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Causal analysis shallow talk four cause of the failure of Shanghai Dragon


why is this industry really? No? Or the reality is too cruel? Or what other reasons? Why do some people can be made, but also do well? The reality of high expectations may have some hope Shanghai dragon Er too, finally will be so severely wounded under at the same time, reaction by reality hit a slap in the face is not only the pain in my heart, what’s more the industry standard of disappointment and pain imposed on the once continuous pay and no source of reason, no wonder in the other, or a pain in my heart has long been deeply imprinted.


market effect often because individual phenomenon and rapid warming, not only will lead to small area changes, is often the performance characteristics of the whole industry, a cruel reality now most of Shanghai dragon Er face, not only is working hard at the same time some reliance on Shanghai dragon friends also face significant life gloomy the choice of a more serious, to the very verge of despair, bitter hardship, is really very sad, unemployment may be in imminent.

of Shanghai dragon from this aspect of simple analysis, for reference only, if there is insufficient, please enlighten.

of Shanghai Longfeng think this TM is not very normal? Does every Shanghai dragon must be able to succeed, if you are successful, there is a way? The reason is that most of the more friends did not do, or they will not do, and do more is those who spread the most without the Internet Shanghai Longfeng low technology use value, this technology you use often and long term planning value simply does not connect, might not think, perhaps thinking just standard thinking, not thinking, often only with three success, only 30% yes ah, big sister dude, do you think you could change at the time of the operation, playing a little smarter, a ranking, this TM is not Shanghai Longfeng, every day at the anchor text The chain, update some original articles, not only to save cost, and to high ranking, this is not in the pit himself is in love and play in Shanghai ranked war, and finally death is not your heart, and do love Shanghai

?Because of the beginning of Despair:

In fact, this

with a lot of friends together can be found, said the last that long, and some operations are done, is not ranking, this reality gap will inevitably make people disappointed, you want to blame the industry? Not to blame? Or to blame yourself? Go to work every day to work. A variety of means to play, every day is boss grumble and blame, don’t have enough to eat, sleep and upset, wake up now and then look at the keyboard value without high data, life ah, disappointed ah, where is the future? Where is the Shanghai Longfeng hope


in causal analysis:


Shanghai dragon new keywords layout on leaves

site according to the site’s content or keyword according to user demand analysis and expansion. Rather than blindly, just established, must consider the needs of users. So we know that the weight of a web site is basically concentrated website, website column page is the second place of the weight on site.


for the core of the web site keywords (also is the site of the main key words) 2-4 to set up, if the core keywords set too many negative weight other keywords, is also not conducive to the rankings. When the main keywords and we choose the website should consider the content on the website construction, or website content is around these keywords and carry out. But before that we should all words of a general analysis, can be used to love the Shanghai index and some keyword analysis tool keyword analysis. This can generally understand keywords heat as well as the degree of competition.

a new keyword is very important, especially for a novice webmaster, web site keywords layout has been a headache, then we should be how to layout keywords to a new station? Let’s get together to discuss the new keyword layout.

Keywords Reasonable layout of

two, column page (page directory) keywords layout

column page or product page should be repeated to excavate the site long tail keywords or competition relatively small keywords to use layout. We can use the love Shanghai index or keyword mining tools, a large number of mining and web sites related to the long tail keywords, and content for the construction of these long tail keywords. And when the layout of the long tail keywords not only and the site has correlation, also should have full correlation with each column. This is beneficial to the article page (the product page) and column page keywords ranking keyword ranking. And this set to ensure the.

The establishment of each column is the first

, the website core keywords layout

column page must be based on the content and user demand, has the full correlation with the contents of the column, and the column page keywords heat should be less than the home key heat, which is conducive to competition and ranking. The general layout of the column page keywords can be 2-4.

three, the article page or product page keyword layout

should understand Pyramid principle before our keywords layout, Pyramid principle is composed of a total core in the core by increasing as follows. Then we were on time for the layout of the keywords should also follow this principle, is the most important keywords as the core of the web site keywords, keywords and then put a little time or competitive keywords smaller as catalogue of keywords, the competition of small or long tail keywords as keywords to optimize the content page. This forms one of the most simple Pyramid away.


