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YY analysis of several reasons for the collapse of overseas websites with chain

took over the selling point of business advertising company’s website for about 1 months, do optimization at the same time, it is no longer an always on tenterhooks every hour and moment. Some problems of pre program production site left I have mentioned, is also gradually change. It let me have the pain. A few days ago, IP suddenly dropped to a very poor level, after I read the website comprehensive statistics, dumbfounded. Shanghai love chain suddenly from more than 500 down to less than 100, and numerous top three have failed in the long tail. According to circumstances, when asked one of our editors, find out the reason of the following may affect such a situation.


second: Links quality

: the first web content cut

fourth: the chain blog is K

this problem I have great responsibility, take over when the site program there told me these Links is he looking for help, I can only see some really good, no concern about this problem. After the results of the problems I at the time of detection, found two spam sites. A basic belong to linkfarm, another space from time to time to visit can not fall in love with it, not included page…

pre editing in the chain are basically in the forum posts, and posts and so on, the correlation and the website is very low, and the post quality is not high, love Shanghai included the start, but over time will be deleted. So many of the old Shanghai dragon ER will remind people, don’t blindly pursue the number of the chain, quality is the first one.

third: the chain of low quality

the provisions of several editing each person to maintain 2 blogs, some directly is the official blog, and the theme of the site, mainly for propaganda. Some of the chain blog, designed to make the chain and increase the website IP. I was the requirement each article can copy and paste, at least to the original. Each week and Saturday to check their blog within how many articles have been included, and was included in the article to find related keywords as anchor text chain. But the results of this convenient said to me before they send the article included a lot, but forget every week with the chain. The results of a lot of articles are added to the chain. The love was still as can be imagined, Shanghai played a "kill"! "

selling business is a form of electronic newspaper websites, especially the pictures, it means we only 300M website space is absolutely not enough long time, my company has put forward the problem, but the manager was calm and said the problem is not a problem. Well, this I know, what he said is not the solution to the problem is to see the space full put before the release of the newspaper to delete a few… In the time before that he removed about 4 issue of the newspaper, take about 60M space.


Back about the chain source of instability in which

love ShanghaiAn controllable factors

love Shanghai to give the weights of the website directly affects the amount included in this website. The same is true for your release platform. If the platform weight your hair down, will cause the amount included decreased, which was deleted article may also be sent by your article, this will affect the chain you. So when publishing platform choice, try to choose the weight of high, stable platform, try to avoid the garbage station.

buy the chain is divided into two kinds, one is Links, one is on behalf of the chain. Now, on behalf of the chain, is to use software group, either with yourself or on behalf of the group, the success rate of the general resources are very low, often a large range of cleaning. And the purchase of the chain, due to not renew the same. So the chain fluctuation caused by this situation, is very common, it is recommended that you try to use less this way. Cheating in the way we are absolutely not advocate.

1, low weight

publishing platform


released the chain of content quality is also affected to a certain extent included. Although the weight high website no matter what you send are easy to be included, but the weights for the general website, if you publish content online is highly repetitive content, may be included, but it is easy to be cleaned up love Shanghai. So, when the hair of the chain, also want to pay attention to edit text, re adjust the time to do the very content.

2, the chain was deleted

we do outside the chain, not only to the pursuit of quality and coverage of the chain, the chain’s stability is also the focus of the pursuit of the goal, of course, the quality of the chain and the chain stability itself is closely related. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) that, in general, the chain can be divided into controllable and uncontrollable reasons, controllable factors we refers to the chain of the weight of the quality of the content delivery platform, so they can go to the control, and uncontrollable factors is the search algorithm and rule engine, we all know that Baidu temper is more difficult to grasp, you know.



uncontrollable factors

love Shanghai phenomenon is common, usually the time is one or two days. Is not the main station.

forum is the webmaster released an important channel of the chain. No doubt more good forum, more strict management. Especially popular Post Bar, released a few seconds to delete. If you often are in hot Post Bar guerrilla warfare should be careful, sometimes you made a lot of, is found, the account was deleted, before the links are gone. Guerrilla warfare, suggestions for a period of time for account, avoid a shot.

