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Good for making our website promotion more effective

With the help of Dongfeng

: a friend and famous website.

‘s new love and a green hand with the film star, can help to promote the popularity of the star himself, the main site also can apply the idea in the actual website promotion. For example, you can share a " " analysis of successful website promotion way; the promotion of their successful site summary, and then in the middle of content to the identity of the third party also summarize the way to popularize their own website, naturally into their website information in the article, now everyone is remarkable, standing in the middle of the ring, into your site will not by name of the halo dazzle a? This is for sure. Will your own website with a successful web site on a platform, so your site in the eyes of others should also be successful.

website promotion way to share good for can not be used indiscriminately to curb, grasp the use of a degree, otherwise you will feel very hypocritical is deliberately hype. This method also need to perfect the propaganda with, if not propaganda, others can not see.

two: the enemy of the famous website.

I think you all heard the saying: false Yu Ma, non-profit foot, and Trinidad, false vessels, non water can also, while the vast rivers, non exclusive gentleman, good fake to things. A successful person does not have what difference with the ordinary people, just make good use of favorable external conditions. So ancient, now is the same, you why not try a successful way that the ancients left, let your site with the wind to go farther?


is a very famous match the rise of speculation in their own way, I am not very optimistic about this, in fact, I feel no need so fierce fighting in the vast sea of the Internet may also cause the surge. The Internet industry in the large population, or celebrity standing on a very high degree of concern, if you can have the skills of rebuttal about which famous sites or any Internet Celebrities, I believe you will also set off a wave of small. For example, you dismiss a well-known figure on the Internet website to promote understanding of views, with their own understanding to the reasonable counter that there must be real material and express their views, and not without reason farce, I feel this time your reputation will be with the man of the heat for high temperature rise.

And now

method is very simple, that is their website has been linked with a successful web site reputation, make website promotion effect strive for further improvement. As the saying goes: ’tis, in website promotion, the website is in what position, and who dance is crucial. How will your own website to website together with the associated success? There are two methods, or friends, or enemies. Now the author to the main site to share the two methods.


How to organize the station for the site to enhance the optimization efficiency

second, analysis the two key factors to enhance the website ranking. First, correlation factors. Mainly in the article is around the keywords to write website, all articles are closely linked to the website title, the related articles in whether to related pages, these are the correlation factors reflect the details, the better correlation for ranking to improve. Secondly, keyword density, keyword density is search engine optimization in search engine for another way to define the correlation, such as their website of Lantian jade article but are Tian Yu and Lantian jade density is 0, a clear violation of the principle of relevance, but too much will cause the optimization of suspected of cheating, this time to I was very critical, the right keywords appear at the appropriate time, density is very natural, this need not affectation.

, analysis of website content writing. First of all, to develop around the keywords you. This is a point we often use the way of writing, such as my own website do jade site, I would like to own the long tail word site as the writing object, such as functional characteristics of Xi’an Lantian jade Xi’an Lantian jade analysis, how much is the price? In accordance with these long tail words to write either quality or after optimization of long tail words we are at ease. Secondly, around their products in the industry as the main line of information creation. For example, I was in Xi’an Lantian people are very understanding of Lantian jade and local culture, this time you can take the local topic as the main line of the creation, such as the Lantian jade market Zhang visited Lantian Jade Street shop, Lantian jade Lantian analysis and Prospect of how to say. These are all around their products in two different ways to do marketing effect is opposite but the purpose is the same.

third, you must understand your website is what end users. We optimize the staff writing a second is to love Shanghai in order to take into account the requirements of the algorithm, but the ultimate goal is to focus on the user to carry out, what is the time when the user needs? Users are concerned about those things, we are often in what areas of user activity, as an industry practitioners to understand these details must be done well, what is that users really care about, in order to better serve our customers, in order to write high quality articles on each other’s point of view, these are complementary. This is going to continue their in-depth analysis of the industry, more and more professionals to exchange, deep into the roots of user activity, users can only understand better the.

we know that website optimization process is the key to optimize the quality of website content, in addition to the content in the original degree, more important is whether the article can win user acceptance, the user has a positive significance to help, this is the key to the author to a user’s point of view and with everyone analysis, website content writing some key details, in the process of good, we continued into the theme of short gossip, today, how to organize the station for the site to enhance the optimization efficiency.

The first two ideas of


My views on the website Tags tags optimization

tags’s writing is free. But should not be aimless, with the mood to write casually. The purpose of tag is to put the relevant results together, so when we write tag should be in accordance with the classification to the point of writing. Tags label should be controlled within 4-6 characters, do not become a sentence.

A large number of label?Optimization of set the number of tags?