How the site in Shanghai and Google will be able to get high weight

"website Daquan – Search Engine login entrance" to submit to the major search engine website, Google included general submitted after only one day, the love of Shanghai in a week or so, the latest one month included, included also means from the love of Shanghai and Google can enter keywords to find their own website!

will submit your site to each big search engine.

this point I want to do as long as people have experience, such as my site, I first time by

second: one-time determination of good website title, column, try not to modify the page layout.

The first point: here!

started to contact the website promotion for nearly a year from March last year, in this year, had my first website "automatic chain encyclopedia rankings are ranked in the love of Shanghai and Google search engine, then for greater development of the website domain two upgrade to the top level domain name www.qujianzhan贵族宝贝. The site name" automatic chain Daquan "to" go to the station, the site of the home page from the show all classification show several classification streamline as the focus, now again showing multiple classification, ranking has been very good, especially Google, at the same time the establishment of the website with the brothers and control their successes and failures experience to talk about as a website, how to get high weight in Shanghai and Google.

third: the home page layout content as much as possible, as well as symmetric layout.

according to my experience, included earlier, especially keywords who submit website weight who is higher, if this is your website title, column, page layout can not be changed, a change would have to count the time, that the new owners should pay special attention to, sometimes beginning site positioning is not consider the perfect, later three to four, weight drop, such as my website, if the establishment of the station network in time from the foot of Qi, I am absolutely most early, and I generally similar sites to now Google PR are around 2, and I was 0, the reason is

summary: more than three points is to improve the handling of love Shanghai and the weight of Google, is particularly important for the new owners, I hope you seriously control, if there are such problems must be properly handled, for all can get high weight in Shanghai and Google. >

or to my website as an example, the original home of many things, like squares, typical homogeneous step template, then I to highlight my words, remove some modules of the home page, leaving only a few key modules, although the total content of my site is still the same, but Google has been ranked in the the PR value decreased, resulting in no upgrade, the reason may be I adjust the page layout, Google mistakenly believe that the website is not complete, or a new website, it even affected I stand now apply Google union advertising. Therefore the website form is not the most important, the key is to let the search engine feel your site is complete.


The thousand master hand in hand to teach you how to WangzhuanThe Sogou alliance illegal website lis


two, physical entrepreneurship. The virtual life now has gradually come into reality, it has been far beyond the reality of life in search of a virtual life psychological, such as some general love high number, game account and SkyDrive account, then we can make full use of the Wangzhuan, for example, we can use the batch registration a large number of registered tools number, and then hang up when the road upgrading, a certain level and then to sell online, there is a little, now SkyDrive is very popular, we also can register a number of accounts, and then through the daily maintenance to upgrade to sell Taobao, such as SkyDrive 115, a level 10 account enough to sell hundreds of yuan.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

four, group entrepreneurship. Now many people just graduated students from his own hand failed to find a suitable job, hand their money and not enough venture, how not everyone win-win? You can find some friends or classmates, then look for a lucrative idea, then everyone venture. Two students in the University, once a top student say, now still give up work, choose their own way of entrepreneurship, they saw the business opportunities to target, opened a clothing store in a university door, selling price interview clothing, which is not only convenient for graduate the students need to interview, it is to open a door to their business. Article from guest network www.zk008.xom, reprint please retain source, respect >

I, cultural entrepreneurship. If your style of writing is very solid, you can choose a culture to start a business. There are a lot of cultural business platform, such as "refers to the customer network, through the creation of their own wonderful SMS works, as the seed release to the customer to provide others online, download and forwarding, then you can download by others forward and get profit and operators were divided into. In addition, you can also participate in that guest online each of the prize activities, creating wonderful message and then use the gold to earn coins, mobile prepaid card, then your days and months multiplying, prepaid card sold, this is not a kind of income

with the increasing number of graduates from universities and colleges year after year, the talent market is expanding day by day, which leads to a downward trend in employment rate, which brings enormous employment pressure to the majority of students and migrant workers. Among them, it is inevitable that there will be a group of people who are thinking about their own businesses. If you are a student who has just stepped into the society, or is a member of the society that has nothing to do, how do you protect your life and even set up an additional career?