Software Group

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

1, an


Make reasonable SEO planZhang Zhaoyang missed search and social two opportunities, South back to the

two, how should my website update

because it is SEO, so the main competitors should come from the search engines to find, search industry or category keyword, which ranked high flow site is our competitors, especially to observe which on the website which is having more long tail word ranking, website weight high like this. Very valuable.


when the first question has an answer, then we must face a website content update, similarly, is to consider two points, one is the content of the website resources come from, is reproduced or original or both, the two is how to update frequency of the site, how many articles published daily.

in 1996, I started my business and took a trip to finance. I traveled between China, New York and Boston. At that time, venture capitalists in the United States did not trust entrepreneurs in china. To call investors, I’m on American street

one, what type of website should I build



needs to consider when designing SEO programs is


but bad things turn out to be good because I’ve been waiting for the internet. I used to use computers in the laboratory, and I was deeply shocked by it. I thought the Internet was so great that I thought I’d set up a Internet Co. As I am Chinese, I don’t have any Internet Co resources in the United States, so I want to start a business in china.

in 1995, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At that time, many of my classmates in the United States got married early, went home every day, or went to the lab to study and lived steadily. They soon got their doctorate. However, I knew that I didn’t want to be a scientist and spent a lot of time playing, so I took my doctorate for a long time.


second trends: China will rise as a global power.

The first step in

The problem that


SEOer’s business is to develop a reasonable SEO program, although it’s a program, but more thinking, and the solution is not important on paper or in the mind.

In this issue of



three, what are my competitors,

Abstract: if I have done the best business, by the world cognition, back to center stage of course is good; if cannot return to the commercial center of the stage, I also want to do this business, because this is my responsibility, like the soldiers on the battlefield of death is the responsibility of the firefighters rushed to the fire and responsibility the same.

at that time, China was considered to be a very backward third world country, so it was crazy to go back to China from the United States, but I think there must be two major trends in the future:

the second part of the Internet product comes to the line, so it should at least understand the current industry leading enterprises, even if it has not been involved in Internet marketing, but we must understand its advantages and make the strategy of strengthening, and reference.

, Mr. will share with you the history of Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang’s early creation of the Sohu and his summary of two major opportunities for Sohu to lose its search and social connections. Perhaps listening to him talk about these years of entrepreneurial experience, as well as his view of today’s "Sohu left behind", should give you a lot of warning and inspiration.

today, Sohu mentioned somewhat heroes Twilight feel, remember that Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang had self evaluation: "I went this way and thinking is not representative, does not have a general meaning China entrepreneur spirit, also is not the mainstream culture preached." Some media have commented on Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang: "he does not look like a NASDAQ listed companies founder and CEO."."

from: Wuhan SEO Laoqian address: please indicate.

so in October 31st, I carried a broken box and returned to the country with one thousand dollars a month’s salary. That night, we MIT alumni also had a party, Xiong Xiaoge heard that I came back to China, and gave me a song "send comrade in arms.".

chain is still an integral part of SEO, and the upgrade of sh419 Scindapsus algorithm, the correlation of the foreign chain has more requirements, so it won the first element of the chain need to think about is whether their website has considerable relevance. Secondly, we need to think about the way to get the chain. There are many ways to get access to the chain, summed up there are links, bookmarks collection, blog outside the chain, BBS, the chain, classification and other manual release of the chain. But the old money have been recommended or link bait, the later in the talk.

on this issue, the main thinking of two points, first, what kind of industry to do what kind of products, and two is the website in what way to present?. For example, the old money of this website, do the Internet industry SEO categories, the presentation is magazine blog.

four, how do I get the outer chain

‘s first major trend: the era of information superhighway is coming;


Experience of setting up and popularizing a novel station

      today, I would like to share with you some of your experiences and experiences. From the idea of doing a novel to actually doing it, a day’s time is too hasty to say, but I think a day is enough. Because some speech before also note that some senior fiction station, the in the mind also have some impression, so I began my journey: go buy space, find the program, installation and operation. This series of procedures will not say, I think we should know more than I do, but there are a few of which still have to suggest to you.

              space is a problem, do not cheap, if the economy is not rich enough, at least to choose a moderate price, not cheap too far can, otherwise, after the trouble will let you The loss outweighs the gain..

 :          ;   two is the location of the site, must be accurate, would rather choose a small range, and do not choose the big and all, that will make your energy more and more insufficient. Only the novel stands here. Now, the novel stands a grab a lot, almost all long like, so that the Internet users choose your station, so must highlight their own characteristics, this is the winning trick. Take my stand for it, at first, my site positioning is big, full, fast, new, positioning is very vague, oh, actually is called the latest and most complete novels stand, actually is up hundreds of fiction novels stand, without the slightest competitiveness, also distressed for a while, then no wrong to advertise a novel QQ group, and group chat on the chance, he stood the reader from the perspective of the novel gave me some advice. And the current direction — only included over novel, when it comes to competition, without competition, we can do is to choose the competition is not very intense, as long as we do, is likely to be successful.

            under said some promotion of my experience, the first is blind to the search engine?! Oh, look alike, dizzy, experience is good experience, just do not think their own things, it is difficult to then use the digestion, the experience of the predecessors to do, have their own way. Sum up some of the experiences that have been summed up in recent days.