4: Tags

1: how to describe the Tags

label? correlation with the content of the guarantee

through the tag can be a lot of relevant articles together, give the user a better search experience. The application of tag can increase the number included in the site, so the reasonable application of tag is very good. Now the CMS and blog systems have joined the Tags Tags label, meaning that the relevant keywords together, now use the webmaster to Tags tag is 1 points: to enhance your search engine. 2: to the user experience. But for most small and medium-sized webmaster tags tag user experience is almost not used to.

this is the most basic optimization methods, only in this way can we put Tags tags to play the biggest role. In my blog appeared a little label and related articles, which makes the search of the original articles, ranking is reproduced in the website behind.

5: the modified Tags

in my blog browsing found bloggers on each of the tags is very popular keywords, this kind of very popular keywords and website home page in the page or column name may be easier to optimize their website. Such as "network promotion", then I suggest you use tags tags to optimize the long tail theory, a "network promotion method / program" is a good choice.

Tags tag is a long process, most of the owners including me are very love to modify the Tags tag, modified every time, are waiting for the search.

remember a blogger said, his blog tag has more than 200, think about a blog even so much Tags, there is abuse website Tags tag suspect, I think that each of the following Tags label is at least more than 3 articles, so as to cause the attention of the search engine.

3:Tags label

2:Tags tag should avoid popular keyword

my blog (lusongsong贵族宝贝) because not many articles, in order to improve the quantity, it has been using the 4-7 Tags tags in the article, so that now the search with a label of the repeatability of the article too much, resulting in Tags experience meaningless to users. I understand the site Tags tag optimization methods are as follows:


One year experience, how to do Taobao customersWho is creating revenue for your personal website

when I first started doing it, I did it for a month. I built a blog with it. It mainly recommended some crown shops, but I didn’t have any income. Then I stopped and thought I couldn’t make any money. By September, the mother of Ali to see the background, there are actually tens of dollars of income, so they continue to do Taobao, until now.

later on the Internet to find relevant methods, it was said to open Taobao store, the Commission of relatively high commodity into the shop inside, the buyer to buy, then notify the employer delivery. In fact, this method doesn’t work, don’t say you are not a money problem, the credibility of the crown shop, even Diamond credibility is not, you who come to the store to buy things, this is only a deception had not opened Taobao shop friends. If you have a shop and a high reputation, then it’s really a method. I have only one diamond shop, so I haven’t done it.

here, I just want to talk about the main source of advertising revenue for personal websites. Personal websites mostly make money by joining an advertising alliance. But it’s not that you put ads in the ads on your site and you can make money. Who clicked on your website’s CPC ad, and who completed the CPA ad registration through your website? According to the survey, the most advertising users are those ordinary netizens. Rookie Internet users do not know much about the Internet, many can not identify the content of advertising,

After the closure of the

or both ads are very attractive, and they click ads for curiosity. I have a friend, the use of the Internet search engines such as sh419, Gu brother, often click on the right side of the column of the advertisement, because he does not know who is advertising, thought is to find their own information, inadvertently to search engine to increase income.

Sina and NetEase blog, in various forums, it is day and night, made a little more than 500 of the month, too hard. And now some forums see links on the seal, not to mention the link Taobao customers, and now popular forum basically can not send link posts, and other forums can be sent too little traffic. I am still posting in the forum, mainly part of the forum’s post can be included in the search engine, can bring a certain amount of traffic.

but the blog brought in little revenue, and later opened NetEase, Sina, and sh419 blogs, earning about a little more, but not more than one hundred a month. In November, once had a free NetEase blog tools used in their blog, really for my blog with great flow, this month to increase the number of blog browsing, their income is also known for, at this time also uses Sina’s blog on each other at this time. My Taobao passenger revenue to maintain a month about $300, but with the popularity of the blog growth, suddenly one day my blog is not NetEase, of course Sina blog is doomed, there should be a lot of people’s fate should be like me. And now Sina blog does not allow Taobao links, Sina blog is not good to do, so I now stop using blog do. In a word, blogging is hard to do.

article reprinted from, please keep the link

vast personal webmaster should know who is creating for your website, personal website advertising, earn money mainly from rookie Internet users. So you should take this into account when making your promotion, and try to make web visitors bring benefits to your website, and get more visitors to your website. I believe your ad revenue will increase accordingly.

later had to do a web site, which was done in 2010, January, after the adoption of the record is February, and back home new year, mainly recommended some crown shops. Learning SEO technology is still enriching the content of the site. Ali bought on the mother of advertising, written forms and graphic forms, but the results are poor. Now still want to turn the net

since June 2009 began to register Ali mother to do Taobao passengers, there are two months just a year. So Taobao customers can not make money? My answer is yes. The key is how you do, how to perform, the following to talk about my experience, I hope to have tips for novice friends.

most of the personal websites rely on advertising to make money. Of course, some websites rely on offering some kind of service or selling products to make profit. If your personal website has very large traffic and very good ranking, advertisers will take the initiative to find, and there is no need to look down on this article.

the chances of those senior netizens clicking on ads are very small, because he knows exactly where the ads are and where the content is. Even if advertising is attractive, if you know it’s an ad, do you click or register?