, recently, we found that some of the accounts exist invalid click. In order to maintain the alliance website, including cooperation in the interests of the parties, in accordance with the "terms of service" seventh Sogou alliance in first and sixth of the Convention, we have terminated with the account of the cooperation, and not to pay any money into these accounts. The list is hereby announced as follows:

2006 updated on July 25th



2006 updated on July 10th
































































three, technology entrepreneurship. With the popularization of multimedia on the network, now all kinds of creative advertising into the poor, formed the image of a competition, so if you have some design skills, you can also make money here a fortune, such as design their own creative works, and in some platform to release your resources available to others the paid download, such as nipic.


Answers to several questions from shlf1314 AdsenseXia Da, empty fox, and 10 Fen lost husband weaknes

short, "white lotus" by Xia people, and what one summer island by asking for a pay raise, to fly to the outgoing boss summer island CEO officially opened the tear forced success, a list of evidence, proof of how to pitch Xia in fact, the head people can associate, money holding company Xia, go to Japan to find the master, change the animation, game change, change the TV drama, the company called money operation?

everyone is smart, I can see the trick, you must have many executives, CEO also understand that the feeling, I’m afraid, indeed many people are lack of integrity, the partner pit thing is not uncommon, so this time, the "vulnerable groups" is always the first to get the support.

to increase the reader’s attention and click on the possibility of advertising, please integrate the advertising unit into the blog background. Using bright colors for advertising headlines helps to make advertising compelling, and should ensure that the background and border of the advertisement use the same background color as the launch area.


because "I am weak, I am the worst, I pity me cheated", it is easy to obtain public sympathy and trust, in short, the masses are always politically correct to stand in the disadvantaged groups. Similarly, when everyone is eager for a fight filled with righteous indignation stand on the side of the vulnerable groups, not to interfere with the identification of the strong side of the right and wrong is the bad guy when, in fact, who do you think is the vulnerable groups of

"even if husband did not get 10 Fen of the shares, in my heart, he is still the best entrepreneurs" quickly refresh, in my circle of friends at first glance topic, I immediately thought of before the "past 20 empty sky fox beauty CEO is how the disease was kicked out of the shareholders?". At that time, the rapid refresh, beauty CEO work how bitter how for the sake of the company, the investor will mercilessly kicked her out of countless people, one-sided sympathy for her.

try a variety of ad formats and locations,

this summer, the comic circle summer island author because this year the market is good, the interests of the collective force to fly to tear the boss, but the name of the country man "scumbag fly destroy justice flag" to Xia led core comic author, on micro-blog first publicly questioned the boss Yao drag, crying is black fly liar. Low IQ, holding their copyright not to sell, the company did not pay the operation……

Although the final list of

brings advertising into blog

later? A few days later it was the truth naked face, the employer is not wrong, just put the poor girl CEO to Bo sympathy would like to share more interests or rather, does not belong to their own interests. This trick, in China has always been good, from Rolle to the event to Dennis to the "10 Fen of the shares did not get entrepreneurs husband".

blogs, you run into completely different challenges: given web formats, highly targeted content, regular customers, and so forth. In order to make the best use of your readers’ resources and web content, I would like to make some suggestions:


fly evidence to prove his intentions of operating companies, led the author, but can not bear Xia Men too perfect, readers do not believe. Moreover, in the reader’s mind, the author is the disadvantaged, the boss and the company

the most miserable must be vulnerable groups,

delta Q: shlf1314 ad code can put several websites?

        Adsense: you can   you just have to stay in a web site that has been blocked; you can also register all of your sites in shlf1314.

delta Q: can a computer for 2 ID?

        answer: Yes

delta Q: shlf1314  can do in which website; adsense 

        answer: general web site can be, but it is best not to film, download, involving erotic aspects of the site. You can customize a channel for each of your stations. To figure out how much revenue each site brings to you every day.


    delta Q: and shlf1314 for advertising, the price difference is not click?