              first of all, must enrich the content of the site, enrich the content, on several major search engines submit your web site. It’s enough to submit these big search engines: GOOGLE, BAIDU, YAHOO, MSN, DMOZ. In fact, YAHOO and DMOZ are also >


A5 version forty-first written up Li Hu on e-commerce experience

A5 version is a very good learning platform, today we participate in our 0598 talent network network vice Mr. Li Hu as guests of the baby activities, learning exchanges of e-commerce topics and experience, feel benefit. In the evening, take some time to sort out the books so as to share them. It is also a reward for Li’s eagerness to answer.

view 1: e-commerce is more than just network marketing.

popular terms, the whole process of e-commerce is to sell things online, you can imagine this process into a chain, product, procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, network technology is one of the links. What we usually call "network marketing" is the technology of selling things on the Internet. E-marketing is a part of e-commerce, but it is the most important part. From the big point of view, e-commerce can be divided into integrated e-commerce platform and vertical portal e-commerce platform, there are essential differences between them. Throughout the development of China’s e-commerce, many integrated e-commerce platform has fallen, and their sacrifice has made great contributions to the development of China’s e-commerce. Promotion of integrated e-commerce platform, especially the early hardships, only experienced will know, difficult, very difficult! Is bittersweet in this not a, I reviewed. It is recommended that you do not choose this path if you do not have sufficient resources and special business models. As a personal webmaster, combined with electronic commerce has in many ways, directly or indirectly, sell things online is one of the most direct way, the key is to combine must have unique resources, regional or characteristics or. Like some webmaster mentioned, want to do "Ganoderma lucidum", "furniture" friends, in fact, is a good example.

talking about the drawbacks of e-commerce, in fact, this problem is big, specific to the industry or target groups, or other?. On the problems of the whole industry, the integrity problem has been a concern, although since July 1st the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued regulations were the norm from the policy, but the same problem will still exist problems of consciousness. Like many entrepreneurs or consumers, their consciousness has not risen.

two point of view: energy-saving, in six years, there are no front front.

was founded in 2005 and has been around for years. From the beginning of our network is in the mode of operation of the company, this is an e-commerce platform at least if conditions, how to let users trust you? The initial stage of the site we encountered many bottlenecks, we do a comprehensive e-commerce portal, is our way to the hardships than others. As for the accumulation of users is a long-term process, the network from one user to one hundred users of the process is very short, but to maintain the one hundred users is very difficult, you must start everything from the user. If a platform develops to a certain scale, the one hundred users in front are still supporting this platform, and this platform is invincible. It’s all over now


Grassroots Adsense Internet business, the biggest enemy is yourself

webmaster site entrepreneurship, and finally often not by opponent website beat, but by his defeat.

The essence of

Adsense venture is free, is it not as boundless as the sea and sky, it need to make too many restrictions and fetters, too many constraints but affects their own play, and even make some unnecessary mistakes.

webmaster site, usually will go to learn other people’s experience. That’s understandable. Especially in the beginning, we should first look at other people’s Web site, how to do, do something. This is true for people who have just met. But too much reliance on what you learn will affect your own view. The Internet is so big that nothing is unique. Sometimes your opinion may be better than what you think is a successful website.

, after all, influenced by the rules of others, you are virtually bound by some rules and regulations. Although a calm, but it makes you success rate is greatly reduced. Because other people’s methods have been successful, and like you to learn other people’s success, one by one, what can you stand out from it,


it depends on learning from the experience of others. You should join your mind and your ideas. Don’t be afraid of your idea. Others feel childish and laughed at by others. You know, people who are successful on the Internet don’t always agree with the idea at first. They tend not to walk the usual way. Because they used imaginative content to serve the users in need, they succeeded.

idea website, or development website, promotion website is good. Whether you work at that step, you must have your own ideas, according to the needs of users is conceived, to develop, to promote. Turn your mind into reality and become mature. This is also a manifestation of webmaster growth.

Internet doesn’t need too many rules and regulations. Don’t be intimidated by some so-called authoritative experience. Do not for technology, not for the market, not for operations and so on, details and oppositions are bound, and do not because the Department’s problems lead to the formation of a genuine force. All in all, from the management, from the organization, from the product, from the technology, from the market, from the operation to find ways to realize the needs of users, to find a convenient way to find the needs of users, more easily meet the needs of users, rather than more difficult. So, sometimes, beat yourself is not competitors, but the webmaster itself.


How to do wholesale goods

do wholesale people know, want to do wholesale, want to be successful in the wholesale industry, take the goods is very important, take the goods is critical. So, how to do wholesale goods? The following, Xiaobian for you to take a few suggestions, I hope to help you!

1, do not check your products in the wholesale store.

2, do not expect to reduce the risk of exchange through wholesalers.