Search for the laws of Internet product planning from’s wisdom

talking about China’s electricity supplier "demon stock", I think everyone’s first reaction is A sale model can rely on three consecutive quarters of profit, itself is not a microcosm of China’s electricity supplier. Today, China fight capital, the electricity supplier is a channel to fight, fight endurance times, in such a large environment of for the outside world, but to do their own business, do not burn, do not expand, the success of does have its own wisdom.

In fact, the

model of also has certain risk, but now the market environment and the opportunity to create a advantage with this advantage richly endowed by nature, was able to achieve immediate and long-term development of the layout of their own. Now the Internet is an interconnected era, behind the success of a product must have its own wisdom of operating, although the profession is different, but the excellent gene products can be studied, although in the real estate network industry development, but from WeChat, Alipay and other products development and meet more or learn to layout after the first profitable strategic step function flow, the development for his entire career are very helpful. Say again, so,’s special mode for us to take root in the Internet also has what inspiration?

I think that is one act in a diametrically opposite way, this act in a diametrically opposite way does not mean you what others do you have personal independence of conduct, not what to do, and others dedicated to work, this is not the only feature of Mangfu wisdom.’s insistence on success is a sober judgment of the current situation and its own form. At the time of the business industry is hard to burn, not only where customers and Jingdong such giants, there is also a shop, Xintai and other second tier electricity supplier brand, in the eyes of everybody by default only burn to marketing, marketing can only increase the user. But this model led many enterprises lost development opportunities, while, has not done all along enclosure happy things, but also not to engage in self built logistics early, just part of the logistics business commitment to the third party, to concentrate on their own products, quality, because the brand sale mode has its own little. Also have their own shortcomings, lower gross margin is a weakness in, lay a good foundation for early efforts to enhance their own channel advantages, the gross margin rose to 25 percentage points, which in the industry are very rare, and this wisdom is worth learning. In the industry towards a vicious cycle of development, adhere to their brand value and direction unmoved, this is the key. For the real estate network in pervasive enclosure practices, whether you webmaster has deep feeling? Bazhong real estate website long repeatedly encountered this kind of thing, their development direction of flow with the ultimate consequences is to follow the industry and then gradually lost.

second, and partners know how to protect their own interests, have said before the sale is a special operating mode, this mode in principle, do not rely on a brand, but a brand to protect their brand value will frequently sell low-priced products, so this requires only >


Small set of cold drinks bottles open where better

no matter what the project, the shop will have to consider the location of the problem, cold drinks stores also need to consider the location problem. When entrepreneurs choose to join the project, the first problem to be faced is how to choose the most suitable business address, then, where is the cold drink shop open better? Let’s take a look.

1, cold drinks store by external factors: the store’s entrance is best close to the road, when the peak flow of 100 people / hour, traffic is the best for the 200 / hour. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

2, a cold drink shop according to the store in front of the store to divide: the best direction is toward the South and East, one day, the south of bright light, and light for the longest time, easy to attract customer attention; two is the majority of consumers when shopping habits towards the right (east side view).

3, a cold drink shop according to location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price between 25 yuan -50 yuan, the ice cream shop; the supermarket near the school, train station, subway station, suitable for the opening price between 3 yuan -25 yuan ice cream Shop gas station; bar, office building, the airport opened for the price 50 yuan and above the ice cream shop.



How to open the fruit store monthly income of million

open a fruit shop can make money, which is very sure of one thing, however, you can think of it? The profits of this industry will be so high? A small fruit shop could million a month? Let Xiaobian below to introduce you to see how to do so high profit.

has a friend, is to do fruit business, in Zhejiang, Ningbo, one day when we call to talk to him when he said he opened a fruit stand, and now can also have a monthly income of more than 10 thousand. I was surprised that a fruit stand can also have such a high income? In the depth of communication, I understand his fruit stand has its unique.

with his words summed up in four words: cut. The so-called open source, is looking for fruit sales channels, how to find channels, friends have a unique idea, in my eyes are very tall. Cost savings.

from media marketing

friends do a WeChat public number, released some of the fruits of the above functions, juice and fresh cutting more hands-on experience to share, loving friends have attract fruit the beauty of women, and then implanted their attractive fruit prices and health and safety. And friends in the treatment of old customers also have their own ideas, he believes the old customers can bring new customers and old customers to guide, cooperate with him, as long as it can bring new customers, old customers can be discounted, even the lowest to 40 percent off.