 :  : A. no, all ads are the same. Some click prices may be related to the site’s page hits. You can click on the back link to apply for your shlf1314 Adsense ad

delta Q: can I put shlf1314 Adsense on my blog?

      answer, yes,  

When you advertise through

, but you can’t help your Internet users to pay IQ tax, even if many Internet executives, CEO also forwarded, do you really believe that


in general, wider formats are often easier to read. Placing the ad unit in the first post is likely to attract interest from the reader. To help you find inspiration, please take a look at our examples of advertising implementation. In addition, consider placing a " on the right side of the blog site; skyscraper ad " 120×600 or vertical link sheets;


20 ways to increase blog stickiness

what is a "cohesive force" site,


has an adhesive web site that lets users linger when they visit for the first time. Not because of the website or blog Windows a series of pop-up dialog box to force visitors to leave, but the content of the website and motivate them to do further exploration, it is more important to let them decide (and take some measures so that they can visit).

the following 20 ways to make your blog or website more adhesive. This is my blog 5 years wise remark of an experienced person. Since these are my personal experiences, I’ll add some examples of my own (which I think will apply to my blog). I also hope you can comment on your experience in the comments and give readers more useful information.

One important thing about

is to call your readers to subscribe to your blog in a prominent position in your blog.

in fact, I would recommend placing more than one subscription invitation icon — one highlighted in the sidebar, the upper right corner, or the navigation bar, and the other at the end of the article. This means that readers can easily subscribe to your blog and read an article. The following figure shows what I did on my blog. Tracking data shows that the number of subscribers attracted by the two locations is quite the same.

by the way, if you do not subscribe to this blog (Mochizuki blog, translator, please click here to subscribe to).

2. helps readers subscribe to


in the blog subscription icon below, there is a "what is RSS" article links?. (Mochizuki blog with "feed help" page given the form of translator’s note). This gives the reader a clear idea of what RSS is and allows readers to keep a constant focus on blogs in this way. Even more interestingly, many blogger now uses page descriptions to help readers subscribe.

at the same time, sometimes I write to invite new readers, sometimes I think we were wrong to assume that all readers are long-term patronage, are very familiar with our blog, but the fact that many new readers do not understand the situation.

I wrote an introductory article last year, and a day later, my RSS subscriptions jumped. You might also notice that at the end of the article I asked the reader how I knew my blog, which was based on two reasons:

first of all, I would like to encourage older readers who pay attention to my blog to take part in it and further mobilize their enthusiasm.

is second to show new readers how other people do it, and the reader’s comments are often more convincing.

3. good blog design

I have always thought that the beautiful appearance is an important factor to decide whether to continue the reader dimension and visit new visitors, often in a few seconds on your blog to make subjective judgments, if they see a mess "


To cultivate new cigarette products should be good at communication

Are prone to such a phenomenon

almost every cigarette store, selling some of the old brand has no inventory, even regular customers can not buy, but new cigarette is No one shows any interest in. Not to say that the new cigarette is not good, it can not adapt to the needs of the masses, often because the owner is often not good at communication, leading consumers to accept. Therefore, the development of new cigarettes also need to be good at communication.

the end of the last two months of each year, tobacco companies has completed the annual sales plan tasks, to put a lot of time to wait until the next year’s plan, so the basic will not be put in the usual best-selling brand of cigarettes. For example, the market now lack most low-end cigarettes Hartmann, big front door, each one to the delivery time, these cigarettes are sold to consumers. There Nanjing (red), for several years are scarce supply. Although the company has also been put in order to change the usual policy gradually to supply sales, but in recent weeks out of stock, the invisible, the market and the emergence of brand shortage.

cigarette brand breaking effect of some consumers, rural consumers love Shandong Hammond, after all, is a local old brand cigarette, accompanied by a lifetime, a smoker’s love. Some old smokers told me that he had been smoking for 30 years of Hartmann, even do not feel your cigarette in his mouth, the taste of love is hartmann. But a recent spate of no cigarettes Hartmann weeks, also really difficult for the old customers, let me recommend no results, several times to see customers down out of the shop, I really very helpless. In order to allow these old smokers to accept other brands, I also made a lot of effort.

old customers into the store to Wang Hartmann, I did not say that I have been sold out, then picked up a box with the price of cigarettes told him: "just a customer bought a box of the cigarette, said smoking is particularly good, why don’t you try it?" "Really? I have been looking for three to Hartmann, but are not always thought you are big certainly, give me a box of breath and see." Because this cigarette is not local, and generally do not have the customer to accept new products, for which I deliberately opened a box so that customers free of charge. I said: "do not worry, there are open, you first try, good to buy, not suitable for the."