3, the wholesale market price adjustment is very small.

mentioned, piece goods wholesaler profits is very low, commodity prices lower than the retailer, the general adjustment in 2%~3%, to drop a 5% are very good. If you die with a wholesaler and ask for another 20 percent off on the wholesale price, you will let the wholesaler know that you rarely get mixed up in the wholesale market. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, general cargo transport is by bus or railway (because the transportation cost is much lower than the express), and buyers are responsible for their own, with a good distributor if he were willing to help you to check, but moved to the cost of the freight yard and freight are the buyer is paid out of my own.

4. source is not the first to consider the issue of location is the primary problem, according to the location set consumer group, the consumer groups began to find sources. For a long time, pay some tuition to the wholesale market, good goods can always be found.

5, online wholesaler



Join the children’s clothing store needs to have what management skills

children’s clothing store is now the most popular part of the clothing market sales, then how can we successfully manage a children’s clothing store? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

now the investment choice of running a brand children’s clothing chain is a good way of entrepreneurship. Good brand children’s clothing chain stores need to pay attention to business skills in order to obtain the desired income. After reading the above on the brand children’s clothing store chain display method of presentation, I believe the shop will be helpful to operate. Investors to open brand children’s clothing chain stores also need to pay attention to some specific details according to local conditions. If you still do not understand where you can get in touch with the whole network.


How to let the smoke Hotel unmarketable cigarettes not unsalable

entity store has a slow-moving product, which is a normal thing. However, if these unsalable goods do not deal with, for the operator’s business development will have a great influence. Most of the time, the smoke Hotel due to unreasonable inventory, resulting in the occurrence of late unsalable. For the solution of slow-moving cigarettes, we believe that there must be a certain means of promotion. By the following methods, we can easily solve the inventory slow-moving cigarettes and alcohol problem.

I visited the market often hear: "this is not to sell tobacco, die", "you look at the root of a box of smoke pressure will never sell"…… For retail households in the hands of slow-moving cigarettes, can be described as a piece of their heart, not only affect their cash flow, but also due to poor economic losses caused by mismanagement, and even affect the relationship between the company.

as a retail customer how to let the "unsalable cigarettes" smooth up? A method of following the author summed up, for wide cigarette retail customer reference, also hope to bring some inspiration to the cigarette retail customers.

business ideas to change

in the process of operating cigarettes, it is inevitable that there will be some slow selling cigarettes, as retail customers first to change the business concept, do not have a slow selling cigarettes is the idea of selling cigarettes. To put a positive attitude, positive face, do everything possible to promote, marketing, establish awareness. "Good wine is not afraid of deep alley" is an old saying in china. In today’s fierce competition in the market, "good wine" even in the alley mouth, but also to "call", not to mention unsalable goods! Operating cigarettes is also true.

placed in a prominent position

due to slow-moving smoke is relatively difficult to sell cigarettes, some one or two months to sell a box, sales are very small and use of funds, can not earn money, retailers generally put it aside to "throw", or just placed the commonplacest place, the consumer is not easy to see, No one shows any interest in, naturally it is difficult to buy, this is undesirable. For slow-moving cigarettes, may wish to be more care, adjust the display position, put it in the most prominent position, the customer can see the door or shelves of these cigarettes. You can also do some related display, lighters, ashtrays, pictures and other items related to the immediate placement, in order to seize the consumer’s eye".

grasp the side smokers

as a retail customer operating cigarettes, must have their own fixed consumer groups, there is a kind of trust between them, the relationship is relatively harmonious. This is advantageous resources available to retail customers, selling cigarettes will be much easier, poor grasp well, and make full use of effective resources, grasp the different consumer’s age, personality, consumer habits, marketing will be handy.


How to do a good job in the promotion of pregnant women

peak production constantly struck, mothers will be early to prepare for their own sets of maternity, so some investors see the business opportunities, opened a maternity store, but it is necessary to master the skills of promotion.

recommended maternity style

now pregnant women with a waist design in addition to its color and style mast, in no way inferior to fashion. The classification of pregnant women is also more refined, with a casual maternity dress and professional maternity wear points. Leisure maternity dress casual maternity dress is more common, and now work fast paced, stressful life, leisure maternity dress has gradually become the first choice for people to choose clothes. Pregnant women may wish to recommend the shop owner, with the customer to explain the style of pregnant women, to provide customers with professional and sincere shopping guide service.

Of course, for pregnant and

1.: the early pregnant period of pregnant women has much unhappiness, but some waist thicker, so suggest shop mainly recommend A font cut or no Pleated Dress and skirt, the maternity wear is not very exaggerated as a pregnant woman, give people the feeling is relaxed and casual. This kind of clothes after the birth of a BB can also wear casual clothes when.

The above is about


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