Some websites are aware of the importance of blank space, but they are often not very bold and very cautious, so that the blank space is not natural.

2, clever and appropriate colors,

different colors represent different emotions, such as purple represents noble, pink romance and so on, in the electricity supplier site, different products can choose different reference auxiliary color modification and its purpose is to render and guide,


This is just

can learn from these color collocation in the product use for auxiliary color, background color, and domestic websites, most of the options is white, that in the electricity supplier website with more is to let the user compare products have the desire to buy, a white background, contrast and readability are strong, and the people a neat feeling, clear text and visual material. Without too many retouching and rendering, without too many rich colors, users can browse the website freely.



Wang Chuan talk about the Internet booking model

today, a friend sent to his website, which was spoken a year ago. Apply the reservation mode of the restaurant website to the digital product maintenance industry. When talking about this, I really not sure he can do it in this industry, the industry with Fantong by industry and different life several times, the opportunity to repair mobile phone notebook? Today, tomorrow may forget. Or know there is such a place nearby after maintenance, often go to the. Is this site useful in geometry?

, but now that he’s done the station, I think it might be. But if it were me, I still wouldn’t dare to experiment with this model in this industry.

booking this model actually comes from for a long time. We can call him to carry Cheng mode, rice net is in order to publicize, got a "two wheeled model" parlance. In a way, it is somewhat similar to the way TV shopping is done. But TV shopping mainly through television, and rice network only through the network. It also depends on the industry, some things can advertise on TV, the bombing style propaganda by traditional media is very effective, even to such advertising to the extreme, such as Shi Yuzhu, such as sheep, sheep, pig, monkey monkey, tiger tiger… Recently, a friend sent to his website online called me to see, is a shirt, I see – – second PPG, the brand name is also engaged in, called "stay in China."". I also began to speak of this website is not optimized, then I found that the website itself merely as a tool of traditional marketing, through powerful television ads get orders, truly through the website optimization, brought by SEO is just a drop in the bucket compared to the order. This is also very similar to the previous Ctrip, Ctrip even after listing, his website ranking is very low, many of the reservations are through telephone direct implementation.

, through observation, we find that the pattern itself has several characteristics:

first, this model itself can be made small big, that is to say after a period of time, such as three months, there will be order, the order will have income, along with the expansion of channels, enhance the visibility of orders, steady growth, income increasing. By small and large, another layer means that this model is best made by small, that is, from the beginning of several people to dozens, to hundreds of people this way, rather than just a few hundred people, thousands of people to operate. The main reason for this risk is that the success of this model depends on the team and the process, and we’ll talk about that later. You can think about the quality of learning network, why the lack of stamina, I heard some people say that because the investment was used in other places caused, but also said that blind expansion caused. If the cause is the latter, then the problem must lie with process control and team management.

second points, the combination of Internet access, this model, if you want to grow rapidly, the combination of online and offline, and these two lines are very important, are indispensable. If possible, operate through two teams in the market. Through customer service and sales


Merchants trick shop

the era of e-commerce, online shopping has become a trend, open shop has become the choice for entrepreneurs, how to open shop gathering customers, how to promote their own shop, how to do business, I went to see the beauty!

The first one: the use of

classified ads

in addition, "Apple Ludwig" using the technology platform, rely on classified ads to attract dealers Advisory reply in all parts of the country, and then use the letter of offer marketing dealers, to promote their willingness to negotiate, and finally sign. Franchise fee.

second strokes: effective promotion


What can you do in summer vacation

college entrance examination after the summer vacation, and now many of the summer leisure time workers are how to make money? What are some of the more popular venture?

summer to a vacation at home if you want to know what to do to make money at home? What can you do to make money at home is actually in the home business, so how to do poineering work in the home. Many people will think of the first time, open shop. In addition to the shop outside, at home to make money what are the items


Whether or