advertising and buy

Apart from the promotion of

on WeChat, friends for the next line to do publicity, beautifully crafted brochures, carefully edited, beautiful, practical knowledge of fruit, adding their own store address, telephone number and other public areas, WeChat, will be distributed to the stores to cover the book. The brochure is not purely advertising, but a health brochure. And from the local media cooperation, the use of its advantages to spread the news of the release of fruit.

cooperate with service provider

we all know that the cake shop and some of the needs of the fruit shop, which can be a friend of the service provider.

beauty marketing

said the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang, in fact, in the business world. This is a fallacy. Friends spent a high salary to invite a big beauty, he said many people are directed at the beauty to buy fruit. Even the beauty of the name, in the store can be covered within the scope of the fruit known as xi. This did not save wages, but the effect is much better than the five people to get much cheaper.

shop to make money, this is not only the people’s goals, but also countless stores >


Installation of rich two generations of more than a woman cheated

now society, there are a lot of young girls want to marry a rich handsome, but also some of the girls also pay a lot of cost, some single young women in making friends on the road should still need to be cautious.

"1.82 meters tall and handsome, uniform officials, 32 year old single man." Such conditions, perhaps many girls are regarded as the ideal partner. Pretty good! At least 30 girls think so. Recently, Dadukou District of Chongqing police arrested a man suspected of posing Official Deception, more than 30 women cheated nearly 500 thousand yuan. What is the identity of the suspect?


in July this year, Ms. Du came to Springfield road Dadukou District police station, said may encounter a liar. It turned out that she met her boyfriend in a uniform on the Internet, not long ago, her boyfriend called to say he was sick, is a local hospital in Chengdu, he did not bring enough money, so Ms. Du borrow 20 thousand yuan.

out false, threatening police pipe too wide

8 21, Dadukou District police identified the Tang activities in Chengdu, is ready to take the train to meet the woman know just from WeChat. Police in Chengdu east railway station will intercept Tang, Tang is very calm, calmly took out his credentials from the bag.

"I have important business to deal with now, if because of your negligence leading to delay the event, you can eat Dou to walk." There are fake documents backing Tang posturing, and even threatened the police: I want to sue you, you want to lead the tube too well


The chain store aspect must not smoke and mirrors

investment shop, the location is very important, for the chain store we have many things to learn to master the key points, do not smoke and mirrors, let Xiaobian to introduce you.

location evaluation function is the most direct what? In one word, one step is three!

the same values, different location, your business may be a lot of difference. This is why some people say to me, we opened a shop in a certain district, then turn off the District, not the result, let him tell me the shop location, can only tell him that your position is wrong, not have no!

how to evaluate the pros and cons of alternative locations, from two aspects: the visibility and convenience of

A, the visibility of

1, Dianzhi property visibility. Select the location can be seen in the flow direction, need to focus on the distance of 50 meters? 100 metres? 150 metres? Please use quantitative data to assess, so that there is a basis for comparison.

2, the rental store visibility, which show how the surface? How big can you make? It has no other obstructions?

two, the convenience of

What is the name of

The convenience of

The convenience of

Evaluation method of

this is the time talking about the merits of the specific location, simple and practical.

? To sum up, do you have some understanding? Select the chain franchise location must pay attention, do not underestimate the enemy at the right time, there is more information to make money waiting for you.

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Do pregnant infant industry as the preferred investment business

whether it is to provide physical services for consumers, such as infants and pregnant or Yuesao, the industry business, such as professional’s service brand, with attention to infants and pregnant, this market is more and more big. However, this Chinese started after all relatively late, the market can really be consumer satisfaction with the brand is not much, so do business investment, become the preferred pregnant infant industry!

in the fruit lake area of Wuchang, few people do not know ‘Yuesao service center, service center is the leader of the Wang Ling. Her hand under more than one hundred Yuesao, most of which each month schedule is full to the brim, no booking customers had failed". Today’s Wang Ling, already well versed in pregnant and infant industry business. However, few people know, just to get involved in the Yuesao line was, she is just a medical graduate female students, also unmarried.

opened a few days, the store did not receive business. One day, a shy young man pushed open the door, politely asked Wang Ling, "here is not dating?" Wang Ling one Leng, "we do not Yuesao, marriage." The young man was puzzled: "gold" is not a matchmaker mean?"

pregnant baby industry has great potential

"poison milk powder" incident, Jiangcheng prolactin division industry suddenly fire up, Wang Ling senior Yuesao institutions can also learn the relevant technology >