I immediately handed him a, gave him a lighter, point, watch him suck, "yes, Hartmann at the end of the year will be very difficult to get up, I really would not change a brand, like smoke, so time-consuming, ran." After that, I went home. After a few days I saw his neighbors also to my store to buy cigarettes, said to smoke a neighbor to smoke, a good sense of smell, he also wanted to replace the brand. After my repeated recommendation, there are a lot of customers have accepted the field of the brand, the new brand so successful cultivation.

consumers have a


Online shopping era, how to attract old customers

in the current era of network, the operation of the store has been more and more affected, the owner only to master more business skills, to be able to attract more old customers. So, the era of online shopping, how to attract old customers?

first, organize information

will operate the store for many years to buy our products, the old customer information for a comprehensive collection and collation. You hurry up, put the sealed dust cover has years of sales lists, customer information register (of course, may be a lot of store these things all find out, already disappear without a trace) from different areas, different time, different types of products to buy buy, one by one classification, after making old customer marketing plan to different according to different area purchase time, targeted to carry out marketing activities.

second, SMS interactive

if you buy our product owners as our fans, we must not forget the interaction with the fans, but the fans store is different from the Internet business, but because we have more detailed information of the owners, so we can have interactive feelings more input.

for example: we can use text messaging to share product skills in dealing with the common problems of this kind of information, we can also send messages in the traditional holiday blessing, if we know the owner’s birthday, or SMS blessing Happy birthday, we have to old customers what promotions service activities are like text messages to inform. Such interaction can make old customers feel that we have always been concerned about them, rather than a purely trading relationship, the money will not be able to hand in hand, so they will be grateful.

third, telephone visit

According to the above

we have sorted out the information, the telephone began to ask the old customer service, customers use our products to have what conditions, there is no fault, not satisfied with what the place and so on. In fact, many owners to buy after the product, not what the use of the process, generally do not care too much, for example, there are only 10 light a lantern, 4 of which were not bright; for example, a toilet bowl water tank is Water Leakage, but does not affect the normal use; such as paint on the walls is some dirty child painting; another example of a door switch cabinets are not convenient and so on these problems.

Almost every

owners are likely to encounter, but they generally do not care too much, unless the problem is relatively serious, but sometimes for such a little thing that trouble, so just give a business opportunity to care for old customers, call back the past must let the owners have to move the heart, this is the real customer service service.



Silver jewelry shop is also important to these experiences give you a good start

for entrepreneurs, the most easily overlooked is how to give their store to take a good name. In fact, a good name will greatly attract the attention of consumers, especially in the silver jewelry industry, influence and effect of a good name is crucial for the success or failure of the operator with the. The whole network of small series, we introduce you to open the silver jewelry stores to take a good name.

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What are the operating methods of auto beauty franchise stores

car beauty franchise business advantage, creating good prospects, the profit space is very attractive. If you want to invest in the industry, then you need to pay attention to the choice of the project is really a lot of. We have come to invest in the industry, the competitive pressures instantly increase, if you want to stand out, you need to master some business skills.

operating a car beauty shop, the difference is not to operate in a superior attitude, but from their own operations and regional management of two angles, the formation of high and low with.

to know the competitor sales: This is particularly critical, most of the brands in the region are assumed in a slow-moving state, then your business brand how to drive the local district sales in one fell swoop? If most brands are operating well, then you should decisively squeeze, along with everyone with a little light. But if you are in a state of decline in sales, with you there is no higher means, but also can not increase the flow of a large number of people. So, for each opponent’s sales must have a thorough thoroughly, prevent a loser "".

operators need to understand their actual situation. This is not an easy thing. And an operator knows his own strength is not so easy. To do business days after the win, we have to start to know from their own brand positioning, brand personality and product gradually, the advantages and disadvantages of financial strength, etc..

is the first to dare to dissect oneself, to find you around the business strengths and weaknesses, and lays the foundation for the analysis of local values and dislocation business days after the. If you join the car beauty shop is near the location, the opponents are engaged in auto beauty brand, then you should consider some business in the high-end brands, to form different positioning, so as to seize the initiative.

car beauty stores of wealth actually have a lot of skills, if you want to succeed gains good profit, you need to make an investment management business. The above management skills will help you do a good job, if you learn modestly, I believe there will be a lot of harvest, come to contact us, do not miss.

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